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Human Rights Council ‘typo’ says only Dems can vote Tuesday

by George Bennett | April 9th, 2010

The Palm Beach County Human Rights Council, which advocates for gay rights and against discrimination based on “gender identity and gender expression,” told thousands of its members today that Tuesday’s special congressional election is for Democrats only.

The group sent out a blast e-mail endorsing Democrat Ted Deutch. The e-mail says “only registered Democrats may participate” in the special congressional election to replace Robert Wexler.

“That was a typo. We’re going to correct that,” said the group’s president, Rand Hoch.

Hoch said the Democrats-only language was left over from an endorsement e-mail the group sent out before the special Feb. 2 Democratic primary. Hoch said a corrected version of the e-mail will go out Monday and Tuesday.

The e-mail says it was paid for and approved by Deutch’s campaign. Hoch said after Deutch won the endorsement, his campaign paid the cost — which Hoch estimated at less than $100 — to send the mass e-mail.

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21 Responses to “Human Rights Council ‘typo’ says only Dems can vote Tuesday”

  1. Jon Says:

    Unbelievable. Any some of you people blindly vote for one party or the other. Typo my behind. Even if it was it is gross negligence.

    When will you all wake up and realize both parties are corrupt and it’s time to send them packing?

  2. J. Parker Says:

    I smell burning pants.

  3. AJ Simkatu Says:

    Who cares? Everyone thats a member of the Human Rights Council is voting Democrat anyway. How many flag waving teabaggers do you imagine are worried about gay rights?

  4. Arlene Says:

    There is some definite irony in calling someone a teabagger in the same sentence as gay rights.

    You should think before you type, your attitude is no better than those you admonish.

  5. AJ Simkatu Says:

    @Arlene – “Teabaggers” is the name the group gave to themselves. I watched them tossing teabags into rivers during their first few protests with big signs proclaiming themselves as Teabaggers. It is what a number of them continue to call themselves to this day. “Signed, Proud Teabag Party Member” “Signed Proud T-Bagger” are frequently seen on Free Republic and other right-wing sites.

    My attitude is just fine. My point is that nobody that got this memo in the HRC was ever going to vote for a Republican. NOT ONE. It was a silly typo (or maybe even a joke), but in any case this is a non-issue being made out to be more than it is by a bunch of political hacks. HRC members don’t vote for Republicans.

  6. Katy Says:

    Typo to push people aways from the polls because Deutch is patethic…seriously Human Rights …you are really trying to deny people to vote….this is low Deutch

  7. Don't Drink the Cool Aid Says:

    Liberal Excuse for fraudulent activity: It was a typo!

  8. Conservative Diva Says:

    A “typo”…bwaahahahaha Well Ed Lynch just picked up thousands more votes after this has gone viral!!

    Thanks again Teddy ;)

  9. Rand Hoch Says:

    For the record, PBCHRC has supported both Democrats and Republicans. These Republicans include have included Jeff Atwater, Kimberly Mitchell. Monroe Benaim, Karen Marcus and Rudy Guiliani (I hope there is no typo there).

    Last Friday, when I learned my mistake, I apologized to the PBCHRC Board of Directors, the Deutch campaign (for messing up their ad), the Lynch campaign for any inconvenience or misunderstanding, and to the Chair of the Broward County Republican Party who called about the mistake.

    These stakeholders in tomorrow’s election have accepted my apology and hopefully forgive my for my careless letter.

    Other than the honest disclosure of a mistake, the acceptance of responsibility of the mistake, and sending out a correction within minutes of learning of the mistake, what else needed to be done?

  10. The Wetest Miller Says:

    All you’ve done by mentioning the fact that you have endorsed Republicans is add to the fact that this email could have been sent to Republicans. I for one don’t believe for a second it was a typo. Sending out a retraction the day before or day of the election is all you could do but hardly going to correct this blatant lie. Seems like that side of the isle is getting a bit nervous. You’d think with 1.5 mil you’d be able to pay someone to proof read a MASS EMAIL. I mean I proof read my facebook comments for crying out loud. The move of a true Deutch Bag.

