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GOP candidate Lynch facing foreclosure suit

by George Bennett | April 9th, 2010

Republican congressional hopeful Ed Lynch is facing a foreclosure lawsuit but says he’s attempting to work out a loan modification to stay in his house.

Lynch, who’s running in Tuesday’s special election to replace Robert Wexler, has missed mortgage payments since last June and owes $647,974 in principal, interest and other advances, according to a suit filed March 30.

“We’re just like anyone else. We’re not on a pedestal. We’re not holier-than-thou. We’re not different from anybody else except that we trusted the federal government,” said Lynch, who says his contracting business is owed at least $2.8 million for work on a veterans hospital in Miami.

“Money gets tight when our biggest customer doesn’t pay us,” Lynch said.

Lynch’s finances drew criticism from his two rivals in the Feb. 2 GOP special primary race and were the subject of a negative mailer from Democratic general election foe Ted Deutch. No-party candidate Jim McCormick is also running in Tuesday’s election.

The federal government has filed liens claiming Lynch owes $1.365 million in taxes from 1999 and 2000. Lynch says auditors overestimated the value of a business he sold and he has fought the IRS on the matter. Lynch says the dispute has been settled and he will not owe any back taxes and is merely waiting on paperwork to confirm his victory. The IRS won’t comment.

Lynch’s DeLeon Industries has been hit with $143,617 in court judgments ordering it to pay subcontractors. Lynch says he hasn’t been able to pay the subcontractors because of his dispute with the government over the veterans hospital.

Lynch’s attorney, Christopher Sharp, said earlier this year that DeLeon Industries had contracts for $3.7 million and was paid about $2.9 million before encountering delays that Lynch blames on the Department of Veterans Affairs. Sharp said DeLeon Industries is now seeking about $2.8 million from the government.

Lynch said he is also seeking $2.2 million for lost profits from two other contracts that he said the VA promised to DeLeon Industries but then awarded to another firm.

Lynch has accused the government of dragging its feet in paying him because he criticized conditions at the hospital. A hospital spokesman declined comment earlier this year and wasn’t immediately reachable today.


59 Responses to “GOP candidate Lynch facing foreclosure suit”

  1. George Bennett Says:



    He must be very busy with all the current news going on. I’d sure love a follow up on all the wonderful work he is accomplishing since he let us all down by breaching his contract with the constituents who elected him, costing them over a million dollars on a crap special election.

    My understanding is that he (and his former campaign staff) are all busy, behind the scenes, helping candidates. WHY DID HE RESIGN FROM OFFICE TO WORK FOR A MIDDLE EAST THINK TANK??????

    He is a liar, a criminal, and a disgrace to us all. And you have not given him any scrutiny, which, in my opinion, makes you and your paper complicit in it all.


  2. kate Says:

    This man has my vote. He is exactly who I want in Congress…someone who is experiencing what’s really happening to the average American. It’s so disgusting to read about the large amount of money Ted Deutch has to spend on his campagign when so many people are out of work and losing their homes if that means he’s the better man for the job. I wish Ed Lynch the best of luck in this election.

  3. Holly Says:

    For shame Ed Lynch. If you can’t keep your own “house” in order, how is it that you want us to send you to the people’s “house” in Washington, DC?

  4. Today is dirty trick day Says:

    The Friday before any election is the day to drop bomb-shells. Note that the article doesn’t say the foreclosure suit was filed today – but says ‘recently filed lawsuit’. So either George was given this today as a dirty-trick – which is what I’d like to believe. Or George – you’re complicit in trying to sway the election.

  5. Arlene Says:

    Bomb shells? Are you trying to say this is not true and this is George Bennett’s fault? Shame on you. There is no difference when it is reported if it is true.

    Keep writing George, I love reading your articles.

  6. Robert Says:

    What’s disgraceful is Mr. Lynch running around campaigning instead of getting a job and taking care of his own family first. Why would we want someone looking out for our interests in the “People’s House” who can’t even take care of there own house?

  7. Today is dirty trick day Says:

    Not saying it isn’t true – just that timing in a story is everything – and it is a known election strategy to publish unflattering information about a candidate on the Friday before the election so that the candidate has no time to recover. So if George held on to this information until today – it’s because he is taking sides in the election. And people should recognize that.

