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Video: Allen West rips Obama and quotes Sun Tzu, Margaret Thatcher and Plato on Hannity

by George Bennett | April 14th, 2010

GOP congressional candidate Allen West, who’s challenging U.S. Rep. Ron Klein, D-Boca Raton, had a sit-down with Fox’s Sean Hannity in The Villages Tuesday night and weighed in on President Obama’s nuclear weapons policy, Iran, Israel, American exceptionalism and other topics.

West didn’t mention Klein, but dropped in references to Sun Tzu, Margaret Thatcher and Plato.

Hannity’s takeaway: “I don’t think I’ve had a single interview where somebody has quoted Plato, Sun Tzu and Margaret Thatcher in one interview.”

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9 Responses to “Video: Allen West rips Obama and quotes Sun Tzu, Margaret Thatcher and Plato on Hannity”

  1. Don't Go West Says:

    Allen West is a radical extremist!

  2. Citizen Says:

    West is smarter and has more courage than that coward & liar klien. Vote out ALL incumbents.

  3. Relax Allen Says:

    West is starting to sound like a nut job and this is coming from a Republican.

  4. where's my unicorn? Says:

    Man.. We should have a debate between Teleprompter Jesus and Colonel West. Put it on PPV and fix the budget deficit for this year!

  5. Don't Go West Says:


  6. OH NO Says:

    West is a jack— and he just proved it, and the ones that are with him are too. He needs to sit down and listen to what he is saying, because the same thing he says is coming back to him!!!

  7. David W Says:

    Someone needs to inform Allen West that paranoid schizophrenia is a treatable disease, and he should seek treatment.

  8. rukiddingme? Says:

    Klein is a radical extremist and a jerk…so are his followers, all of whom are obviously of below normal intelligence. Allen West is the voice of reason and sanity and will help us take back our country from the socialist lunatics that are now in power.

    November can’t get here soon enough!

  9. Jon Says:

    Be afraid Democrats, West is a strong candidate. Much stronger than Lynch. Having the money to spend helps immensely, I am sure Ron Klein’s camp is concerned.

    Republicans are concentrating on the districts surrounding 19, they know 19 was a lost cause.

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