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House budget chief and Rubio pal Rivera: Crist a ‘Benedict Arnold’

by Dara Kam | April 29th, 2010

House budget chief David Rivera, who’s also a close pal of former House Speaker Marco Rubio, blasted Gov. Charlie Crist for abandoning the Republican Party and avoiding a GOP U.S. Senate primary against Rubio in favor of running as an independent.

“In the annals of political history in America, the biggest betrayal since bendict Arnold,” Rivera, R-Miami, said this morning, hours before Crist’s anticipated announcement that he will run with no party affiliation. It “just adds to the disillusionment that many voters find in the political process,” he said.

Rivera, who is running for Congress, said that “an overwhelming defeat and an overwhelming victory for Marco Rubio” is the way for state Republicans to heal.

“That’s the best message we can send that politicians need to keep their word. And the ones that don’t need to be rejected in overwhelming fashion,” he said.

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2 Responses to “House budget chief and Rubio pal Rivera: Crist a ‘Benedict Arnold’”

  1. Gordon Solie Says:

    Actually Crist seems like a common sense centrist who won’t bow down to the uneducated teabaggers who have taken over the GOP. He should be applauded not called names(childish).

  2. Jim Says:

    Seems like the GOP ditched him first after he didn’t tow the party line on every vote. I liken it to a line item veto and I approve of his latest decision to veto the teacher merit *rappy bill that would have set education back for years. He’ll have my vote

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