  8. Saul Says:

    Early voting started already, if this was deliberate as you say wouldn’t they have done this just prior to the beginning of early voting? It makes no sense to me and you sound very conspiratorial to me.

    What does it matter anyway? Everyone knows Ted is winning big. He has the money and the votes.

  9. Howard Says:

    So Lynch says people shouldn’t rely on the government, but then he says that he needs government programs to pay his bills. I guess it’s ok when it’s someone else’s programs that get cut. If anybody votes for a guy that doesn’t pay his bills like that, they need their heads examined.

  10. average joe Says:

    I tuned in today, knowing george would have something up his sleeve, he is a scumbag, look back to the friday before the primary, and every chance he has had to try to sway the election.
    see what most of you dont know is that george and his editor blame ed lynch for bill oriely showing up on their doorstep, literally. bill wanted to know why the pb post refused to run the fact that wexler wasnt a resident of the district and other scandals that ed and his team broke. they have had a personal vendetta against ed ever since, and they are both a disgrace to the newspaper industry. you should be ashamed.

  11. Jon Says:

    Hey look, more stuff about Ed.

    Hey average joe, don’t you find it funny how Ed is always the victim? Nothing is ever his fault? Owes the IRS $1.4M, owes vendors, owes his mortgage company, his HOA and it is not his fault, it is always someone else’s.

    So now this is not his fault either? This is a personal vendetta against him for some alleged slight on Bennett and the PBP? This guy is a joke. This is the best the Republican’s can do for a candidate? Seriously? Oh right, he didn’t get the RNC’s support and now I know why. Although I am sure he has some reason as to why that isn’t his fault either. Maybe it was because he was a Democrat before? Who knows.

    I voted for McCormick and I hope that pisses Lynch off. I know he won’t win but there was no way on God’s green earth I could vote for Lynch. None.

    I disagree with Ted’s politics. I know he will bring us more taxes and more regulations. He seems like a nice enough guy but I can’t vote for someone that I fundamentally disagree with.

    Still, if I absolutely had to choose, I would still choose Ted because Ed is just a slickster looking for a job on our dime. At least Ted and Jim have jobs.

  12. average joe Says:

    THE US GOVERNMENT OWES HIM OVER 2 MIL! thats one of the main reasons he decided to run!

  13. average joe Says:

    there isnt a single thing in the world that would make me vote for another empty seat ted deutch. we dont need any more obama sheep! i would vote for anyone over ted, mcormick doesn’t stand a snowballs chance in he*l in winning, ANYONE is better than ted.

    ed had th eballs to fight the government when he saw something wrong, ted is a career politician who has THE WORST ATTENDANCE RECORD IN THE THE ENTIRE STATE SENATE! I’LL TAKE THE CHANCE ON ED!

  14. Jon Says:

    You’re deluded.

    Ted is a politician, everyone knows this. He will raise our taxes and follow Pelosi and Obama’s lead, he has said as much. The new Value Added Tax will be implemented for sure if the Democrats still hole the majority.

    I know all this.

    What I also know is that Edward Lynch is in this for himself. he needs the money and someone that needs it that badly may succumb to what the Lobbyists offer. He is not the candidate to take Deutch out.

    Give McCormick Deutch’s war chest and I bet he can beat him. I don’t think Lynch could beat Deutch with twice his money.

    A chance on Ed is exactly what you are taking. Blindly.

  15. Edward Says:

    How does this taste Edward Lynch. The most sanctimonious are so often the most criminal. Sweet Justice. Ed Lynch could be the biggest deadbeat in all of Florida. Never met a bill he could pay on time.

  16. Arlene Says:

    So Mr. Lynch is brave for taking on the government, Mr. Deutch is evil and Mr. McCormick isn’t brave for going it alone without a party?

    That about summarizes your points Joe?

    Men make no sense.

  17. Tim Says:

    Lynch knows what it’s like to lose a home. All homeowners in foreclosure should vote for a guy in the same circumstances.

    Out with democrats. They’ll take you to death…literally….that’s on the agenda next. Death tax and inheritance tax.

    Obama’s leveling the playing field. No one will recieve more than a certain amount and anything above that..double duty taxation.

    No to democrats!

