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House GOP leaders help McCollum shore up support for federal lawsuit

by Dara Kam | April 15th, 2010

Attorney General Bill McCollum‘s attempt at turning a (non-controversial) life insurance bill into a vehicle to boost his (controversial) lawsuit against the federal government over health care reforms backfired last week.

But Republican House leaders are breathing new life into a measure giving the GOP candidate for governor the power to represent Floridians, individually or en masse.

Democrats protested that McCollum’s amendment – tacked onto the life insurance bill in a series of surprise amendments that confused even Republican House General Government Policy Council Chairman Baxter Troutman – wasn’t germane to the original bill.

House Speaker Larry Cretul’s staff and the Democrats agreed to strip the original bill of the McCollum language and instead are introducing it at a stand-alone bill at today’s Rules Committee meeting.

House rules require that amendments be germane to the bills on which they are attached. Often subjective, rulings on germanity frequently threaten credulity.

But a legislative lawyer’s diagram of the germanity rule and its relationship to the bill in question (HB 885) as an explanation to a lawmaker who questioned the process seemingly made the germanity issue clear. As mud.


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2 Responses to “House GOP leaders help McCollum shore up support for federal lawsuit”

  1. OBIWAN Says:

    So, Florida House Leader Cretul reviewed and fixed a flawed bill per their rules?? Why did we never hear any criticism of Pelosi locking out the minority party from any participation and then changing the rules or ignoring them to get her BARAMAcare shilled out to the American people??

    OH, that’s different – that is radical progreesive liberalism that ignores the Constitution and wants a Supreme Court that considers how poor people are impacted today rather than their oath to support the founding document!

    So telling in every way. The Federal courts are made up of lawyers that became judges after making big money shilling for big money – after graduating from extremely progressive liberal colleges and law schools.

    It is highly likely even the Supreme Court will not attempt to stop the juggernaut of Federal GOVT run amuck and violating all reason behind the very idea of FEDERALISM and sanctity of STATES RIGHTS!!

    Gerald Ford thought Stevens a “moderate” or “centrist” jurist deserving of high court appointment?? Ford lived long enuff to know he wasted an appointment in the worst turncoat of all time!!

    Is it Marshal Law when BARAMA’s Congress decides it will just skip doing a budget this year – as required by that Constitution??

  2. Eddie Statler Says:

    Heh Mr. Butler, such a guy

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