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Pelosi coming to Palm Beach County to raise money for Dem House candidates

by George Bennett | April 7th, 2010

Health Care Reform PelosiHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., will be in Palm Beach County on Friday to raise money for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee at some private events, a Pelosi spokesman said.

Pelosi’s office isn’t publicizing where she’ll be. The FBI today arrested a man for making threatening phone calls to Pelosi over the recently passed health care overhaul bill.

Pelosi is expected to raise money for the DCCC and not for specific candidates. While there’s a special congressional election in Palm Beach and Broward counties next week to replace U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler, Dems are more concerned about upcoming special elections in Hawaii and Pennsylvania.


6 Responses to “Pelosi coming to Palm Beach County to raise money for Dem House candidates”

  1. Harry Says:

    OMG, she is evil incarnate, a taxer, spender and foolishly flies her children and grandchildren on the taxpayers’ military jet back and forth from CA to Washington DC. No other people, congressmen, senators were on the plane…just her family members flying on OUR dime. That’s arrogance! That’s entitlement, that’s an attitude that is insulting to every taxpayer.

    Read of her abuse of our tax dollars.

  2. Ed Zackery Says:

    You better be careful her be’s the most powerful lady in the untied states of america. She will have you arrested for disagreeing wit her.

  3. Loser demoncrat Says:

    Don’t believe it. The people can’t stand her. She just wants to vacation in Palm Beach.

    Nancy Pelosi is a loser.

  4. jr Says:

    Harry I have been on over 30 flights with the speaker she flies commercial airlines you are a liar

  5. Rosie O Says:

    The democrats are worried about Florida. They NEED Florida.

  6. Joe Says:

    You’re the liar jr. The Speaker uses an Air Force C-37A, a 12 passenger military transport. If you have seen her travel commercially it was before she proclaimed herself as royalty.

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