  18. Pookus Says:

    Ted Deutch FAILS to show up. He absent too much. This is what voters can expect if he’s elected. neglect of duty and shades of Wexler.

    Wexler lived in Maryland. An is an ass.
    Wexler is just part of a jewish front to manipulate voting. Can’t stand the guy and am beginning to have my doubts about what the jewish mafia is doing in our government.

    From Rahm Emanuel, who served in Gulf War I, but failed to ever serve in the USA forces. Isn’t that strange, fights for another country, but not the country he lives in. Another ass.

  19. Jon Says:

    Now I have heard it all, vote for someone because he is losing his house.

    Is there a colony planned on another planet soon? Get me off this crazy rock.

    Here’s a thought, maybe if he didn’t over-extend himself he wouldn’t be losing his house. Fiscal responsibility? What a hypocrite.

    You people need lessons in the fine art of spinning because your points aren’t even amusing. Lynch owes, and owes big. he wants a $174K a year job and will most certainly take whatever comes his way to get himself out of debt. History has proven so.

    You people are sheep, Republican and Democrat alike. Try being American first.

  20. Jon Says:

    Oh and pookus, give your head a shake you bigoted pig.

  21. Lawrence G. Says:

    It is appalling that Lynch has the audacity to continue on with his ego-driven campaign instead of taking care of his family. He can loan his campaign tens of thousands of dollars, but can’t pay his family’s bills? Trying to spin the “he’s just like one of us” story is a farce. Talk about fiscal irresponsibility.

  22. Ted Says:

    This is the biggest bunch of losers I have ever seen in one article.

    1. Lynch- We have been screaming from the rooftops that the guy is a pathological liar and deadbeat from day 1. Some of you are just beginning to see the light but his groupies remain fiercely loyal for some strange reason. Shame on you for not conceding to Joe Budd knowing what a hot mess you are!

    2. Deutch- Socialist pawn of the Obama administration. Your Jewish constituents will blindly vote you in, like good little drones.”My people perish for lack of knowledge”

    3. McCormick- Late comer and opportunist- favors gay marriage and does not necessarily oppose health care. What a winner.

    4. Bennett- liberal brainwashed puppet who has been sitting on this information and so much more about Ed for the longest time, but lays in wait until the “perfect moment” to sabotage whatever little glimmer of hope the guy had.

    Honestly, we would do better to use “eeny, meeny, miny, moe” in a crowd to pick our next Congressional rep.

  23. Joe Budd Says:


    Since you brought my name up let me comment…

    on McCormick: I spoke to him several times and asked that he consider getting in the republican party primary so as not to split the vote. He has a right to run but unless he is really out to help Ted Deutch get elected (which I do not believe is the case), he is hurting everyones chance to beat Ted including his own. Jim, I know you are reading these blogs. I respectfully ask you again not to run as an independent.

    on George Bennett: In all my dealings with him he has been fair. He refrained from writing an article on me because I had proved to him the info was false. I didn’t get the same courtesy from the Sun-Sentinel (they just wrote it without checking their facts). The info he just released on Ed was not held on to. You can see on the Palm Beach County clerks office that it was filed on 4/2/10. It was new.

    on Lynch: If you don’t like Deutch then Lynch has the best chance of winning. McCormick called me the day after the primary was over and asked me to support him. I told him had I won the primary, I would not like the fact he was running as an independent, losing didn’t change that. Jim, I would be happy to support you if you should win a primary.

    On Obama, sorry I mean Ted Deutch. Enough said!

  24. Ed Fulop Says:

    Amen, and Amen.

  25. Ted Says:

    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for your comments. I hear you are running again in the fall. Best wishes to you.

  26. Jon Says:

    Ted, I mean Joe Budd Shill, really? That’s the best you can do? McCormick favors gay marriage and proper health care reform? Too funny.

    Oh and Mr. Budd, why is it exactly McCormick should run as a Republican again? Because he splits the vote?

    I can tell you I wouldn’t vote for you or Lynch even if McCormick wasn’t running. There are people legitimately pissed off at the system you know.

    Lynch is a liar, Deutch is a puppet and McCormick has no shot because of people like all of you. The two party system has failed us, if you can’t see that then you are all blind. Maybe McCormick should run as a Libertarian or something. I have no idea why people bash other people for being Independent.

