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Rubio concerned about ‘unintended consequences’ of Arizona measures against illegal immigration

by George Bennett | April 27th, 2010

WEST MIAMI — After a ceremony in Spanish and English to mark his signing of candidate papers for the U.S. Senate, Republican Marco Rubio today voiced concerns about “potential unintended consequences” from Arizona’s recent crackdown on illegal immigration.

Arizona’s new law requires immigrants to carry proof of their immigration status and allows a police officer to question someone if there is a “reasonable suspicion” about the person’s status.

“Everyone is concerned with the prospect of the ‘reasonable suspicion’ provisions where individuals can be pulled over because someone suspects that they may not be legal in this country. I think over time people will grow uncomfortable with that,” Rubio told reporters.

On the requirement that immigrants carry documentation of their status, Rubio said, “That’s not really something that Americans are comfortable with, the notion of a police state, as I’ve always said.”

Rubio said Arizona’s action reflects the failure of the federal government to enact effective immigration laws.

“I don’t want to underestimate the level of frustration from a law enforcement aspect that exists in Arizona. I was there two months ago and people view it as a law enforcement issue. You have serious violence crossing the border and they’re fed up, particularly at the federal inaction. And I think this is what happens, unfortunately, when the federal government fails to effectively act on a core federal responsibility,” Rubio said.

“My hope is that the Obama administration doesn’t use this as an excuse to ram through amnesty or something that would make it impossible for us to have a legal immigration system that works,” Rubio said.

Rubio said he favors tougher border security and technological measures to modernize immigration, including better employer verification of workers’ immigration status.


27 Responses to “Rubio concerned about ‘unintended consequences’ of Arizona measures against illegal immigration”

  1. Suze Says:

    If you are stopped by the police when driving what happens…you show them your license and insurance.

    If you are in Mexico and are stopped what do you show…your passport.

    If you are traveling in Europe and are stopped what do you show…your passport.

    What’s to be scared of? I will show what the officials ask for.

    If it’s done in other countries, it should be done here.

    Nothing is free in life, you earn it.

  2. HM Says:

    “My hope is that the Obama administration doesn’t use this as an excuse to ram through amnesty or something that would make it impossible for us to have a legal immigration system that works,”

    For once we agree. No amnesty for illegals. INCLUDING CUBANS.

  3. yankdis Says:

    I can’t believe Rubio is against the Arizona law, hmmmm, could it be he doesn’t really share Tea Bagger, neo-caons, and right wingnuts views as he claims? I bet it’s because the law is aimed at hispanic illegals, right Rubio the Hypocrite???????

  4. BustedUpGrunt Says:

    Suze is on the mark. In every single other nation, an American (or any person not perceived as native) would be required to show their passport and/or Visa when in contact with that nation’s authorities, including the police. “Probable cause” for the police or authorities to challenge you does not exist in virtually every other country.

  5. BustedUpGrunt Says:

    HM. Based on your comment, do you find President Reagan’s Amnesty (IRCA) for illegal aliens in 1986 to be objectionable?

  6. Tokay Says:

    I live in AZ and I am proud of our Legislature taking the initiative. We couldn’t even get a response from DC on what is happening here. The illegals stress our schools, health care system and all public entities. These people are ILLEGAL. There are 500,000 — a half million in our State. They march against the US, carrying the Flag of Mexico. Remember the Alamo. Arizona will send as many ILLEGALS to each of you complainers that you want. The rest of you who object, we will get you a free illegal ride into Mexico so you can get really sympathetic with your cause. See what Mexico does to you.

  7. Dumb Conservatives Says:

    As usual, conservatives are trying to play down the horrendous abuse of Arizonian’s civil rights by suggesting this law is only about Identification. It’s not. It’s about giving the police the authority to stop anyone they want, for NO PROBABLE CAUSE, and harass you for information that may not be any of their damned business. To show the hypocrisy of this law, try to image how the Republicans would SCREAM if President Obama decided to make this the Federal Law of the Land. No, Rubio is coming out against this Arizona law BECAUSE it is completely unfair and highly un-American. He won’t support it, but you notice he won’t condemn it because it is a REPUBLICAN LAW that was passed by a REPUBLICAN CONGRESS and a REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR. Look out Floridian!!! We have the same mixture of REPUBLICANS here in our state. If you don’t start voting them out NOW, you too will be facing laws abusing your personal Civil Rights, just like Arizona.

