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UPDATE: House Dems hold up session over abortion bill

by Dara Kam | April 29th, 2010

House Democrats stopped bills from moving this morning over a controversial measure that would require all women to have ultrasounds before they can get an abortion.

The Democrats will refuse to take a final vote on any bills today unless Republican leaders promise not to take up and hear the bill, House Democrats spokesman Mark Hollis said.

House GOP leaders need the 44 Democrats’ votes to roll over some bills so that they can be voted on. So far, the Dems have already blocked that from happening on one item.

The Senate yesterday attached the provision to a nursing home bill over objections from Republican women and Democrats and is expected to vote on it this morning. Based on the votes on the amendments yesterday, it (HB 1143) will likely pass.

Prior to the Democratic caucus decision, House Speaker Larry Cretul was ambivalent about whether he would take up the bill.

“We’ll see,” Cretul, R-Ocala, said before he knew about the Democrats’ procedural move. “We’ll at least take a hard look at it.”

UPDATE: Rep. Jim Waldman, a House Democratic leader, had this to say on their refusal to give two-thirds approval to take up bills until they get assurances from GOP leaders they won’t consider an abortion bill.

“We’re up here to do the budget,” Waldman, D-Coconut Creek, told reporters during a lull in House business, thanks to his caucus. “That’s the only thing we need to do.”

He said there’s no reason to take up the abortion bill – stuck in at the last minute in the Senate – while there are more important issues to discuss with just two days left until the session is scheduled to end.

“That’s not what we’re here for. They’re not sending us here to deal with ultrasounds and abortion,” Waldman said.

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19 Responses to “UPDATE: House Dems hold up session over abortion bill”

  1. PalmBeachMom Says:

    Good for the Dems! This added language regarding mandated ultrasounds is a ridiculous attempt to pander to the far-right. It should not even be discussed, but above all it should not pass. If the bill somehow makes it past this point, Gov. Crist should veto it.

  2. Jess in Ft Laud Says:

    Agreed, good job dems! This is a measure that should be voted on, not snuck in at the last second.

  3. C. Hall Says:

    Holy Warriors=Republican stooges. This is the same old play right out of that same old dusty Republican playbook: propose divisive legislation dealing with wedge issues right around election season. Its called “rallying the base”.

    For all you fiscal conservatives out there, who’s going to foot the bill for all these unwanted children? You are. Except now your tax dollars are going to go to private health ins. firms instead of the State of FL when the Repubs privatize Medicaid. Geniuses.

  4. JimBob Says:

    Hogwash!!! Who cares about abortions when we have so much other issues to solve.
    These F Repubs are just the wasting time.

    My stance on abortion they should make them easy to get and legal for all who wants them….because these are just unwanted people that no one wants and just a burden to society. We have enough people on Earth.

  5. Shocked Says:

    JimBob, you are scary. Innocent little babies are just unwanted people that noone wants and a burden to society? Have you any idea how many people want to adopt babies in this country? Americans are adopting children from all over the world because there are so few babies up for adoption in this country. Those little babies are wanted and would be loved and cared for and would become productive citizens. And who among us knows enough to decide how many people should be on the earth? It’s a big planet. Who knows how many it can sustain?

  6. Go Away Shocked Says:

    Shocked – if you want a kid that bad then plan your family & have one. The only reason anyone is opposed to abortions is for religious reasons & I am sick of politicians forcing their views upon me. Though JimBob’s wording may have come off harsh he’s right, some girls/women are not in a position to raise a child & it should remain her right to choose whether or not to bring a baby into this world. This is one issue where the US & FL are so backwards it’s scary!

  7. LakeWorth Mom Says:

    A majority of the time having sex is a decision that two people make, and when you make a decision- you need to live with the consequences. (I understand rape is a different situation). If you don’t want to have a baby in the first place use some contraceptive, or don’t have sex !!!

    Have any of you ever seen an ultra sound??? You can see the baby. It’s eye sockets, it’s heart beat. You can see that it forming/has all the organs that make us human. If you saw a child or person and you didn’t want them around would you just kill them???? stab them? or poison them???

    I know many people that cannot get pregnant, and adoption is there only option. I believe that someones “mistake” can be someone else’s blessing. I would like to see this bill pass.

  8. MocoLoco Says:

    As a male, Reg Republican (although voting Libertarian mostly these days), and a Christian, I say that this Bill is an affrontery. The only one’s to decide when a woman should have an ultrasound are the woman and HER doctor. Co-incidently they are the only ones to decide the abortion issue as well.

  9. Roystah Says:

    People are entitled to their own medical decisions, PERIOD. It’s really that simple. For those who want to “protect the babies”, do you even care why these women want an abortion? No! You only care about your personal crusade about “saving the babies”, and you’re certainly not the ones “taking care” of the babies “saved from abortions”. It’s the mothers who had to suffer from the consequences just because YOU feel like you have the right to dictate what others need and don’t need. This is sickening.

