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Mark Foley to make first post-scandal appearance in Washington, D.C.

by George Bennett | March 16th, 2010

Mark Foley at the Forum Club last week. Photo by Damon Higgins.

Mark Foley at the Forum Club last week. Photo by Damon Higgins.

Former Republican U.S. Rep. Mark Foley continues to elevate his public profile.

Last week, he made his first appearance at a Forum Club of the Palm Beaches luncheon since his 2006 resignation in a national firestorm over sexually charged Internet messages he sent to former congressional pages.

This week, Foley is planning to attend Wednesday night’s 66th annual Radio and TV Correspondents’ Dinner as a guest of Talk Radio News. It’s Foley’s first Washington appearance since his resignation, according to Foley publicist Jamie Holmes.

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11 Responses to “Mark Foley to make first post-scandal appearance in Washington, D.C.”

  1. Rush Says:

    I didn’t know the Forum Club hosted NAMBLA meetings. You learn something new in the Post every day.

  2. mark Says:

    Rush the men he was chating with were over 18 making them adults and it was just chating nothing was done. You need to open your mind

  3. Barry G Says:

    Does anyone know where MF store is located or a phone number?? Tks.

  4. Kelvin Merkin Says:

    His rehabilitation has been approved only after careful screening and consideration by the Department of Social Justice. The entire Board of Attorneys ruled in his favor and The Government Press was notified that his disgrace ended on January 31, 2010. News articles, stories and Opinion peices after that date will maintain a positive perspective on former Rep. Foley, his service to Congress and the subject of pederasty.
    Dr. Kelvin Merkin
    U.S. Department of Social Justice

  5. Big Daddy Says:

    What Mark did may have been inappropiate, but he didn’t cross the lines by acting on it. Given the prevailing atmosphere in Washington, D.C., Mark is due a second chance. I hope he does enter politics again.

  6. Chris Says:

    While I don’t agree completely with Big Daddy, there should be an opportunity for Foley to be re-evaluated in order to determine if he is fit to serve public office in the future.

  7. Voter Says:

    Foley is your typical politician. Get out of sight for a few years, stay clean, pay your dues and slowly creep back into the picture. Whoever is giving him advice is brilliant. Foley will be back in public office. 2012? 2014? Or he might run for a state seat. How many people have screwed up and now they are back in politics. Turn on Fox, CNN or MSNBC on any given night and one of them is bound to show their face.

  8. Proud Merchant Supporter Says:

    I am so proud that Mark is on Sharon Merchant’s host committee and I am now going to support her. I’m a Log Cabin Republican who is sick of the heteroracists who infect our party. We need to have a wide Republican tent. Mark was a victim of his own excesses. And the pages Mark was texting I am sure are all doing fine and this episode helped prepare them for the real world and exposed them to the humiliation that gay men suffer.

  9. Bill D. Says:

    What Mark Foley did was illegal. The Republican led House refused to release evidence stating that it was sensitive and protected. As a gay man he voted against gay rights and while a director of a powerful child’s rights group he propositioned underage pages. Anyone who is proud of this creep disgusts me and should disgust everyone else.

  10. Lee Lady Says:

    Mark Foley is a moral degenerate who disgraced himself and the Republican Party – “The Family Values Party”. Trolling for lurid conversations and hoped for encounters with 18 yr. old Congressional pages is skin-crawling to think about. Foley then blames it on booze and pills. Foley used to do these imitations of Clinton all the time. What a hypocrite Foley is.
    As for Sharon Merchant. Where do we begin? She is disgusting more than Foley in that she lacks a moral compass too. Obviously she has a value system that has explained away her involvement with a trolling creep. Let’s not forget that Foley helped with the demise of the Republican Party in Congress. Sharon is runniing for the THIRD time to get back in office.
    I live in Lee County and I will not be voting for Merchant. Foley and Merchant! Oh what a nasty, nasty pair!

  11. Former Merchant Supporter Says:

    I must say I am very disappointed with Sharon Merchant. She lacked self confidence in her own abilities to win the senate race by feeling the need to add Foley followers to her contribution list. Her decision to have Foley represent her shows her lack of concern for decent behavior. The public can not trust Foley because of his emotional disorders. The mere possibility that Foley will indanger a young adult in perverse ways makes him not acceptable to receive support from the public. Sharon Merchant should consider these possibilities when wanting to serve the public as a state representative. The voters need the most stable individuals to make decisions about their lives and the future of our country.

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