  8. Dumb Conservatives Says:

    Everyone who is putting down “Washington” for not doing their part on immigration is referring to the Bush Admin. The Conservatives were the ones who utterly FAILED to accomplish anything in the field of immigration. All they could do was scare the bejesus out of everyone and erect walls like Bush’s buddy China. The Republicans has TOTAL CONTROL of the Senate and the House for 12 years and Bush had the WH for 8 years and they accomplishing NOTHING! Give President Obama and the Democrats a few months and they will solve the problem. (As long as the Obstructionist GOP stay out of the way).

  9. sergio Says:

    i agree with Rubio and im totally against this Arizona law against illegal immigrants. these immigrantws that are here are here for a better life. the life they want for their children and for the rest of the generations to come. making laws against illegal imigrants is totally wrong and goes beyond of what should be done. making laws or taking action like that sherrif joe arpaio is tiotally wrong. i belive his mom or dad are hispanic. I MEAN WHAT THE f+++ IS HE THINKING GOING AGAINST IMMIGRANTS. i belive its unfair and he is surpassing the constitution amendments and everyones personal rights.

  10. Cons can't Govern Says:

    Rubio is a Flip- Flopper!!! He lies like any Republican who knows their party has gone too far.

  11. Sue Says:

    I must show a driver’s license and other documents for various reasons so Rubio’s argument “That’s not really something that Americans are comfortable with, the notion of a police state, as I’ve always said.” is HOG WASH!

    We are NOT TALKING ABOUT AMERICANS. We are talking about ILLEGAL ALIENS. Send them all packing.

    He is merely catering to illegal aliens hoping to imporve his voters base in Florida. Dump this man in Novmeber, as he doesn’t represent American security or interests!

  12. Sue Says:

    The Federal Government needs to define HOMELAND SECRUITY and get off their lazy A$$ and enforce our laws.

    Otherwise, more states are going to take action and pass laws dealing with illegal aliens. They don’t belong here. They need to GO HOME.

    We can stop paying federal taxes until we start getting bang for our bucks.

    And to all those whiners who say they are just wanting a better life? Well, they shouldn’t have crossed the border illegally.

    Next they will break into my home and demand I take care of them and their kids, and sleep in my bed.

    Illegal aliens are criminals. We don’t need any more CRIMINALS.

  13. Sue Says:

    Of course, Florida is another hot spot for illegal aliens.

    Clean up your problem and the rest of the country won’t have to clean it up for you.

    All the police need to ask for is a selective service card for any male 18 to 26 and if they can’t even answer in English then perhaps they are illegal aliens?

  14. Nancy Evans Says:

    It is ALREADY against the law to be in the U.S. if you do not have a valid Visa, Permanent Resident status, or U.S. citizen. That’s it. Everyone else without one of these credentials are criminals. Thank you Governor Brewer for having the cajones that Rubio apparently doesn’t have.

  15. Nancy Evans Says:

    “On the requirement that immigrants carry documentation of their status, Rubio said, “That’s not really something that Americans are comfortable with, the notion of a police state, as I’ve always said.”

    I guess we can all stop carrying our state driver license and proof of auto insurance, because having to show those to prove our driving “status” would REALLY smack of a police state!

  16. Melvin Says:

    Mr. Rubio’s comments just got Charlie elected to the Senate.

  17. Dumb Conservatives Says:

    I can see why so many right-wingers went along with Adolf Hitler when he created his Nazi party. Conservatives, whether German or American, don’t care if they lose their freedoms as long as they get the chance to eliminate their most hated minority. For the Nazis, it was the Jews. For American Conservatives (Republican Tea Baggers) it is the Hispanics and the Blacks. It’s as simple as that. Conservatives will go to ANY length to see fewer minorities around them.

