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Senate signs off on pill mill crackdown

by Dara Kam | April 26th, 2010

The Florida Senate unanimously approved a measure aimed at getting rid of the pill mill plague spreading from South Florida to the West Coast.

Under the bill (SB 2272), doctors in good standing and others except felons could own the pain clinics, they would not be allowed to advertise and would have to register with the Department of Health and submit to inspections.

More than seven Floridians die every day from overdoses of prescription drugs, bill sponsor Sen. Mike Fasano said.

“This year we want to make sure those pain management clinics are registered and inspected so they stop the killing,” Fasano, R-New Port Richey, said.

The proposal is one of Palm Beach County’s priorities. The House has yet to vote on its version.

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11 Responses to “Senate signs off on pill mill crackdown”

  1. Rush Says:

    This is just another example of the Obama administration making it harder for the typical tax paying citizen, like me, to send their housekeeper out to pick up their oxys.

  2. LicensedToSteal Says:

    This is what the Pill Mills have to do:

    1) Hire Lobbyist
    2) Grease the politicians
    3) Request deregulation

    and bingo. This is what big corporations do so they can stick it to consumers. It’s kind of like the mob, except it’s our government.

  3. Chloe Says:

    Good, first step in the right direction. I am glad i can look at a newspaper (local) and not have to see 100 pain clinics advertising and competing for business with coupons, and welcomig competitors coupons.
    Real doctors do not have to advertise.

    More changes need to happen but good start.

  4. Ed Says:

    Close them all down, they are only feeding the addicts and putting more money in the hands of drug dealers. Pull the licenses of the “doctors” who have sold out to push drugs. All these people in pain should be going to reputable doctors and pain clinics should be affiliated with a hospital and overseen and regulated by the state.

  5. greenbird Says:

    Seems like everyone loves a chemical substance. Why not make weed legal and the pill request’s will go down. During the 60s and 70s, I like a lot of others used weed. We do not use it any longer because we are afraid we will be busted. So now we go to doctors that give us some ‘dry alcohol’ and we do not have a hangover. Yes, there are addicts we are not creating more addicts, we are simply giving chemical users a natural way to recreate.

  6. Glen Beck Says:

    I’m feeling ya Rush-Dawg, I’m feeling Ya!!! Obama and his commie minions will force us to cop our drugs on the street corner.

  7. bernie Says:

    i am a proud medical marijuana patient and dispensary. not in florida of course. they are too dumb to welcome us. I am currently paying $50k a month in TAXES. My patients are paying $30k a month in taxes. My local police department loves me. We dont live in fear of our authorities. Leave and Live my friends.

  8. Native palm beach` Says:

    I wish this would of happened back in 1999 when a pill doctor was living his dream, addicting patients and collecting $$$$$.Sadly he is still in Palm Beach county opened for business.He is a blatant hazard to human beings!!!I hope he will be closed permanently.He needs to be in prison for the harm he has inflicted on my family.

  9. wayne stowers,R.N. Says:

    I am a pain patient of 15 yrs, I was a very agressive athletic in football and the martial arts. This combined with motorcycle accidents has damaged my spine in multiple areas making daily pain medication a necessity to live with any kind of quality of life. I own part of a Pain Center in Boca Raton, our facility verifies every M.R.I., we require one along with a pharmacy printout of a patients previous treatment and a valid Florida I.D. Our doctor spend a average of 15 to 30 minutes per patient if they are returning. My partners and I have discharged over 1350 patients in the last two years for doctor shopping, illegal drugs in their urine screens or not having the prescribed medications in their system. Yet with every thing we do to try and be as credible medical practice as possible, we still are placed in the same catagory as all the rest of the pain clinics that on a daily basis prescribe more than 300 pills of oxycodone, plus various other controlled substances. It just seems that one of the writers would stand out from the rest and write a story about the pain center’s that are doing it right. There should be a story about both sides.
    thanks wayne

  10. anonymous Says:

    if we took care of our chronic pain patients and did not make doctors so afraid to give out pain meds then people that need pain meds in order to work and get thru life wouldnot have to go to pain clinics what options are there out there.

  11. BigMacker Says:

    I have advance osteoarthritis in both knees and intense lower back pain. My
    pain clinic doctor required a new MRI, blood testing, urine sampling and monitors my intake of a pain med.
    He refuses to prescribe the “heavy stuff” and he put me on a weight loss program that jas resulted in the loss of 30 lbs. and a lot less strain on my joints.
    I cam ride my bike, cook outside and most importantly WORK and function again.
    You people judge chronic pain people? But without a pain killer I’d be collecting disability or welfare & food stamps. Instead, i’m productive and healthier. So you can have your “opinions” but don’t be so holier-than-thou. I am working, exercising and HAPPY again. And I don’t abuse, nor am I an addict. MOST of us aren’t addicts, we have physical problems -yet are looked at like criminals.

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