  27. Jon Says:

    Oh and Lynch has no chance at winning Budd, you know it and I know it.

  28. Joe Budd Says:


    I did not bash McCormick and I don’t know who Ted is. I think all of these posts would be much more civil if everybody posted their real names.

    All I am saying is in this district, because of the demographics, there is no room for a third party candidate.

    If you watched the race closely, I wasn’t backed by the republican party either and almost won. I’ve got no hard feelings. I’ve been a republican my entire life and the party is not what it used to be under Reagan.

    I also, in preparation to run as an independent, switched for two weeks last summer. But, after thinking it through, I concluded it just won’t work. I didn’t want to guarantee a democrat victory. So, I switched back to republican.

    You seem to be only mad at me for not supporting Jim. Sorry. I just can’t do that for the reasons I already gave. I hope you too will take a hard look at the demographics and come to the same conclusion despite how you feel about the two party system.

    Joe Budd

    P.S. I just finished a 612 page book on George Washington and your in good company as he didn’t like a party system either.

  29. Jon Says:

    I know that about Washington Joe.

    I guess my disdain stems from the system itself. I don’t really know you and won’t comment on your beliefs but you seem like an okay guy.

    Jim McCormick’s message resonated with me. I agree with most of his views and I even emailed his campaign with questions and he was courteous enough to email me back himself (at least I think it was him). I believe, as he does, that the two parties have grown a sense of entitlement that is hindering our country. I want to believe that can change but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. The GOP is just trying to rebrand itself after Bush and that is simple a new label on an old product.

    Had you run Independent, you would have probably gotten my vote over Lynch as well. You see, there really are people fed up with the two parties Joe. Believe it or not, I was a lifelong Democrat and I was blind. Much like many of the people voting for Deutch are being blind. Sure he talks all nice and smiles for the cameras but when it comes time, he will vote to raise my taxes and vote for the VAT.

    As a Republican, you should be ashamed of Lynch running under your party name. He is a weak candidate with too many skeletons and an easy target. You don’t have to admit that as it may not be politically prudent for you to do so but you sound like an intelligent man and I think you know Lynch is weak.

    When Lynch loses it will not be because of McCormick Joe. If Lynch was a strong candidate, no Independent would matter. I think you know that as well.

  30. Jon Says:

    Oh and Jon Hammond IS my real name Joe.

  31. GEOFF Says:

    I am a registered republican and i have become fed up with the party and partisanship in general, BUT this is not the election to make a point, i can and will support a 3rd party candidate when there is a viable one who can win, and in this case a vote for mcormick is a vote for deutch. the current democrats in DC are raping and pillaging my country, and i would send ANYONE to congress who promises to vote against pelosi and obama and crew, they need to be stopped and ed lynch is the best choice to do that in this election, its that simple, i have voted for democrats before, and i probably will again, but it will never be a man like ted deutch who says if elected its his job to go along and do whatever the party want him to. one day when i can make the time i will run for something, but untill then, we need to stick our fingers in the dike and ed lynch may not be the perfect candidate, he cant be worse than the representation we have had in the past.

    next hastings has to go.


  32. Ed Fulop Says:

    The Republicans actually drew this district back in 2000, as a gift to the Democrats. They disproportionately weighted it with registered Dem’s in order to make the surrounding districts more Republican — sacrifice 1 to get 5.
    I’m with Geoff and Joe on this one; this isn’t the place to make a point about the evil of party politics. I’ve never met an independent liberal, so they always come from the conservative ideology. If you don’t think that Bill Clinton doesn’t send Christmas cards to Ross Perot every year, guess again.

    Flip the House. Restore Honor.

  33. Ted Says:

    Jon- For the record, I am not a “Budd Shill”. I have met the man, but we are not on a first name basis. Lynch stole the primary with 40ish lousy votes and he accomplished it through getting his dedicated groupies to strong arm every person they could influence in to absentee ballots and early voting. This occurred before our liberal media hacks decided to go to print with some of what they had on him. As they say, “timing is everything”. Unfortunately for Joe, the timing was not on his side and now District 19 does not have a true conservative candidate in the running.

