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Rudy Giuliani touts McCollum as fiscal hawk in West Palm Beach

by George Bennett | March 12th, 2010

Rudy Giuliani and Bill McCollum work the room at Howley's this morning. Photo by Lannis Waters.

Rudy Giuliani and Bill McCollum work the room at Howley's this morning. Photo by Lannis Waters.

WEST PALM BEACH — Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani told a packed crowd at Howley’s restaurant this morning that Republican Bill McCollum is Florida’s best defense against a California-style fiscal meltdown.

“This is a very difficult time to govern, whether it’s Florida or Texas or California,” Giuliani told about 70 McCollum supporters who crowded the diner for a $40-a-head meet-and-greet event.

McCollum, who is Florida’s attorney general, was state chairman for Giuliani’s 2008 presidential campaign. In addition to this morning’s breakfast, Giuliani will appear with McCollum at a fund-raiser at a private home in Stuart later today and at a restaurant in Miami’s Little Havana late this afternoon.

“You don’t want to become like California,” Giuliani said of the state that faces a $20 billion deficit. Giuliani said McCollum, who’s currently the Florida attorney general, would keep Florida’s spending under control.

“If you don’t get control of it and you have these unrealistic, childish, immature liberal policies where you can spend anything and give away to the trial lawyers or give away to the unions or give away to this pressure group, you’ll be in the same shape as California,” Giuliani said.

“You need a governor who can say no to overspending and say yes to the things you need and can afford. I can’t think of anyone better than Bill McCollum.”

This morning’s crowd included House Majority Leader Adam Hasner, R-Boca Raton, state Rep. Carl Domino, R-Jupiter, Palm Beach County Commissioner Steven Abrams and Palm Beach Town Councilman Bill Diamond. Diamond served in Giuliani’s administration in New York and had his 1996 wedding officiated by Giuliani.

Giuliani was mentioned as a potential candidate for governor or U.S. Senator in New York this year, but opted not to run.

“The way I can help is helping other candidates,” Giuliani said. He was involved in Republican Chris Christie’s surprise win in last year’s New Jersey governor’s race and is helping Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s reelection bid this year.

Asked about any future candidacies of his own, Giuliani said, “We’ll see after the end of this year.”

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17 Responses to “Rudy Giuliani touts McCollum as fiscal hawk in West Palm Beach”

  1. Rick Says:

    The reason it is a difficult time to govern is because of the fiscal mess that the Jeb Bush and current Republican administrations have left us in. This recession was easy to predict and the GOP did nothing to prevent the substantial job loss that we are currently suffering from. Remember, people, who brought us this economic meltdown, the Republican governors and their state legislature!

  2. Kyra Says:

    Rick: I say “amen” to that!!

  3. Fannie and Freddie Says:

    Freddie and Fannie are GSE’s. (Government Supported Entities) Rick – that means as businesses, they can make bad decisions and we the tax payers foot the bill. CONGRESS decided that everyone – regardless of their ability to pay, deserved a home… which created a demand. People who are now in foreclosure for a home they cound not afford in the first place. Let’s check and I bet that Pres Clinton and Barney Frank might have been a part of the belt loosening of regulations which lead to our current meltdown. New York Times did an article in 2002 warning of such. Let’s pass credit where credit is due.

    I beleive Pres Clinton Passed NAFTA and started sending our manufacturing jobs to Mexico. Funny that the RICHEST PERSON in the world is from Mexico. Go Figure…

  4. HM Says:

    Wanna keep spending under control? How about reeling in the $300 million tax dollars we p–s away on Radio and TV Marti every year….just to keep all the Cubans who are about to get their butts kissed by these same windbags in Little Havana later happy……

    Before Rudy lectures anyone on wasting money, he needs to look around

  5. Uncle Harry Says:

    Rick and Kyra, you’re so right. Florida is in the crapper and the rest of the country is in great shape.

  6. Uncle Ream Us Says:

    TO Rick & Kyra….

    How you likin’ all that “hopey changey” stuff LOL

    Barry Hussein was supposed to fix EVERY problem EVERYWHERE….

    Stop passin’ the buck… Barry is in charge now and he/it has done absolutely nothing…

  7. where's my unicorn? Says:

    The Obamatrons will be blaming everybody else for the rest of their lives. He is the risen Messian and he can do no wrong. The real unemployment rate of 17% and growing was just hiding in the bushes until Obamessiah took office.

  8. Truthman Says:

    Absolutely right Rick. No more republican governors.

  9. edorama Says:

    “Giuliani will appear with McCollum at a fund-raiser at a private home in Stuart later today”…probably the real reason he is here…I wonder who is making a contribution for special treatment or for private contracts today.

