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Allen West to Pelosi: ‘Give me that damn gavel’

by George Bennett | April 20th, 2010

Republican congressional hopeful Allen West, already a YouTube star with a 2.1-million-view video from late 2009, has drawn more than 46,000 looks in three days for this posting by the conservative Shark Tank blog from Saturday’s opening of a campaign headquarters in Deerfield Beach.

“We are going to show them what committed and convicted Americans have always done since the days we stood up against the British republic,” West tells supporters. “This is about fighting a dishonest tyranny, fighting against people that will lie to the American people and say we’re doing all this for the betterment of your lives when all they are doing is creating more slaves so that they can have control over them.”

West is challenging U.S. Rep. Ron Klein, D-Boca Raton, but his strongest words in this clip are aimed at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

When he’s elected and goes to Washington, West says, “I’m going to say one simple thing to Nancy Pelosi: Give me that damn gavel.”

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32 Responses to “Allen West to Pelosi: ‘Give me that damn gavel’”

  1. marg Says:


    Electing Klein keeps Pelosi in power.

  2. RUcerious? Says:

    Dear Mr. West.

    Unlike you, and the rest of the political hacks you represent, Ms. Pelosi stands for her constituency, not political donors or astroturf organizations created by disgraced Republican representatives.

    You may get elected in this state, I wouldn’t be surprised given the lack of critical thought prevalent here, but I guaranty you little charade will get NO traction in D.C. and your desire to take the gavel from Ms. Pelosi is akin to believing in the tooth fairy.

  3. Reality Says:

    To what “dishonest tyranny” is Mr. West referring? The lie that Bush told to bully Congress into giving him authority to invade a sovereign nation that did nothing to us, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and wasting thousand of young American lives? Otherwise, I’m not sure what he’s referring to.
    West is just the latest in a line of Black Americans adopting the language of Republican intolerance to carve out a niche for himself as the “black conservative,” of which there are few. This position is very lucrative because it allows the Hannitys, Becks, and Limbaughs of the world and their followers to point to a minority to defend their racist, intolerant remarks by pointing to him as an example. Its old and he’s a joke!
    Nothing in today’s America resembles the British empire of the 18th century. It’s just hyperbole meant to stir up the uneducated. Sorry Mr. West, you will lose….

  4. Reality Says:

    After watching the video, I’m laughing. He uses the opening scene of Gladiator to rouse the crowd? What’s next, the Independence Day speech from the president to fight the aliens? Or maybe it will be Al Pacino’s stirring speech from Any Given Sunday? “FOOTBALL IS A GAME OF INCHES!” “WE FIGHT, WE CLAW FOR THAT INCH!”
    hilarious! He almost sounds like a jack-leg preacher!

  5. Susan Says:

    I hope he hits her with it.

  6. Seth Platt Says:

    The constant Vilification of the First Woman Speaker of The U.S. House of Representatives by this BRUTE is unconscionable. It is amazing that a minority seeking the House of Representatives would so continually and callously pick fights with a woman who has proven to be an effective leader. Allen West continues to pander to the EXTREME Right Wing with Hateful rhetoric toward Americans seeking to heal this Country, torn apart by radical “patriots” like him. The source of America’s problems are exactly the policies that WEST supports from the previous BUSH regime.
    South Florida Does not Need this Texas Transplant who campaigns outside his district influencing policy in South Florida or the U.S. Congress. His DANGEROUS polarizing rhetoric should not be tolerated.

  7. Nona Says:

    I will tell you where you can put that Gavel WEST…

  8. JR Says:

    Guess the DEMS got the memo out, because it is mostly left wing fruit loops bashing West here…

  9. Reality Says:

    Like I said Seth, he’s using the fact that he’s black to his advantage by adopting the Republicans’ extremist lingo and they like it b/c his race gives them cover. Its a symbiotic relationship made in hell.

  10. Veteran Says:

    Realidy, I hope you keep laughing when West lands in Congress and kicks the butts of the arrogant, elitist democrats who think they know what’s best for all Americans. Pelosi is a socialist from San Francisco – nothing more nothing less.