    As far as McCormick goes, the “Adam and Steve” position is enough for me and a lot of other conservatives to believe the guy isn’t playing with a full deck. The healthcare bill is rotten to it’s core, and those who do not recognize that are guilty of wilful ignorance. It is designed to orchestrate future control over the American people. I don’t need to read 2000 pages to know that.

    Most unfortunate of all….we are going to get stuck with Deutch and the socialist agenda anyway.

  34. Jon Says:

    McCormick never said he supported this health care bill, what he said was that repealing it is a pipe dream as Obama will just veto any attempt anyway. Unless the Presidency changes in 2012, there is no repealing it. Any candidate that runs on the false notion that his election will help repeal the bill is either lying or just doesn’t know the system.

    What McCormick has stated is that the bill needs major fixing since repealing seems impossible. Replacing Obama care with better care is what he said the last time I saw him speak.

    Once again Ted you are misinformed.

    @ Ed Fulop. You are a 912 organizer, I just checked your website and sure enough your name is there. I thought I remembered the name from the primary posts around here. Didn’t the 912 endorse Lynch? Don’t bother answering, it is on your site.

    The fact that you would support and endorse a tax cheat and a deadbeat tells me all I need to know about you and your organization. Your blind hatred has blinded you to your own candidate as well. It is actions like this that make organizations like yours a laughing stock full of ignorant people that believe whatever is told to them. It makes you no better than the Democrat sheep.

  35. Ted Says:

    Whatever nuances McCormick made about healthcare does not change the fact that he is for “Adam and Steve” getting married. It matters to me and 90% or more of conservatives. It is an issue that would determine my vote. Period. I don’t know why you are crying over spilt milk anyway. Your man is DOA, electorally speaking.

  36. Jon Says:

    It’s called a debate, everyone here knows Deutch will win in a landslide.

    So tell me, why do you have an issue with Gay union anyway? There is a distinction btw and the fact you can’t see someone can support it and still support traditional marriage means your head is in the sand.

    If you really are a Christian you shouldn’t be so uncompromising. After all, if it really is a sin, should you just let God sort it out in the end?

    You dislike the government telling you how to live yet you enjoy telling others how they should live. That my friend is called hypocrisy.

    There are plenty of people, like me, that want fiscal conservatism without the stringent and myopic social attitudes of the Republican Party. It is why I used to be a Democrat. Now I have three candidates to choose from, one is not a fiscal conservative but is more socially liberal in Deutch, one claims to be a fiscal conservative yet he owes the IRS and can’t take care of his own finances in Lynch (and I am supposed to believe he can take care of us in Washington?) and the last is a fiscal conservative with more moderate social views in McCormick. Considering McCormick’s viewpoints are more akin to my own, why wouldn’t I vote for him?

    Your mentality, and everyone elses including Joe Budd’s, boils down to voting for who you dislike the least. Lynch has major flaws but you dislike Deutch more so Lynch it is. The two-party system creates this mentality and I am tired of voting for who I dislike the least.

    This election, I am voting for who I like, period. I have already cast my ballot and am comfortable in my decision. I am an American first, and a proud one and I will not compromise some of my beliefs because people dislike the Democrats.

    Truth be told, Lynch would have never gotten my vote anyway.

  37. Ed Fulop Says:

    Mr. Hammond –

    The South Florida 9.12 Project met with both Ed Lynch and Jim McCormick in the days immediately following the February primary, and each meeting lasted well over an hour. Truth be told, I personally contacted Alex Rocha, one of Deutch’s handlers, just to extend the invitation so someone couldn’t say we didn’t. After meeting with them both, it was the opinion of the leadership that Ed Lynch’s platform on the issues had the most synergy with our agenda, AND he had the best chance of challenging Wexler’s heir-apparent. Our vetting, though extensive, didn’t not include personal financial statements or background investigations; we simply talked to the men. I assure you, we have none of the “blind hatred” of which you speak — we are just people who are tired of the progressive agenda being jammed down our throats by both the Administration and the Congress.

    I am glad you visited the web-site for our group. I hope you book mark it, and return often. I also hope that you come out for the tea party protest on Thursday, April 15th. There are more details on the site as well. I would also like to extend an invitation to come to our next meeting in May. We are still finalizing the date and location, but it will also be posted on the site very soon. Please make it a point to introduce yourself to me at either venue. In this fight, you are my brother.