  10. Pay Backs Are Heqq Says:

    I guess this tells the story. McCollum takes money from Guiliani’s Friends in New York City along with Crist and Sink.
    These three stooges give Guiliani’s friends $259 MILLION to invest in a NYC apartment building they went bankrupt on! #250 MILLION of Florida’s Employee Retirement money gone bye bye in New York. Guiliani comes to Florida to support Bill McCollum for his crooked cronies so they can get some more of this Florida money to p**s away in New York City! Ain’t Politicians Great? They always walk around with their hands in our pockets instead of theirs!

  11. James Says:

    I don’t know why anyone cares what a former mayor of New York has to say about a race in Florida. He opted not to run in NY because he knows it would be a very tough job with the state of the economy. Better to wait it out untill the Dems get us out of this mess.Then he’ll run on a platform of Change. He’s one to talk about fiscal responsibility and taxes. look up his record. He brought on more spending and taxes than any other mayor in the same time period he was in office. Hypocryte!

  12. in the know Says:

    Palm Beach County Chair of the Republican Party Sid Dinerstein was also in attendance.

  13. Cathy Says:

    How can anyone listen to Rudy Giuliani after what he said about 9/11 the man is nuts.
    Rudy Giuliani claimed Friday that were “no domestic attacks” during George W. Bush’s presidency.

    Giuliani, who was the mayor of New York during the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and later ran a presidential campaign centered around his widely praised response to the crisis, made the statement while criticizing President Barack Obama during an interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

    Read more:

  14. bobby76 Says:

    Ignorance makes me puke!
    Jeb Bush was a great governor and left the State of Florida with a surplus! Liberal-Republican Crist took money from Obama’s administration and now the state of Florida is in debt.
    But only a Moron make claims such as 9-11 was a domestic attack. To think logically you have to be born with a brain endowed with gray cells, something communist-liberals made in the ex-soviet union lack.
    Any President to make law have to have Congress approval. Let’s see: Nancy communist Pelossi, Reid etc are in power since 2006.
    Obama is simply a hybrid of Jimmy Carter & George W Bush on Steroids!… Giulani in the other hand made NY city safer of crime. Communist Obama have sunk this nations in DEBT for many generations to come.

  15. shaner Says:

    Rudy Giuliani told a packed crowd at Howley’s restaurant this morning that Republican Bill McCollum is Florida’s best defense against a California-style fiscal meltdown. Now correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the governor of California a republican???????????
    George H Bush got the wheels turning on nafta Clinton just signed the bill that George left on the desk for him

  16. bubbah Says:

    McCollum is a life-long politician and we do not need that. Let’s give a fiscal conservative democrat (not an oxymoron) a chance: SINK!!!

  17. David Eunice Says:

    My vote will go to Paula Dockery for Governor.

    Bill McCollum has been a did nothing Attorney General… he hasn’t followed up on his popular fight against the feds that he pretends to fight. BUT WORSE:

    He has done nothing about the Racketeering Alleged against the Village of Palm Springs with Estancia and other wetland developers.

    Palm Springs passed Resolution 2005-42 in June of 2005. They have still not enforced it… Why Not? Because State Attorney Micheal F. [Failing] McAuliffe and his Attorney General, Bill McCollum have not taken an active interest in providing good government.

    Where is our Florida in the Sunshine? It is a cloudy day… with shady dealing.

    Stop the bickering about whether it is the Demwits or the Rupulseians who are screwing us our government and realize it is us… We the people who allow them to GIVE us things like Health Care Insurance that we PAY FOR. Nothing from Nothing is nothing. Government can not Give what it does not have, unless government takes from Something or Some one: YOU… to Give it to you, or should I say STICK it to you.

    “Let me be clear about this…” Government run health care is a defeatist concept.

    What is the difference between believing in God and believing in Government?

    I’m a senior citizen opposed to any Government run program. But let me tell you what I’m for… I am for an Honest Government that will stop pandering to the insurance companies big voting block dollars… The insurance companies are the ones that win with any demand that you buy their insurance. Mr. big owns controlling or major shares in Insurance Company A, B, C…nth degree of choices to give you what he wants you to have… and now you don’t have much of a choice to buy or not buy. He, is laughing all the way to the bank… which he also has controlling interest in. So keep listening to the lies about how the Demewits in Congress are fighting for you to GIVE you the Health Insurance they are going to force you to Buy.

    If that’s the freedom of choice you want, you’re welcome to it. But would you mind moving to a socialist country and leave ours alone?

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