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Wexler & Co. unload on Burkert for criticizing their candidate Rader in Democratic state Senate primary

by George Bennett | April 5th, 2010

Democratic state Senate hopeful Peter Burkert says he’s merely offering some legitimate, issue-based criticisms of his primary rival, state Rep. Kevin Rader, D-Delray Beach.

But after Burkert rapped Rader for an insurance vote and for failing so far to fulfill his promise of Acreage tax relief legislation, Rader’s campaign accused Burkert of “desperate…vicious and misleading” attacks. And some of Rader’s big-name backers — former U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler, Palm Beach County Commissioner Burt Aaronson and state Rep. Mark Pafford, D-West Palm Beach — accused Burkert of endangering the party’s chances of hanging onto the seat now held by Sen. Dave Aronberg, D-Greenacres.

Read about it in this week’s Politics column.

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6 Responses to “Wexler & Co. unload on Burkert for criticizing their candidate Rader in Democratic state Senate primary”

  1. Acreage Mom Says:

    I’m an independent in the acreage and Rader and his left wing dem supporters disgust me. Wexler and Aaronson! Yuch!!

    Rader is a carpetbagging, grandstanding politician who all of a sudden is interested in the Acreage. I’m going to register as a Dem so I can vote against him in the primary, but I’ll be voting for Benacquisto in the general. I don’t have even one Repub friend who likes Merchant. She’s another carpetbagger whose only involvement in District 27 has been as a lobbyist for a dump-site next door to us.

  2. Cynical Idealist Says:

    Acreage Mom….

    While the things you said about Rader are all true, you neglect to mention that Benacquisto does NOT live in the district either (unless she’s rented her district apartment already…).

    Frankly, all of them are carpetbaggers and need to be ousted!

  3. Ric Says:

    Feel blessed. Wexler is gone, Aaronson will be out in two years due to term limits. Pafford can be voted out of office.

    All of these guys see nothing wrong with taxation. Aaronson will be asking for a countywide sales tax, wants to implement a Mobility Tax. That’s all Burt knows TAX TAX TAX.

    Glad he’s old and ready to go. A mean, ugly old man.

    finally a gutsy democrat ready to take on the democrat machine in PBC.

    Wish someone would take on Sid Dinerstein who has been a detriment to republicans in PBC.

    Does everyone realize that Sid hasn’t found one republican to run? That when a republican does come forward, Sid disclaims them?

    Oust SID!

  4. David Turner Says:

    Wexler you are not an elected official anymore, you got the schmuck Rader elected and we don’t like him…we don’t like Sachs, we don’t Slosberg……

    Rader is a phony and Aronberg endorsed Pete so anyone that the Wexler gets on the side of must be bad…Go Pete Go!

  5. Oh really now? Says:

    Aronberg endorsed Pete? Why don’t you post the link that says, because I don’t see it anywhere.

    Looks like Pete and his supporters are lying some more…

  6. LOL! Says:

    One point everyone misses here is that this is exactly why the CLOSED PRIMARY SYSTEM DOES NOT WORK AND SHOULD BE ELIMINATED. There are 2.5 million Florida voters paying taxes to operate these closed primaries in which they cannot vote. Instead they are treated to a show of insider trading when CLOSED PRIMARIES ARE SUPPOSED TO LEAVE THE “DECISION ON NOMINATION TO VOTERS” not elected officials attempting to stomp out primary competition for their person. Remand primaries back to the parties and let them and their members figure out how to select their candidates without using our taxes to fund their insider trading games.

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