  38. Ted Says:

    Jon-Like it or not, America was founded as a Judeo-Christian nation at it’s heart. Perhaps it is not now. That is debatable. But to quote Andrew Jackson” You are a den of vipers and thieves. I have determined to rout you out and, by the Eternal,I will rout you out.”

    If we want to elect lawmen and women that can be compromised, then we deserve what we get. Being a compromising nation has gotten us into deep trouble. This is why I am so fired up that we have such a poor choice of compromised men running in D19

  39. Ted Says:

    @Ed Fulop- respectfully Sir I must agree with Jon on this one. The South Florida 9.12 Project made a mistake endorsing Lynch. His problems were made widely known by the press and local talk radio shows. It was not as if 912 had to do much research to uncover the facts. It is my understanding that 912 should not even be endorsing candidates, and it would have been easy enough to say that you were abstaining from endorsing anyone in this race.

    Once again @Jon, an example of compromise.

  40. geoff Says:

    912 knew all of these things about ed,he hasnt hid them, he has answered every charge, and frankly no other candidate was as reaserched as much as ed because of the post’s hatred of him and left wing bias.

    joe budd had tax judgements agaisnt him, so does alan west, but they arent mentioned daily.

    ed never denied these things, he had reasonable expinations for them all, i know i am getting with him, and i dont have a problem with it.

    he isnt the perfect candidate, not by a long shot, i but would elect charles manson in a 2 man race with ted deutch!

    and this is a 2 man race, mccormick is so far behind its not even mentionable.

  41. Jon Says:

    @ Ed

    You just admitted your group endorsed Lynch because you felt he had a better chance at beating Wexler’s hand picked successor. Shouldn’t your organization be selecting and backing the best candidate possible regardless of whether or not they are favored? I would have much more respect for groups like yours if they did so. I am sorry but yours appears to simply want to back whoever you feel has the best shot than the best candidate.

    @ Ted

    I respect your opinion and understand where you are coming from vis-a-vis Gay rights as my parents hold the same views and have heard all the biblical and socio-political arguments. As I mentioned, I find it highly hypocritical for people to complain about the government telling us how to live then having those same people attempt to tell others how they should live under the guise of morality.

    I have never been adversely affected by homosexuals nor have they prevented me from raising my two children in a Christian manner.

    As for McCormick, I fail to see how you think he is compromised, or at least as compromised as Lynch, who would take anything to relive his financial woes or Deutch who is politically compromised as a progressive? If you feel he is compromised because of his views on gay union then I submit that issue is not really a reason for me to think so. He is also pro-life with the exception of rape and incest so does that make him compromised? He believes we need to clean out our jails of non-violent offenders by offering them the opportunity to serve in the military instead of draining our resources in jail, is that compromising? As I said, I have thoroughly vetted his platform and I agree with it. I don’t find him compromised in the least.

    If more people would take the time to seriously think about our countries problems and how we need new solutions beyond this two-party lovefest, we can start healing as a country. We are far too divided because the two parties want it that it, it is how they maintain control over us.

  42. FredJS Says:

    Let’s try to set the record straight about the 9-12 position on this race.
    1. During the primary, the 9-12 membership was polled, and 87% of respondents voted that the endorsements are conistent with the mission, but not necessarily in primaries.
    2. Many of the 9-12 leaders were involved in the primary, and the organization was widely split among the three Republican candidates, and there was also interest in Jim McCormick who attended a 9-12 event and spoke with the membership. (Ted Deutch was invited several times but declined.)
    3. As Ed Fulop said, the leadership of 9-12 met with Ed and Jim separately, and discussed policy positions and campaign strategy, not character issues.
    4. That said, many of the individual leaders had discussions with Ed and his team concerning the negative information
    that was being circulated, both in the press and in a series of viral emails and unpleasant websites. I can only
    assume that they all found Ed’s explanations satisfactory (it was enough for me).
    5. After the meetings, the leadership group (as individuals, not as an organization) unanimously decided to endorse Ed Lynch. This step was taken, not because Ed Lynch was the perfect candidate, but as Ed Fulop said – he most represented the policy positions of 9-12, and as a candidate, had much more experience and preparation (and likelyhood of success) than Jim McCormick.
    6. Since that time, volunteers from 9-12 have assisted the campaign in various ways, including making calls. In the calls that I have made throughout the district, Ed Lynch has very strong support among both Republicans and Independents. Many people have told me that they didn’t care about any of these stories – that the possibility of diminishing the majority in congress that is
    destroying our country was enough for them. That, I think, remains the most significant dynamic to this day.
    7. Other grassroots organizations in the area have taken the position that endorsements are not what they are about, and in any case, backing someone who at first glance is a major underdog would be counterproductive to their organization. The 9-12 group on the other hand, believes in “Principles not Parties”, and will stand for a serious candidate who shares our principles, including endorsing them, irrespective of their chance at the outset.

