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The early, early line on 2012: Romney is GOP presidential fave in Florida, Dem pollster says

by George Bennett | March 11th, 2010

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who keynoted Monday’s Forum Club of the Palm Beaches lunch, is the early 2012 presidential frontrunner among Florida Republicans, a Democratic polling firm says.

In the poll of 492 Florida Republican voters by North Carolina-based Public Policy Polling, Romney gets 52 percent to 21 percent for former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and 18 percent for former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Romney, Huckabee and Palin were the only choices given in the poll, which has a 4.4 percent margin of error.

Romney also leads the Republican pack in a PPP poll of Colorado.

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4 Responses to “The early, early line on 2012: Romney is GOP presidential fave in Florida, Dem pollster says”

  1. bubbah Says:

    I could care less, but will ‘feel’ for Romney when those to the far, far, right of him (Palin, etc..) start to use those choice words and play to the minds of the ignorant about Romney’s faith.

  2. Ed Fulop Says:

    bubbah –

    What does Mitt Romney believe, as a Mormon, that you don’t believe in? I had this debate in ’08 with people in my church who were supporting Huckabee, and they couldn’t tell me what was wrong with Mormonism, but “it was just wrong”. You seem to have that same view. I’m just curious as to what the differences are.

  3. richard Says:

    latter day saints ie mormons are Christians like Methodists Baptists Unitarians Jehovah Witnesseses Greek and Russian Orthodox, Catholics etc-like catholics,greek and russian Orthodox and Episcopalians,they have the Old and New Testament and an additional book of scripture.Huckabee took a cheap shot at Romney and other latter day saints and the snake will do it again this time around.

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    [...] recent poll showed Romney an early GOP presidential favorite in Florida in the 2012 [...]

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