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Final days: Lynch rips Obamacare while Deutch riffs at Delray Affair

by George Bennett | April 12th, 2010

Republican Ed Lynch aired an ad ripping Obamacare over the final weekend before Tuesday’s special congressional election to replace Robert Wexler. Democrat Ted Deutch did his best impression of legendary Chess session man Lafayette Leake as he joined the band Riptide at Delray Affair on Saturday night and supplied keyboard accompaniment to a cover of Bo Diddley’s Before You Accuse Me.

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40 Responses to “Final days: Lynch rips Obamacare while Deutch riffs at Delray Affair”

  1. Pookus Says:

    this is democrat hate:

    Vile democrats, just down right evil!

  2. Harry Says:

    Ted probably got more votes Saturday night than Ed Lynch will get tomorrow!

  3. Kendrick Says:

    Unfortunately, we don’t need a congressman who keeps tinkling the keys and never attends meetings.

    Past history indicates future history.

    Deutch won’t be available

  4. Jon Says:

    Seems George felt it wasn’t necessary to post anything about McCormick (video wise).

    This is off his site

  5. Jon Says:

    @ Harry

    Ted probably got more than Ed and Jim combined on Saturday. Doesn’t mean he is the best man for the job, just that people don’t look into the issues.

    Oh look, a D, an R… vote.

  6. Edward Says:

    Ted is going to play Ed Lynch like a piano on Tuesday!

  7. Katy Says:

    These posts are so stupid.
    The reality is that Deutch is going to win but sold his soul & his staff to get it.

    Everyone knows he is going to win but he is not respected anymore….just like Wexler

  8. GregW Says:

    Look at Wendy Wexler’s aide pretending she is hot..with a aide…sad Wendy. Wexler and Deutch paying off still does not make you attractive…can you say beer goggles?

  9. Lawrence G. Says:

    At least Deutch is not afraid to be a regular guy. Lynch looks so slimy… typical snake-oil salesman. He should spend less time trying to get on TV and try getting a job to take care of the financial train wreck he’s left for his family.

  10. Mabel R. Says:

    In all my years, I have never heard such rude comments about such a nice young woman. Wendi is just as cute as she can be, and she and the other nice ladies at the Robert Wexler office helped my husband when he was having trouble with the V.a. before he passed in 2002 G-d rest his soul. Personally, I’m glad to see that she knows how to have a good time on the weekend with as hard as she works for us. If she’s supporting Ted Deutch, he’s good enough for me, and also that Lynch and his supporters just seem mean.

  11. Pat Says:

    You are absolutely right. Not only is Senator Ted Deutch a good citizen, so is Wendi. Some of these people would probably be embarrassed if their identities were revealed. They can say these awful things because they use phony names. I have never seen Wendi be anything but a lady. On the weekends when she is not working, she is taking care of her husband and children.

  12. Jayne Chapman Says:

    Wendi Lipsich is one of the cutest, nicest people you could ever meet! AND the hardest working. The fact that someone had to post something so hateful about this fantastic woman is just beneath contempt!
    Ted Deutch is both the best man for the job AND the most available – just ask all his volunteers, of which I am most proud to be one. The election dates were not picked by Ted and he had to campaign within that framework. He both campaigned and attended meetings in Tallahassee, something that neither of his opponents had to concern themselves about.
    District 19 will be so lucky to have a man of Ted’s character and caliber representing us.
    I understand the Tea Party has had their people calling from all over the country.
    I prefer coffee myself!

  13. Alison Says:

    Everyone knows Wendy and if people don’t like her its because of Robert & she is paid to bullshit. If your name is Obama Jayne that says it…dumbass. Wexler’s staff was good.

    Deutch should work in Tallahassee instead of playing the keyboard. Wexler also owes this county over a million dollars…who is the idoit now?

    We will take the house back before you know it?

  14. Silvia Hall Says:

    Ted Deutch has shown common sense. We need people with common sense, ready to tackle the problem and offer solutions.

