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UPDATE: Dems cry foul over sneaky Senate abortion amendment

by Dara Kam | April 28th, 2010

UPDATE: The Senate approved the abortion amendment by a 22-17 vote.

Florida GOP Senate leader Andy Gardiner tacked a controversial anti-abortion amendment onto a health care bill on the floor this morning, an identical measure that died on a 20-20 vote two years ago.

The proposal would require women seeking an abortion to have an ultrasound in the first trimester, already required for pregnant women in the second trimester. The women would also have to look at the ultrasound unless she has proof that she has been raped or is a domestic violence victim.

The decidedly more conservative Senate will likely approve the contentious amendment this time around.

Moderate Republican Jim King, who voted on the winning “no” side, passed away last summer and was replaced by conservative John Thrasher.

Ted Deutch, a Boca Raton Democrat who also helped kill the bill, is now in Congress.

And Republicans have easily shot down a number of amendments offered by Democrats trying to water down the Gardiner proposal, indicating the bill would pass.

But they may not take a full vote on the measure (HB 1143) today, and the House would have to approve the changes for it to pass and head to Gov. Charlie Crist.

Sen. Dan Gelber, who was in the House two years ago, objected that no committee had fully vetted the proposal before it arose today on the floor.

Gelber, who is running for attorney general, gave a heated argument against the amendment after offering several of his own that failed.

“You are go to put in Florida law a provision that requires a victim of a rape to actually tell someone she was raped, to get proof of the rape before she can be excused by the state of Florida from getting an ultrasound. How wrong is that,” said Gelber, D-Miami Beach. “Shame on the state of Florida.”

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9 Responses to “UPDATE: Dems cry foul over sneaky Senate abortion amendment”

  1. Disgusted Says:

    Why is it that conservative politicians who proudly proclaim themselves to be staunchly opposed to government intrusion, think it’s perfectly acceptable to meddle in the lives of women and their right to choose in matters concering their OWN bodies? Does anyone really want to return to the days of back alley abortions by unqualified butchers? This is the highest form of govenment intrusion.

  2. skeptic Says:

    It is about control, women can inherit property, vote, get a divorce,and the ability to terminate pregnancy legally was the last straw.

  3. Susan Says:

    Idiots- what makes them think they can’t just go to Georgia or South Carolina? Gov’t will NEVER tell me what or what not to do with this body of mine. I don’t want the guilt associated with someone who may choose to have an abortion and then have to re-live a freaking nightmare in an effort to “prove” to the gov’t she shouldn’t have to see an ultrasound- this place is turning into a police State.

  4. Nietzschean Says:

    Don’t worry your pretty little heads, ladies. They say it’s not about control or a disrespect for an individual’s ownership of their bodies or their own beliefs. They say they just want to “facilitate informed consent.” FACILITATING INFORMED CONSENT in the last thing Republicans want to be held accountable for. Just apply this same logic to issues pertaining to consumer advocacy and watch them squirm and sell us out to protect the profits of big business. It’s time to take them to task and challenge these gross inconsistencies and wanton interpretations of the law. Trust me, they won’t win. They might be clever but they aren’t all that smart.

  5. Slev Says:


    Re; “in matters concering their OWN bodies”

    That’s the whole point (which u miss entirely)–it’s NOT the WOMAN’S own body, it’s the BABY’S body. When you conceive and then CHOOSE to abort, you choose to kill that life that you are ALREADY determining IS a life by CHOOSING terminate. Get your story straight. Right to CHOOSE Death is truth in advertising..

  6. Spare me your outrage libs! Says:

    I have to chuckle when I see all these people crying about “privacy” all of a sudden. Where was all the concern about “privacy” during the Obamacare debate? Oh, I forgot, you supported that egregious intrusion of privacy, it’s just this one that you oppose.

  7. JMCross Says:

    @ 3:52pm
    I don’t find it amusing when I see those who claim to be against mandates when it suits them politically turn around and vote for mandates to please their moralist base. HYPOCRITES!

  8. NoWayGOP Says:

    I am sick and tired of the Republican body telling me what I can and can’t do. I will not vote for a single Republican in the next election.

  9. Pro Life doc Says:

    I am a conservative (formerly a republican) and a physician. I do not support abortion except in critical situations. I do believe that women, especially the young women, should be educated to a point of awareness and understanding before they make this serious decision. I believe that parents should always be brought in to the circle of knowledge and consent when it is their minor daughter who is contemplating an abortion.
    However, this law sounds utterly ridiculous and extremely insensitive. This is a serious decision for the mother which should not be dramatized for a shock effect. Professional counseling and education with family participation seems more suitable for a civilized society. The repulicans keep making one step forward and now 2 steps back. What’s a conservative to do?

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