    If you want to save human lives so badly, go to an orphanage. There are MANY there waiting to be saved and helped. Or does you only have compassion for a fetus?

  10. Christian not in name only Says:

    Ultrasounds are another tool that show the humanity of the unborn. Unfortunately, most abortion minded people would rather live in ignorance of what an unborn baby looks like, because then you wouldn’t want to kill him/her.
    Planned Parenthood would like to keep women in ignorance so they can continue to profit by abortion.
    If you profess to be a Christian, then you cannot deny God created life.

  11. Warpublican Says:

    republicans to Women: drop dead… This has nothing to do with Abortion and everything to do with control. Can any man imagine having to undergo some kind of forced procedure in en effort to disuade him from a decision he’s already made? This is why the right wing is so full of it – they love putting on their cute tea-bag hats and dressing up like Ben Franklin when Obama mandates that slackers buy health insurance – but come time to shove their foot on the back of some woman’s neck – for exercising FREEDOM over HER OWN BODY – and thees Nazi pigs are too happy to burn the Constitution after wiping their backsides with it…

  12. Andrea Says:

    For those of you who believe that those babies are just unwanted people anyways, well hey how about elderly people with alzheimers, etc? Let’s kill them off while we’re at it as well since they’re just a burden to many. That’s ridiculous. A “fetus” has a heartbeat after 18 days of conceptions, before a pregnancy test will even come up positive. Religion and value for human life are two completely different things.

  13. AnonPB Says:

    A fetus is a life. If a pregnant woman falls down and the baby dies, she should be tried for murder. Pregnant women should not be walking anyways.

    Wait that’s ridiculous. A fetus is a fetus. Calling it a life is like saying I commit genocide every time I jerk off.

  14. JR Says:

    LakeWorth Mom, you’re right, abortion is an exception…an exception this bill doesn’t cover, unless women have “proof” they were raped. Imagine a girl who’s been raped by her father being forced to both view and PAY for for an ultrasound.

    I don’t see much Christian charity in this bill, just another attempt to blame, victimize and torment women for the crime of having sex.

  15. Andrea Says:

    What an ignorant comparison. A pregnant woman falling and miscarrying is a little different than a pregnant woman going to the dr and asking to have the baby taken apart before being vacumed out of her body. As far as your sperm go they’re obviously not little human beings coming out of you and from what I can tell you’re doing the human race a favor by not reproducing.

  16. Not Really Shocked Says:

    Interesting to read the responses to the concept of adoption instead of abortion. It is a multi-faceted issue and no solution will fit every situation, but if everyone could begin to see the problem from a pro-life viewpoint (and I mean that generically – just being in favor of life itself) the solutions would bring more happiness, not less. If you have a conscience, it is difficult to excuse destroying a life. And, many times (if not most times) it is unnecessary. People just don’t realize there are other good options. Whether making women look at an ultrasound so they can actually see the baby they plan to destroy is a good idea or not, is an issue that can be debated. But, offering women ALL of their alternatives ought to be a no-brainer. There are many organizations who gladly help women with an unwanted pregnancy to solve their problem without creating another one. Adoption IS an alternative and one that can turn a crisis into a blessing for the pregnant woman and her baby as well as the adoptive parents.

  17. Really? Says:

    Poor young girls having to PAY for ultrasounds? Are you crazy? You are all already paying for these ultrasounds. Walk into any ER say the magic words “I think I’m pregnant then fill in the blank…I have cramping, spotting bleeding, abdominal pain etc…” Bam one free ultrasound comming your way. Repeat this scene up to 10 times a day. This is a game that is played in ER’s everywhere,regardless of the patients ability to pay (most don’t). The patients do 2 things with the information 1) go increase welfare and get WIC or 2)head with the confirmation to the nearest abortion doctor. Many,many will show up in labor 9 months later with no prenatal care and no intention of putting a child up for adoption.

  18. Mannix Says:

    Imposing ultrasound would certainly open up the eyes of an abortion seeker… without a doubt.
    Abortion is grotesque.
    An abortion seeker should be shown a picture of the removed fetus, preferably one that is as far along as the one in her uterus, the one she is watching on the U/S machine… then explain the procedure matter of factly. You know, the details about how the heart remains beating as the little person gets dismembered by a vacuum nozzle. Little arms. Little legs.

  19. ribby Says:

    all those opposed to this bill, what are you afraid of? having a pregnant woman see the beating heart of her fetus? if having an ultrasound makes a woman change her mind and carry the fetus full term, then isn’t this a good thing. If you’re pro-choice, then you should be just as pleased when a woman chooses life instead of abortion. Also, this isn’t a religious thing. I’m not religious, but I believe that life begins at conception. Thus, I believe that abortion is killing a fetus that is alive. I understand this is a fundamental difference between those that are pro-choice, but I think this goes beyond a decision between a woman and her doctor. She’s terminating the life of a potential person, a fetus that is alive and has a heartbeat. It’s a fetus, not a galllbladder!

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