    I do not like people who complain and criticize everybody without offering their solution or ideas.

    I was at the Wexler Town Hall meeting last summer. I was outside and Ed Lynch kept repeating the lies about health care and other lies as well. The least people could be is honest. He offered no ideas, well the same old ideas that got us into this mess: more deregulation and let the market do its magic (magic that failed).

    We have problems and we need solutions.

  15. Jayne Chapman Says:

    Alison – only ignorant people have to stoop to name calling instead of intelligent discussion.
    You say that Wexler’s staff was good – Wendi was part of that great staff.

    If you take back the House all I can say is God help this country that so many people watch and believe the lies told on Fox and by the likes of Limbaugh. If the opposition really cared about this country they would work with our amazing President and at least have it recorded in history that they were apart of something great. It is pathetic how they only care about getting re-elected and not one bit about the country.

  16. Toni says Says:

    I can not believe the nasty behavior of the people who live in our State. Wendy is WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, KIND, RESPECTED, a wonderful person to know professionally, personally and to work with on Ted’s Campaign. Ted Deutch, is respected in his community, a wonderful leader, he stands up for the people in this district and for the values he believes in for our Country. Ted Deutch is who I want to represent me and my family. As for the tea party, I prefer my coffee! Stand up for the issues and do not attach the people. SHAME ON YOU GREG!!

  17. Terry Ellis Says:

    Wendi Lipsich, Esq., always acted in a professional, knowledgeable and courteous manner in her role as Robert Wexler’s district director. Let’s get on with the election and may the best candidate win.

  18. Toni says Says:

    Can we please act like adults, we can agree to disagree but lets not call people names and try to smear their good name.

  19. Toni says Says:

    Obama Jane does say it all. She is hard working, great friend a great Democratic. Everyone should have a Obama Jane in their life!

  20. Fred Says:

    It is sad that Ed Lynch does not understand that the current new legislation has done nothing regarding Medicare payments. He does not understand that the “Medicare fix” which has been stayed today for at least another month is unrelated and has been going on for years.

    I have yet seen one person who would be willing to give up their Medicare benefits. Medicare is the best thing that has happened to patients and physicians.

    It is also sad that he has had to resort to insulting quality people such as Wendi- If he could, he would be lucky to have such capable persons work for him and for us as a legislative assistant.

  21. Toni Says:

    Well said Fred.

  22. Jon Says:

    As someone that has grown to despise the two party system I can honestly say that Lynch is by far and away more slick and slime than Deutch. I disagree with Deutch’s politics vehemently but he has not resorted to the tactics of Lynch in this campaign. Lynch has done nothing but whine and cry his way through the past month and I would be ashamed of him as my representative.

    As for people attacking staff now, grow up. It is one thing to criticize those in the public eye like candidates, they have opened themselves up to it but to attack staffers is utterly despicable.

    Deutch will win tomorrow, I did not vote for him but I know he will win. Unfortunately, I do not think most of the people that have or will vote for him have thoroughly vetted the issues facing our country and how Ted is likely to vote on them. You can disagree with the man’s politics but leave his staff alone for the love of all that is holy.

  23. Larry Says:

    It’s a lot closer than Deutch is letting on. Why was Pelosi secretly here this past weekend? I am hoping that we take back enough of the house by November to shutdown the government. If that is accomplished the Healthcare bill will be defunded until a real president takes back the White House. Win or lose on Tuesday, the Conservative movement is energized and the democrats are scared as their power will soon be slipping from their grasp.

  24. Jon Says:

    You are aware that this district has been overwhelmingly Democrat for two decades right Larry?

    When Kerry-Edwards, yes that slimeball John Edwards, carry this district resoundingly, it means people here only care about the D and not the candidate.

  25. Larry Says:

    Almost forgot to mention, please get your OTP bumper sticker @

  26. Larry Says:

    Jon your absolutely right. That is why even if its close in my book that’s a win. This is just a warmup for November.

