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Partial Broward results: Deutch 56.2%, Lynch 40.3%, McCormick 3.4%

by George Bennett | April 13th, 2010

Early and absentee ballots from Broward County show Democrat Ted Deutch with 56.2 percent of the vote and Republican Ed Lynch with 40.3 percent in the special congressional election to replace Robert Wexler. No-party candidate Jim McCormick has 3.

Precinct results are not yet in from Broward County, which makes up about 30 percent of congressional District 19.

No results have been posted yet from Palm Beach County.

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11 Responses to “Partial Broward results: Deutch 56.2%, Lynch 40.3%, McCormick 3.4%”

  1. Jeff Says:

    wow…lynch did much better then i thought he would

  2. drewsco Says:

    Hmmm, all those who stated that this election, among others, would be a refferendum on President Obama and further stated that Lynch would win overwhelmingly are now nowhere to be seen or heard. Hmmmm, I guess when you eat crow you want to eat it alone.

  3. Brian Says:

    When Wexler (Dem) ran against Lynch in 2008, he beat him by 39 points. Now Deutch (Dem), in the early results has a mere 16 point lead against Lynch. That means that in round to, Lynch has more than halved his margin of loss (if he indeed loses). Not to mention that Deutch is Jewish and Broward County is almost more Jewish than Jerusalem, so that put Lynch at a severe disadvantage as a Christian.

  4. Jon Says:

    Nice spin. As I have been saying for a while now, Deutch will win by more than Lynch and McCormick combined. This is a heavily democratic district and is most definitely NOT a barometer of the country and it’s mood.

    When this district goes decidedly for Kerry-Edwards, you know people have no clue and only vote for the party. Pretty sad really.

  5. Tamaracguy Says:

    drewsco, this district is overwhelmingly Democratic. There hasn’t even been anyone to even run against Wexler for years. He’s always run uncontested. That should give you an idea of how unlikely it is for a non-Democrat to win in this district. If Lynch even competes in any way it will be impressive. I can just hear the liberals now, yelling at the top of their lungs at how the conservative movement has been stopped in their tracks. Umm, hello, not in deep-Obama country. I would like to see your comments after all of the 2010 Congressional seats have been counted.

  6. Mad Mike Says:

    OY VEY… drewsco you libtard

    No one in the world ever said Lynch would win this race… not even Lynch

    Hell, if Adolph Hitler ran on the Dem/Lib line he would win in this district

  7. haha Says:

    Well, Mad Mike, at least you got the name right. You are crazy. Your hypothetical situation proves you have zero knowledge of politics and history as well no grip on reality. While district 19 is heavily Democratic, it’s not because they are following party lines. It’s because Lynch is a Tea Partying, obstructionist idiot. Lynch received support from those only following party lines and not the best interests of the district nor the country.

  8. Mad Mike Says:

    LOL “they’re not following party lines”???

    Haha, you are a true Kool-aid drinking Libtard

    So those that voted for Lynch ARE following party lines BUT those that voted for Douche ARE NOT????

    So if the Dems/Libs WERE NOT voting along party lines then who voted for Douche??? The Bull Moose Partiers?? The Whigs??? The Know Nothings???

    The Dems/Libs in this county are so strident that yes, they would vote for anybody… Hitler, Stalin, even George Bush… as long as he ran on the Dem/Lib line

  9. GivemeLiberty Says:

    That is not true in 2000 the jews or “century village” voted for pat buchanan, haha. Thanks to that, we didn’t have Gore as our president. Speaking of Gore haven’t heard from him in awhile wonder why

  10. For the good of the movement Says:

    Mr. Lynch, please stand down. Do not run again in November.

  11. Michele Says:

    Not to worry — this district can thank the rest of us when we save their behinds from sub-par health care and higher taxes.

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