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McCollum slams Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Sink, health care overhaul

by George Bennett | March 10th, 2010

WEST PALM BEACH — Attorney General and GOP governor candidate Bill McCollum dropped by tonight’s Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee powwow and sounded at first like a federal candidate before throwing his likely Democratic opponent, Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, into the mix.

“In Washington, President Obama and his administration and some of the friends we have over there like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are more worried about growing government than they are about growing jobs,” McCollum said. Sink, he added, “believes that the public should hold Tallahassee accountable for creating jobs. Jobs shouldn’t created by government, whether it’s the state or federal. Jobs are created by small businesses.”

McCollum also got a standing ovation when he repeated his pledge to use his position as AG to sue the federal government if Congress approves a health care overhaul that includes a requirement for individuals to purchase insurance.

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6 Responses to “McCollum slams Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Sink, health care overhaul”

  1. Tom Says:

    Other than government jobs, how many jobs has McCollum created for others?

  2. Boot Says:

    Bill “Howdy Doodie” McCollum has done nothing with healthcare fraud because he is in bed with big pharm. Sink is the only state agency head who has gone after this epidemic. Shut up McCollum, surf the net for kiddie porn so you can grab cheap headlines while other law enforcement does all the work. McCollum is a disgrace, and nobody cares about his opinion on anything.

  3. steve mitchell Says:

    bill mccolum only cares what he thinks will get him elected.why would the state sue federal goverment costing state tax payers money,because it sounds good to a republican base.what wrong with people haveing health care.the state covers them you an i pay for that,yet you cant have it,well bill you have made up my mind when i go to the ballot box.thanky you

  4. McCollum slams Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Sink, health care overhaul … | Health Blog Says:

    [...] the article here: McCollum slams Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Sink, health care overhaul … attorney-general, beach, beach-county, committee, General, gop, health, [...]

  5. Peaceauthor Says:

    Bill doesn’t get it!! We have no true health insurance in this country. If you can be denied insurance if you are sick, dropped if you get sick, and lose it if you are unemployed the product is just a scam. President Obama is trying to accomplish a miracle despite the ignorance and stupidity of the GOP.
    Watch out Greedy Old Party. This one may come back to bite you for years to come. There is silent majority out there that will be understanding it better by November.

  6. Patricia Moore Says:

    They took my medicare form 63 to 65, and it was not fair than.The baby boomers where born in and after a war that our parents fought in, to stop holacostice proceedings, to people that did not deserve it for any reason.We built a strong bank of Social Security, and Medicare. And doubled it with saving bond interest.What credit do we get of 4o years of putting in money. Humanitarian efforts should be to use.No Jewish exceptions or any others if we qualify.It is a poor mans savings account, and deserves respect.Make the rich man pay Social Security tax extensions, to fix our broken bank , they broke.And for Health Care Overhaul.We are old now, and saved for it.God Bless America.

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