    So Ted, I do not think it was a “mistake” for 9-12 to endorse Ed Lynch.

  43. Ted Says:

    @Jon- Mc Cormick’s presence in this race really does nothing but give more support to Deutch. If he really wanted the respect of the people, he should have participated in the primary at a GOP candidate or at the very least, in all of the pre-primary activities that Joe Budd and Curt Price participated in. Instead, he rode up on his white horse the day after and said “Me too”. I can understand why Joe Budd wouldn’t like that. It makes sense.

    Back to gay marriage. This is my country and if someone asks my opinion of how I want my land governed, I am commanded to adhere to Biblical principals. I do not have a say over how others live their lives, but I do have a say over how my government is run and I excercise that right through my vote. You seem to confuse that with hypocrisy and government oppression. There is only one Master I answer to for my life and my choices. If you want to see true intolerance, try going over to Iran and calling Sharia law hypocrisy. At least in the US, we still have the power of our vote.

  44. Jon Says:

    Thanks for the clarification Fred but it still sounds to me that 912 endorsed Lynch because they felt he had a better chance at winning than McCormick and not because of platform.

    Hey, it’s your right. It’s your group. I do suggest you consider rethinking your positions if you want to expand your group to more moderate thinking people like me. Believe it or not, there are plenty of moderates that want fiscal conservatism. It’s the myopic social aspects that turn moderates away from you.

    I abhor what is happening in this country and as a former Democrat (no I did not vote for Obama) I am ashamed of it. According to many of you, my only other choice is the Republicans and people like Lynch. Well, that isn’t a choice for me. I will be voting for candidates I truly believe will make a difference if elected, even if people think that is throwing my vote away. I see it differently, my vote is my voice and I am using it to show my dissent with the system and both parties.

  45. geoff Says:

    well said fred

  46. Jon Says:

    @ Ted

    That is my whole point. You claim you serve only one master, well then, let him decide the fate of Homosexuals. It shouldn’t be decided by you or anyone else.

    Re: McCormick

    He was at Century Village last week where my parents live. I went and spoke with him as he was greeting everyone at this fair they had. I flat out asked him why he didn’t run as a Republican and he told me they simply do not represent what he believes anymore and feels they have lost their way. Considering Joe Budd said he considered running Independent I think he must have felt the same.

    Maybe Joe thinks he can help change the mentality of the Republican Party, maybe Jim felt like they were a lost cause, who knows. What I do know is that there are many people that became disenchanted with their political party, I know I did, and maybe, just maybe, we can eventually start having more independents in Washington. You have to start somewhere.

    One last thing, I also asked him what good he thought an Independent can do. Aside from the standard working across aisles response, he said something that I believe also… if this country elects 20-30 Independents, the parties will definitely start to notice and, hopefully, smarten up.

    I don’t vote for cancer to spite aids and that is exactly how I feel about this election.

  47. Ted Says:

    Jon- If you are truly serving your Master, then you have to apply His rules to your life with no compromise. Like it or not, you are compromising if you vote for candidates with liberal platforms.

  48. Jon Says:

    His rules written by whom exactly? Self-loathing sexually repressed monks that have revisited the old testament and have even parsed out much of what was written?

    Where exactly in the 10 commandments is this mentioned again? Unless the homosexual is committing adultery I do not see it.

    Ironic how often the parties have broken the 8th, 9th and 10th commandments though isn’t it?

    I won’t go into a lengthy debate on the bible even though it may prove to be a fruitful and spirited debate. I commend you on your passions, I have my own. None of it will change my mind that this country is in deep doo-doo and the two party system is at the root of the problem.