    Wait until 9-12. Washington were coming home.

  27. Wilson Saavedra Says:

    Ed Lynch must be a comedian and he has no business running for our Congress. Just think for one second and you only need one brain cell. The new health care reform just came out and will be implemented gradually until 2019… And for a physician to close his practice now, as announced by Ed Lynch is either a lie or an incompetent doctor who is unable to keep a viable practice or simply retiring. And now, men like Ed Lynch, who has never done anything for the people, including our seniors, try to take advantage in a moment of uncertainty in the mind of our seniors. Shame on Ed Lynch! Besides lip service, he has zero experience in helping seniors and people in general. In contrast, Ted Deutch has a substantial legislative track record in helping seniors and the common people and this is specially relevant since he is a Senator in the Republican controlled Florida Senate. The only thing left for Ed Lynch is his Republican Party and let’s not forget that it was the republicans that passed the Medicare Plan D overnight and was approved by them with the Donut Hole and denied Medicare to negotiate drugs better pricing for seniors. Further more, the republicans allowed the insurance companies to deny coverage at their discretion and my 87 years old friend Thelma was cancelled in January and was not allowed to resume coverage until november 3 years ago. To save her life I had to go out of the country to buy Synthroid, a necessary drug to sustain life. Thanks, but no thanks for the infomercial to vote for you… I’m voting for Ted Deutch, who is a proven professional in getting thing accomplished in the Florida Senate and he is ready to help us in The House of Representatives in Washington.

  28. Wilson Saavedra Says:

    In regard to Ed Lynch, I forgot a most significant encounter with several witnesses at hand. This happened at a Century Village Town Hall meeting that was participated by all three candidates: Ted Deutch, Ed lynch and Jim McCormick. At the end we were able to speak with the candidates and I asked Ed Lynch to his face: “What has the Republican party done EVER for the people” and his answer was “the abolition of slavery”. Imagine what kind of people are the republicans that they have to go as far as slavery to find something they have done for the people. WOW!

  29. Jayne Chapman Says:

    Some of the anger in this district, just like the rest of the country, is due to the economy, which we can all thank the previous administration and the Republican party for. That anyone would want to return to that mind set by returning power to the opposition party is not only astonishing but shows the lack of knowledge people have about how we got where we are and what it is going to take to bring our economy back. This country has always done best when there has been a thriving middle class – the Democratic Party understands that & has always championed the middle class. Bush & gang destroyed the middle class. It is going to take years to build what they tore down.

  30. John Says:

    Go look at the issues and vote today. There are 3 candidates.

  31. Sharon L. Simon Says:

    Facts are what matter not distorted twisted misrepresentations of the truth. Ted Deutch has tirelessly worked for the people of Florida to improve their health care, education, job opportunities, environment, elder care and quality of life as a Senior. In addition his work to secure the safety of the State of Israel has been lauded by other states copying his bill to boycott doing business with countries like Iran who threaten the existence of Israel. People who believe the Teabag efforts to defile his record and claim that both he and Obama are anti-Israel are horribly ignorant of the facts aka the truth. Ted will work for the people, not the corporations or self. And having Wendi as his aide is only another tribute to his intelligent exercise of choice. You couldn’t find a more efficient, generous, thoughtful AND smart person to work at your side. His success in this campaign will be due not only to his amazing worth and willingness to be our U.S. Congress Rep. but to Wendi’s ability to rally the Ted Team to also work tirelessly in order to send Ted to Washington D.C.. I am a proud member of Team Ted and pray that the people of District 19 are wise enough to send Ted to the Congress with an overwhelming majority sending a message to the people of the U.S. that lying about a person’s record in order to keep him from doing a job he is overwhelmingly suited for, just is NOT what works anymore! Voters need to get the facts, read and listen to recorded history and deeds done. If they do, we will be blessed with Representatives like Ted Deutch watching our backs!

