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Memories: Boca GOPer’s prediction of Crist indie bid called ‘patently false’ in February

by George Bennett | April 28th, 2010



Boca Raton GOP activist Jack Furnari, who blogs occasionally for a Fort Lauderdale-based media outlet, took lots of heat in February when, citing unnamed sources, he wrote that Gov. Charlie Crist “is preparing to leave the Republican Party and run as an independent in the race for the U.S. Senate.”

Crist’s campaign accused Furnari of peddling a “patently false rumor” spread by rival Marco Rubio’s campaign to “distract” Republican primary voters.

Now all signs point to Crist bolting the GOP to run as an independent.

“I’m happy,” Furnari said today. “Now he’s exposed for the politician without principles that he’s always been.”


7 Responses to “Memories: Boca GOPer’s prediction of Crist indie bid called ‘patently false’ in February”

  1. rahmy Says:

    This could well determin the 2012 presidential elections.

  2. Jack Fan Says:

    LOL “A Fort Lauderdale-based media outlet”. Never utter the competition’s name. Especially when you’re behind ;-)

    Good for you, Jack!

  3. Chuck Says:

    Amen Jack! You nailed it and now the “liberal loons” are jumping on his bandwagon like you can’t believe. I asked a group of liberals, at a current events forum yesterday, why they would be supporting a Republican (a RINO at that) over their own Democratic candidate, Kendrick Meek, who espouses everything they believe in? Could it be that Meek is black? You could’ve heard a pin drop as the silence was deafening. I did see a few nodding heads as those words sunk in. I do believe that most of the Democrats have “buyers remorse” and one mistake is enough for even the most liberal Kool-Aid drinkers in Palm Beach County.
    Charlie Crist is done, put a fork in him. He will split the liberal Democrat vote (and will get some RINO’s) but he will mobilize the G.O.P. voter, Tea Party followers and Independents like you’ve never seen before. Rubio will be the winner in a three-man race. Mark my words (I hope I’m as prescient as Jack Furnari was in Feb. of this year).
    Check out our website for some edgy editorials on politics.

    Chuck Lehmann

  4. Crystal Ball Says:

    So where does this leave all the Republican “leadership” that was all aboard on Charlie last year? Do the likes of County Commissioner Abrams follow Charlie down the RINO/NPA path (secretly of course)or do they fall in behind Rubio and GOP/Tea Bag Party?

  5. Alan Bergstein Says:

    Now that the cat is out of the bag with Crist, will the Dems take aim at him or at Rubio? Republicans have got to put Crist and Meeks in one package, make them sort of “political twins” and hammer away at their similar stances. This will not, in any way, split the Republican party but rather strengthen and unite all of us to fight just a bit harder. And Kudos to Jack for his crystal ball accuracy.
    Alan Bergstein

  6. Jan Porter Says:

    Once upon a time a dark, grey cloud hovered over an otherwise sunny Tallahassee, and its governor found that his tan was disappearing rapidly in the process.

    Charlie was so sad; he was fading into frightening shades of beige(and paling in the polls) with his personal-attack TV ads, but he was clever enough to find another way to get noticed by the sun gods.

    Charlie sided with teachers on a bad law passed by the legislature. With his veto of SB 6, he glowed like a hero, but Republican heros don’t get votes in a primary from teachers who are mainly Democrats, and they don’t get votes from Republicans when they sell out.

    So, what will Charlie do?

    Rumor has it that he was last seen roaming INDEPENDENTLY around a shopping center at night, introducing himself and shaking hands with exiting employees, carrying a paper bag containing some over-the-counter tan skin dye which he had just purchased.

  7. Hard-Core Conservative Says:

    I wish Jack Furnari would move from FL to an island somewhere far away.

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