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Gov. Crist, Seminole Tribe announce $1 billion gambling deal

by Dara Kam | April 6th, 2010

Flanked by key lawmakers, Gov. Charlie Crist and leaders of the Seminole Tribe of Florida announced they have reached a gambling deal that would reap the state up to $1 billion over the next five years.

It’s the second time Crist and the Seminoles closed a gambling compact but the difference today is that lawmakers – who twice rejected those plans – played a major role in the negotiations leading up to today’s announcement.

“This cleans up and resolves a controversy that has been festering for the last two decades,” the House’s chief gambling negotiator Bill Galvano, R-Bradenton, said.

The latest deal would allow the Seminoles to continue banked card games – blackjack, baccarat and chemin de fer – at five of their seven casinos. Cards would not be allowed at the Brighton and Big Cypress facilities.

If lawmakers must sign off on the compact, it could rake in an extra $435 million for this year’s budget and help lawmakers struggling to fill a $3.2 billion spending gap for the year that begins July 1.

In return, the tribe will pay $150 million a year to the state for two years and a minimum of $223 million for three years that.

The agreement with the tribe also lets them keep running Las Vegas-style slot machines at each of their facilities for the next 20 years.

But the deal on the cards expires after five years. Then, lawmakers would have to renew it for it to stay in effect.

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5 Responses to “Gov. Crist, Seminole Tribe announce $1 billion gambling deal”

  1. Charlie Horse'sass Says:

    I made this deal with the Indians because they supply me with a private room anytime i feel the need for barely legal boys. Mark Foley has nothing on me. It makes sense to give the Indians this exclusive deal with black jack, i mean why collect tax dollars from the places that already pay taxes like Palm Beach Kennel Club, Pompano, Gulfstream and other various gambling places that exist. If you’re a hot young man graduationg from high school ask for Charlie in room 1cc

  2. jimmy Says:

    You guys can gripe or complain however you like, but the books aren’t balanced in Florida. If this covers 20% of the hole, how is that a bad thing, regardless of whatever backroom agreements might also have taken place?

  3. Corruption Is Corruption Says:

    jimmy – You are one of those who is either a full blown criminal or you have always wanted to be. To you and your type of corruption its all about the money. I mean right to the point of you statement “regardless of whatever backroom agreements might also have taken place?” Corruption is corruption. To idiots like you and Charlie Crist the end justifies the means. Are you sure you weren’t in Wahington DC a few weeks ago helping Oboma twist senators arms! Its all the same. Corruption is corruption and all the offenders need to go to jail for a long time!

  4. Common Sense Says:

    I agree with Corruption wrong is wrong. However, The reality is it is about time that the state wakes up and allows gambling. How much money are we loosing with gambling ships and a quick trip to the islands. Keep the money here in the state.

  5. Dude Here Says:

    The state should allow anyone, not just the Indians. Monopolies are unfair.

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