  18. Nancy Evans Says:

    To the one using “Dumb Conservatives” to post:
    Why don’t you pull your head out of your a**? We have borders, we have laws. You morons always have to resort to the Hitler analogy. Ask any jew who suffered under Hitler and I’m sure they will tell you this is in no way comparable to what they suffered under Hitler. Using the Hitler analogy disrespects the jews, so stop it.

  19. Sue Says:

    Nancy Evans, IgnorantLiberal alias Dumb Conservatives, does not know any better! Another KingObama lover just showing his ignorance.

    We need to take back our country and up the education standards.

  20. Dumb Conservatives Says:

    Nancy and Sue,
    Talk about the deaf leading the blind. You two are the clueless ones. Pull your cotton heads out of FoxNews once and awhile and look around. Read a newspaper even. Your own party, the Party of NO, the Republicans, are completely split apart on the Arizona law. Florida ex-governor Jeb Bush, the Shrub’s brother, has come out against it, Rubio (a tea bagger favorite) has come out against it, and even Lindsey Graham, (you can’t get any dumber than that cornball conservative) has come out against it. You two are too blind to even keep up with the news. The Republicans are being torn apart by the immigration issue because, unlike you, not every Republican is a racist. And let me tell you the future, while I’m at it (since you can’t see past your own noses) Before the Arizona law will be struck down as unconstitutional, Republicans will have it re-written or even nullified. Why? Because it’s wrong.

    And Nancy, it’s the racist Tea Baggers who are constantly using the Nazi analogy, not Democrats. Unless we were referring to the Fascist George W. Bush.

  21. Nancy Evans Says:

    Hey DumbCon:
    Who said I was a Republican. All politicians are corrupt. I’m an Independent who plans on voting out every single incumbent in the next election, no matter what party they are. Look, Obama is just a puppet carrying on where George Bush left off. And if you don’t believe that, maybe you should read something else other than the Huffington Post.

    Do some research and you will be surprised to learn that the police ALREADY have the power to stop ILLEGAL aliens, a power the Arizona courts have upheld; they already can ask about someone’s legal status (the U.S. Supreme Court noted in 2005 that it has “held repeatedly that mere police questioning does not constitute a seizure” under the Fourth Amendment); and they already can detain ILLEGAL aliens. The Arizona law strengthens these EXISTING authorities.

    Oh, and by the way, the following quote taken from the New York Daily News didn’t come from a teabagger.

    “When I heard about it, it reminded me of Nazi Germany,” said Hispanic Federation President Lillian Rodríguez López.

  22. John Says:

    Americans are of diferrent race. How do you want a Mexican-American to feel if he is stopped in his own country based on the color of his skin.
    The law is racist. Plain racist and there is no excuse for it.

  23. Sue Says:

    The Arizona law stops short of identical FEDERAL law is regarding illegal aliens. I guess when the number went 1 over the estimated 400,000 illegal aliens in the state, Arizona decided the Federal Government wasn’t going to enforce their own law and decided to do something about it. BRAVO for Arizona standing up for states rights. Bravo for the citizens who have had enough.

    The spoiled babies are going to scream of course as we remove the governemtn teat but it must be done to stop the state from going entirely broke supporting too many people.

    If the police stop someone at least they can ask for proper ID where as before they couldn’t. That wasn’t right either, wouldn’t you agree?

    But of course, you already posted it is racist when it is the law breakers you should be mad at.

  24. Sue Says:

    Arizona law follows the Federal law almost identically.

    Difference is, the federal government doesn’t enforce it and Arizona will.

    BRAVO to Arizona!

  25. Sue Says:

    DumbCon, I have been a registered Democrat for decades. That is, until April 27th when I changed my party affiliation. I am making a statement to the Democrats that I really hate them and all that they have done. And I will never EVER forgive them for tearing this nation apart. The great King Obama is not a unifier but a destroyer.

  26. Nancy Evans Says:

    Hey Sue,
    I wonder if DumbCon will have anything to say after we blew his preconceived notion on our political affiliations? I’m sure the facts won’t get in the way of his agenda.

  27. Sue Says:

    Oh they DumCons have endless supplies of HOT AIR and SMOKE!

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