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Crist not getting much pressure from Speaker Cretul on teacher bill

by Dara Kam | April 9th, 2010

Gov. Charlie Crist said he’s being leaned on more heavily about the sweeping teacher pay reforms now on his desk or veto than on any other issue since he took office three years ago.

But caught in the hallway on his way out of the Capitol this afternoon, House Speaker Larry Cretul didn’t have much to say about the measure (SB 6).

When asked what he would tell the governor to try to convince him to sign it into law, Cretul said simply: “It’s a good bill.”

That’s it?

“Yes it is. Sixty-six people thought it was a good bill,” Cretul said.

Oops. Democratic members nearby corrected the leader. The final vote was 64-55.

“Well, I’m working it,” Cretul said.

Maybe the Ocala Republican was more tired than taciturn.

Cretul was at the podium through much of the eight-hour debate on the measure that dragged on until just before 2:30 a.m. this morning.

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9 Responses to “Crist not getting much pressure from Speaker Cretul on teacher bill”

  1. Kawen Says:

    66 people thought it was a good bill.
    How about the 6 THOUSAND people that oppose it, Larry? Complacency, so THAT’S where our school board learned it from! (with the exeption of Frank)

  2. sharon tring Says:

    I am saddened by the poitics being played at the expense of the future of the children of Florida. Hopefully Gov. Crist has a conscience and responds to the will of the people and the future of our public school children. May he prayerfully consider his options and veto this bill.

  3. Maryanne Says:

    Jeb Bush created FCAT testing as the state assessment monitoring student progress for the No Child Left Behind Legislation, which was legislated by George Bush, while he was President. Jeb’s younger brother, Neil Bush is the founder of a software company of Ignite! Learning happens to make educational software for FCAT preparation. Jeb Bush, since leaving the Governor’s Office, runs a “non-profit” educational foundation called the Foundation for Excellence in Education. He was instrumental in getting Thatcher elected as Florida Speaker of the House, th sponsor of Florida Senate Bill 6. This Bill ties teacher pay and job security to student performance on this test. This attempt to privatize public education and benefits the “for profit education industry ” lobby, which includes his brother and cronies “. By feeding into public discontent with a system that he helped create , Jeb Bush is positioning himself for a presidential run , using a platform as an ” Educational Reformer.”

  4. Thrasher Not Thatcher Says:

    Maryanne Its not Thatcher (that was Margaret) and Lord knows we would love to have her running this country right now! The Booshes ain’t no better than Obama. Old man H.W. Boosh lost the White House because he was like Obama in supporting the New World Order. He lost and so will Obammy and friends. We the fat, lazy, good for nothing couch taters will rise up and refuse socialism every time.

  5. Arlene Says:

    This is horrible for our teachers and our children. Simply horrible.

  6. Cretul Wanted At Home Says:

    Larry Cretul is way above his raising. He needs to go home to Ocala and hope he can sell some real estate. He is not worth a flip in Tally.

  7. Maryanne Says:

    Actually, I Believe the correct spelling for Thrasher is

  8. Tom Says:

    The Republicans under Jeb Busch and Charlie Crist have been in charge of Floridas educational system for 13 yrs. What have they accomplished? Well, they lost 836 million dollars of taxpayers and teachers pension fund money by investing in Enron, Leyman Bros. andEdison stock, all politcal cronies and big donaters to their political campains. They had Neal Busch, Jebs brother, start IGNITE, a company to develop curriculum and programs for there new educational reform. Floridas educational system has been failing this administration, so,who better to fix it than those who screwed it up… By cutting teachers wages,pensions and salaries, blaming them for a failed system, they will be able to garner another 900 million to dispense to political hacks. WHAT A POLITICAL PLUM.

  9. sharon tring Says:

    Governor Crist says he wants to do what is right for the children of Florida. That would be to veto hb6. Pandering to the supporters of the bill will certainly not improve his popularity with them…they are supporters of Rubio…NOTHING will change that.

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