  11. Reality Says:

    Hey Veteran:
    Please define the term “socialist.” And don’t give a definition from what YOU THINK it is. Look it up and post it. We are not becoming a socialist nation. To assert that we are is plain dumb. I don’t want to offend, but this silliness about Obama and the Democrats being “communist, socialist, marxist” is crazy. Those terms don’t all mean the same thing you know. They just appeal to your fears and you allow it if you don’t know the difference. Thanks for your service by the way. My dad (Korea) and brother are/were vets!

  12. LOL! Says:

    The best part of this clip is when Mr. West says, “since the days we stood up against the British republic”. Unfortunately, Mr. West reveals his lack of understanding of basic civics. Britain, or the United Kingdom, was not and still is not a “republic”. It is a constitutional monarchy and at the time of the American revolution it was an empire. What he should have said is “British Empire” or “Great Britain” or the “United Kingdom” not throw more confusion at his supporters and reveal himself to be deficient in civic competence. Thats not saying Ron Klein is any better though, the two party system keeps standards low after all.

  13. IndependentVoter Says:

    “Many people consider the things which government does for them to be social progress, but they consider the things government does for others as socialism” – Earl Warren

    “Republicans, decade after decade, have supported massive increases in government spending. During the George W. Bush administration, Republicans in Congress supported spending trillions of dollars on foreign wars, a massive Medicare expansion, and banker bailouts. Republicans doubled the budget and doubled the federal debt. Why can’t the Republican Party just admit that it loves big government?” – Wes Benedict, Exec. Dir., Libertarian Party

  14. IndependentVoter Says:

    Medicare = socialist program; “Social” Security = socialist program; Medicaid = socialist program; public school = socialist program; health care for all = socialist program; Pell grant = socialist program. Income tax special status credit for: being over 65, blind, married, having children (this includes the Earned Income credit also), etc. = socialist entitlements.

    So, all of you who claim to be “against” the so-called Democratic “socialist” agenda would be willing to give up all these entitlements? If you’re truly against “socialist” programs, then put your hands back in your own pockets instead of keeping them out to receive entitlements from the American taxpayer, and take action to end every single one of these programs.

  15. Brucie Boye Says:

    Hey Reality, you might be a bigger idoit than Klein and Pelosi put together.

  16. Mark Zist Says:

    I wonder if all this left wing blog clowns will take the same time to fact check the left on any and all ridiculous statements.

    Last I checked there were not 57 states… like Obama said.

    Please call Allen West Congressman West.

  17. RIckintheForest Says:

    Mark Zist – There aren’t 57 states? Huh. Next you’ll be telling me that Obama hasn’t saved or created millions of jobs either. Or that health care is really not a “jobs bill” as Harry Reid asserted. Oh my…………

  18. Debbie Says:

    Go West!!! We love you in Florida!!!

  19. Joe Shannahan Says:

    HA! I love reading these reactions from the Libs! They are sooooo stupid!!!

    West is a true American. West loves America. West fought for our freedom. West is right. All these things, BHO is NOT.

  20. George Blumel Says:

    Allen West is a patriotic American. His opponent, Ron Klein is a lawyer-lobbyist. They’re exact opposites. This race will tell where the constituents in the 22nd dist of Florida stand: for American freedom and opportunity or for what they can get for free on the backs of taxpayers in exchange for freedom and opportunity.

  21. PoliticalBeach Says:

    A few of you need to use your spellchecker. It’s embarassing. West has the most integrity I have witnessed in any candidate we have seen south of the Florida border since 1995. I hope he does win and I am grateful that he is unafraid of making comments. He hasn’t yet been tainted by the Lobbyists and DC. Let him say how he really feels. That gavel was a joke. Seriously? History?

  22. PoliticalBeach Says:


    Hey, Klein, where are your Chevrons?

  23. EdFulop Says:

    Restore Honor. Flip the House.