  32. Deborah Says:

    Lynch is just another Republican who spouts empty platitudes. Falsely promising his followers they can have their cake for free. They hate taxes but want their Medicare, Soc-Sec, disability etc. They think they can have it all without paying for it. That’s an outright lie and he knows it. There’s no free lunch.

    And anyone who bothers to look at Ted Deutch’s accomplishments, know he shows up.

  33. John Says:

    Lynch and Deutch are both vetted by the 2 party crime syndicate, I’m voting for the Independent. It’s time to clean house.

  34. Jon Says:

    Amen John, amen.

    @ Deborah, please don’t tell me Deutch shows up, he was the most absent politician in Tallahassee.

    Lynch is a weak candidate. He won the primary by what? 42 votes or something? All the while touting he’s been there before yada yada yada. I am interested to see the results today. If McCormick has a fairly decent showing he will wield a little power as far as the Republican party is concerned. I don’t know if he realizes that.

    A strong candidate wouldn’t have to worry about the independent. DO you really think Deutch is? I have not read one single slight sent McCormick’s way from Deutch while Lynch has cried like my granddaughter. I assure you Deutch has lost some votes to McCormick as well, I voted for him and I was a Democrat.

    Mr. McCormick, if you are reading these posts, push on through. The Republican Party is not the answer. As you said in one of your interviews, just because people are fed up that doesn’t mean they want to go back to the days of Bush. Amen to that.

    Please, don’t back off. I can only imagine the pressure you will get from Republicans to back out for November. DON’T! There are people out there that believe in fiscal responsibility yet have more moderate social views. Make the Republicans present a candidate worth his salt, lord knows they haven’t yet.

  35. John Says:

    Just got back from voting. 2 of us voted independent. I don’t feel as dirty as I usually do when voting for criminals put forth by the GOP/Democrat Crime family.

    I had a republican guy call me last week saying something along the lines of “just hold your nose and vote”. Yes..thank you for that.

  36. freesoft Says:

    Thank you..really informative!!

  37. Louis P. Rothman Says:

    I am a proud member of Team Ted. It has been an honor and pleasure to get to know Ted Deutch. District 19 and the State of Florida are lucky to have as principled, intelligent and hard working man as Ted to represent us. Have we forgotten that it was Ted in the Republican dominated legislature that originated and got passed the $1 tax on cigarettes that brought a Billion dollars to help close the deficit gap– and at the same time discourage smoking?? Also I don’t get the Tea Party. What are they so angry about? Obama?? that he was able to get through the health care reform bill that permist youngsters up to 26 to remain on their parent’s health insurance plan? that seniors will get $250 this year to help pay their drug bill once they get in the Republican originated donut hole? that people can no longer be refused health coverage because they have previous health problems? I love the guy who in complaining about the Health Care Reform bill said– Don’t let the government touch my medicare. Who did he think runs Medicare?? And all those who don’t want a government run health plan—– what is Medicare???

    The Republicans have done NOTHING in Congress since Obama took office– but they do complain about the deficit. Where were they when W turned a healthy surplus into a 12.3 Trillion DEFICIT??

    COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN– but DO Something to repair whatever it is you are complaining about.

  38. Louis P. Rothman Says:

    Please foregive my typing. The W DEFICIT WAS 1.2 tRILLION— not 12.3 Trillion.

  39. John Says:


    Both parties are criminal. The peace candidate escalated the wars to satisfy his neo-con masters, health insurance reform just mandates that citizens pay insurance companies, I’m sure the execs are licking their chops now. People can’t afford health insurance , how is alaw requiring them to buy it going to fix anything? doh!

    If you don’t understand tea-party folks, you probably enjoy getting lied to and fleeced.

  40. John Says:

    Oh, and people want to smoke, that’s none of your business, neither is it the business of gov’t, you think a buck a pack on cigs is going to bailout the underwater pension funds in FL?

    First they came for the smokers…


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