  11. Rand Hoch Says:

    Responding to “The Wetest Miller”

    1. PBCHRC’s retraction was sent out on Friday, the same day the e-mail was sent.

    2. I wish the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council had 1.5 million dollars. You must be confusing us with the Washington DC based Human Rights Campaign. We are not affiliated with them

    PBCHRC is a local organization which has been doing GLBT work in Florids since 1988. Our annual expenditures are usually between $10,000 and $20,000. Check out our website at

    3. PBCHRC has never had any paid staff — everything is done by volunteers who do this work in our spare time (i.e. when not working at our day jobs).

    On a personal note, for someone who proofs his/her Facebook comments, did you mean “aisle” instead of “isle,” And do you think “blatant” is correctly spelled.

    I guess all of us can be a bit careless and lack attention to detail from time to time.

  12. mike Says:

    Ted Deutch is wanderer. he started out in the 90′s getting an office in Sunrise FL, which he never used. then moved onto Pompano or Deerfield. He now has offices in several places. Wasting money. He is a PROGRESSIVE. Ed Lynch has the right values.

  13. Bito Says:

    This is amazing, The republicans did this in 2004 telling democrats that republican`s vote on nov 4, and democrat`s on nov5, but that was ok with the rep`s back then.

  14. Lawrence G. Says:

    Mike, a wanderer? do you know who you are talking about?
    Ted Deutch was elected in 2006 to his state senate seat. He never held an office before that. Perhaps you are thinking of former Congressman Peter Deutsch?

  15. PerryB Says:

    All I can say is that Lynch has been campaigning tirelessly. Deutch is invisible. Deutch is afraid for the voters to ask him questions regarding the important issues of the day. The economy, the health care takeover. the mind-blowing deficits, and the socialist direction of Obamerica. All issues with which an informed voter is furious about and with which Deutch is in support of Obama.

    Deutch has been invited to debate with Lynch on radio and Deutch bails out at the last minute (twice!)

    So he hides at home and he doesn’t show his face. He knows he the pre-programmed Dem sycophants will vote for him anyways. Ideologues , yes. Prejudiced, programmed, for sure.

    Liberals my eye!

  16. Straight Facts Says:

    AJ, you do a fine job of perpetuating the stereotypes that are dragging this country down. I am a former PBCHRC supporter and will vote for Lynch because Ted is a big fraud. I can use my brain. I can see right from wrong. I don’t need any wannabees to tell me how I should vote.

  17. jondos Says:

    Ted Deutch and Ron Klein (D-22) are interchangeable! They feed off of the Jewish elderly population. They don’t actually care about their communities, they only care about their spot at public funded gravy train. Don’t be surprised if Deutch (Democrats) tries to steal this election in a host of other ways. There are numerous stories on the internet about attempted election fraud in many contests across the country! Good luck ED LYNCH!

  18. Rand Hoch Says:

    Great work Ted. You’ll serve us well for years to come.

  19. Conservative Diva Says:

    Ted is a liar cheat and a fraud just like Wexler

  20. Rand Hoch Says:

    Ted will soon be sworn in as a Member of Congress. Show some respect. Wexler is a man of honor. Do is Ted

  21. PerryB Says:

    @Rand Hoch (pretend centrist)

    Ted didn’t “work”. He stayed home. He was afraid to get clobbered on healthcare, deficits, and ESPECIALLY his documented support for Obama, whose hostility to Israel would be a noose around Deutch’s neck.

    Deutch won because of sycophants, especially Jewish ones, whose interests leftist Dhimmicrats have ceased to represent.

    In a word, pathetic.

    @Conservative Diva: I don’t think he’s as rotten as Wexler, but he WILL be an Obama/Pelosi stooge. That’s more than bad enough.

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