  24. Real American Says:

    To the Marxist who calls himself “Reality”. Watch as Democrats talked about WMD’s.
    Allen West will run circles around your Liberal Marxists

  25. Willy Says:

    IndependentVoter: A lot of people put money into a retirement fund. The people who ran the fund stole the money and spent it. The fund is the (broke) social security fund. The thieves are the United States Congress.

    There is nothing hypocritical about people who expect that mess to be handled fairly and compassionately while at the same time demanding no more entitlements!

  26. Reality Says:

    “Real American” (whatever that is..I thought Americans were free to be whatever they legally chose? but I digress)
    Calling me a Marxist doesn’t hurt my feelings. I’m WAY bigger than that. That you think you’re a “real american” demonstrates your ignorance about what this country is. WE ALL ARE AMERICANS. Some of us are Latino Americans, some of us are gay/lesbian, some are African Americans, and the majority (for now) of us are white americans. You aren’t any more “American” than the child of an illegal immigrant born in St. Mary’s hospital. The 15th Amendment guarantees that, or didn’t you know your Constitution?
    Anyway, enough toying with your mental dysfunction. The only thing I’ll say about your link is that I DID blame Democrats for being soft and letting Bush bully them into WMD assertions when the evidence on the ground, led by Hans Blix (remember him?) was that there were no WMD. The yellowcake from Niger was a lie too. We all knew this BEFORE the invasion and SOME of us (not me) stood silent. Everyone, except us proud liberals were blinded by 911 grief. But that doesn’t excuse the fact that Bush lied us into a war. Just because some Democrats didn’t stand up to him doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Were YOU complaining when TRILLIONS were wasted on this debacle? Or didn’t you notice the amount b/c Bush did it off budget? Do you care that hundreds of thousands have been killed in your name based on the lie? Or are they not people to you? (Don’t answer that, your name already implies the answer)
    Allen West is a joke and a tool. This is a Democratic County except for the hicks out west and the rich elite on the coast…funny bedfellows don’t you agree?

  27. James Says:

    My MY!

    Such venom and hate from the left. tsk tsk.

    So, if a black man does not bow to the “party line”, he is somehow tainted? His being black should not be the issue but his views as a candidate.

    To Independent voter: YES, lets get rid of all those programs: have a simple tax, reinstate the 10th amendment and live by the contract government has with the American people called THE CONSTITUTION!

    Medicare is broken, social security is broken, medicaid is broken; in fact, all government programs are broken and, as for the pell grant: get a job like I did and others do to get an education.

    To Willy: There is no fund that we pay into. IT IS A PONZI scheme (which would be illegal if you or I did it)

  28. Gary Says:

    You all sound stupid. Klein will do what Aaronson and the rest of the “fake” Democrats tell him to do and Wild West is just that.

    They are all nuts …..we are all in trouble.
    Keep your money and your vote.

    Stay home.

  29. randy Says:

    West is asking the Jewish voters of fellow Jewish Congressman Ron Klien to dig deep into their hearts and elect a Black man. Did west convert to Judaism??

    They may own labor companies utilizing blacks and illegal aliens. They may give to community organizations like ACORN.

    BUT, will they actually vote a Black man to represent them in Congress – even a committed military man who embraces the plight of Israel. Isreal that has been deserted by our current president whose Harvard law degree was paid by Baathist Muslims at the request of Nation of Islam’s Luis Farrakhan??

  30. kenny komodo Says:

    WOW! The Democrats should rename their party “The Party of Hate”. It would sure fit.

  31. RUcerious? Says:

    What a hoot, you mental midgets can fire all the “hate” rhetoric you want but when it comes back at you it’s not OK?

    Turn off the light when you leave, your time is over. You’ve had your 15 minutes of Halloween Costumes and Racist Ignorance.

    Times up, you’re toast. “Move on there’s nothing to see here”, to quote your Alcoholic demigod.

  32. I am impressed Says:

    Think I just witnessed Florida’s next Governor. Wow!!! I am impressed with Mr. West. Still want to see where he stands on several other subject but right now he has my vote.

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