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House committee bolsters McCollum’s federal lawsuit

by Dara Kam | April 15th, 2010

The House Rules Committee gave Attorney General Bill McCollum’ “boost” this morning by allowing him to add individuals in the state’s lawsuit against President Barack Obama’s administration over federal health care reforms.

McCollum, a Republican who is running for governor, doesn’t necessarily need a new law to give him that power, Chairman Bill Galvano said, but would let the courts know that the state supports McCollum’s efforts.

“However, at best it can bolster it. At worst, it’s window dressing,” Galvano, R-Bradenton, said.

More than a dozen Republican attorneys general in other states have joined McCollum’s lawsuit, which in Florida has fueled a partisan fight echoed in the committee this morning.

” I don’t think we should be in the business of passing laws that aren’t necessary,” argued Rep. Jim Waldman, a Coconut Creek Democrat who is a lawyer.

“The law that’s not necessary is the unconstitutional mandate requiring Floridians to buy health care coverage and if not fining them,” retorted House Majority Leader Adam Hasner, R-Delray Beach.

The bill passed along partisan lines, with Ron Saunders of Key West the only Democrat voting with Republicans. Democrats had stopped McCollum’s measure from being tacked onto a different bill last week but GOP House leaders revived the bill at McCollum’s request.

Deputy Attorney General Joe Jacquot said McCollum’s office does not believe they need the statutory authorization but that it would bolster the lawsuit’s standing in the courts. McCollum’s office is seeking a Senate vehicle for the proposal.

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4 Responses to “House committee bolsters McCollum’s federal lawsuit”

  1. PM Says:

    This has nothing to do with health care. It’s just Republicans saying “NO!” to anything that President Obama does. Too bad the Democratics didn’t act this way when “W” was president. If they had the country wouldn’t be in the trouble it is in now. Yes, we are in trouble becuase of the Republicans, President is getting us out of their mess.

  2. ADD ME Says:

    Add me as an individual to the list. The federal government cannot and should not force citizens to purchase a product. Leave any other reforms in there, just remove the mandate.

  3. Patriotson Says:

    Bill McColllum is doing what Bill Nelson did not have the ethics to do. He is representing the better interest of Floridians who are going to be denied health care benefits; quality care; medical proceedures and testing at the request of their doctor’s but controlled by committee at a federal level. The US Constitution has reserved to the various states those powers not given to the federal government. Mandated insurance is a commodity. Obama has used the car as his example. You are not mandated to drive a car. It’s a free will choice.
    Insurance for health is a choice that is chosen by the individual, not mandated by a government. Thank you State Legislature for backing up McCollum. To bad Bill Nelson let the people of Florida down but then again, when you are part of the problem in Congress you can’t do much else.

  4. jack Says:


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