  49. geoff Says:

    this country is being spent into collapse, we are a joke to the world, dc is so out of touch with what we need, i refuse to have children, and you are basing you vote on homosexuality?
    THAT’S the big issue to you??

    believe what you want,vote why you want, but i know homosexuals who dont put that in their top 5 issues.

  50. Jon Says:

    I am simply rebuking Ted’s position that McCormick is compromised because he doesn’t have an issue with Gay union.

    It is hardly the reason I voted for him but it is, however, just another reason I agree with him.

    Ted and I are simply having a tangential debate on ancillary issues. See, although we disagree on issues, we are able to discuss matters as adults.

  51. geoff Says:

    mcormick is never going to be taken seriously, he didnt have to go through a primary, he had almost no supporters last election, he no shows almost everywhere he is invited. thats why i wont consider voting for him.

    this has been a 2 man race for a long time, if curt price or joe budd had won they would have had my support.

    if ted deutch wins and joe budd runs for his state seat, i will support him in that race. but i just dont see myslf supporting jim in anything.


  52. Jon Says:

    Uh, Independents actually don’t run in a primary and to use that as a criteria is asinine as it means you think only party candidates should be allowed to run.

    I would be interested to see proof that he declined invitations to appear and I have just emailed his campaign with that very question. Why would a candidate decline an invitation. It sounds more to me like you are talking out of your behind. As a matter of fact George Bennett even reported that Mr. McCormick wasn’t even invited to a candidate function earlier this year. You can look for the article on this site. When I get a response from the campaign I will post it here.

    As for getting the message to you, are you one of those people that need everything handed to them or do you go out and find it?

    Lastly, I don’t recall McCormick being in any “last election”, if I am wrong on that let me know. I also asked his campaign that in my email. Why don’t you get off your butt and email his campaign, the address I used was

  53. geoff Says:

    well, he was invited to a candidates forum at my development with ed and ted and gues who the only one who showed up was.

    and i know independents dont run in primaries, i know how they work, he was a republican till he realized he could get on the ticket as a “independent”

  54. geoff Says:

    and i brain farted on the previous elections thing, i thought graber for a second, been a long week, my bad

  55. Joe Budd Says:


    For the record, I never had a federal tax lien. I did have a Mass. State tax lien filed against a business of mine. However, it was found not to be legitimate and discharged. They made a tax assessment for state income tax withholding and sales tax for a business that I had sold prior to the time of the assessment. There was never any taxes due.

    This was the issue that the Sun-Sentinel briefly mentioned without checking their facts. I had proved to George Bennett that the assessments occurred after my business was sold.

    Just to be clear, an assessment is made when thay are expecting taxes to be due, not that they actually occurred. So, the State thought I was still in business and they assessed me an average of what I had been remitting in the past.

    You can search the Hampden County, MA court records “Budd Enterprises” and see the dates for the assessments and then call Domino’s Pizza headquarters and ask when I sold my Domino’s Pizza (May 16, 1990).

    Joe Budd

  56. GEOFF Says:



  57. Jon Says:

    @ Geoff – I received a response to my email from the McCormick campaign, here it is in it’s entirety:

    “Mr Hammond,

    Our campaign has never declined a single invitation to any event. In fact, we have fought to be included in any event. Mr. McCormick was excluded from the West Boca Chamber of Commerce and did in fact fight to be included in just such an event. We welcome any events and would be happy to debate any of the candidates and have said on the radio.

    Please let us know if you are referring to a specific event that you would like us to attend.


    Campaign for Jim McCormick”

    Maybe you should email them your development name because, by the sound of it, McCormick was never invited.

  58. Martin Matthews Says:

    Today is the day, to elect Ed Lynch. Vetted and endorsed by the major Conservative groups. Divisive bickering will only serve to polish these chains that hold freedom back. Gentlemen please find the courage to vote for the conservative candidate that will win. Ed Lynch.

  59. Barb Says:


    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your commentary. I’m sure there are many true “independents” who end up voting for a republican or a democrat, thinking their ideal candidate won’t have a chance.

    Where you say:

    “…if this country elects 20-30 Independents, the parties will definitely start to notice and, hopefully, smarten up.”

    We (those of us fed up with dems and repubs) need to remember that quote, stand our ground and not waiver on who we feel best serves us.

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