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Lynch (35.2%) and McCormick (2.7%) might try again for Deutch congressional seat

by George Bennett | April 14th, 2010



Republican Ed Lynch, who got 35.2 percent in Tuesday’s special congressional election after polling 27.2 percent in a 2008 congressional race, says he’ll decide in the next few days whether to make a third try this fall for the heavily Democratic District 19 seat won by Democrat Ted Deutch.

Lynch said he’s received “hundreds of e-mails” urging him to run again and “I’ll mull that over.”

He’d better mull quickly. The deadline for federal candidates to qualify for the ballot is April 30.



No-party candidate Jim McCormick, who got 2.7 percent Tuesday, says he’s also weighing a fall run either for the congressional seat or Deutch’s old state Senate seat. If he runs, McCormick says he might go back to the GOP because “it’s clear to me that America’s just not as ready for independent candidates as it should be.”

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10 Responses to “Lynch (35.2%) and McCormick (2.7%) might try again for Deutch congressional seat”

  1. Marty Says:

    Lynch just needs to give it up. But why should be, Sid never can find anyone to run against the jews.

  2. scott Says:

    80% of the jews in South Florida are Socialists going back to FDR. Notice how Obama always invokes FDR as his role model. That is why it is so hard to defeat these traitorous, anti-american congressional people. The likes of Wasserman-Schultz, Klein and Hastings.

  3. Disappointed Says:

    Ed’s loss was a sad disappointment to all of us who worked so hard for his campaign. He is motivated by his deep sense of commitment to the citizens of Florida and would be a tireless advocate for the needs of the people in District 19. I hope that in the near future Ed Lynch will be the people’s representative in some capacity. As a private citizen, he does more for the residents of District 19 than Robert Wexler ever did.

  4. PBREC Member Says:

    Pack it in, Ed. This district is not winnable.

  5. concerned dade democrat Says:

    I think Allen West has a real chance to win this cycle. Klein’s district is the only one that will ever have a competitive race. Allen West came close last cycle with no money and it was a great year for Democrats. This year is a terrible year for Democrats and Allen West is raising a ton of money. The registration numbers are the best of that cabal in Broward and S Palm Beach. I think he could really win this race. He just raised 800k this quarter which is a huge number.

  6. Merv Says:

    Remember that cabal is aging and the replacements are minimal.

  7. Cannot Wait to Leave Says:

    Scott hates Jews because they choose to take care of each other in the same way that jesus told christians to take care of each other….but refuse to. Its the most interesting, and bizarre, attack on Jews that I’ve ever seen.

  8. Lindsey Says:

    Cannot Wait: Playing the race card on Scott? Accusing Scott of hating Jews? Classic!

  9. Jon Says:

    I just checked the Palm Beach County Elections website and there is no Republican filed for Deutch’s old Senate seat.

    Maybe McCormick should try for that one, might be a little more manageable. Heck he’s got the signs.

  10. Cannot Wait to Leave Says:

    Lindsey, Please take a reading Comprehension class to be able to comprehend the English language.

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