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Local MoveOn demonstrator: pass health care ‘mess’ now, fix it later

by George Bennett | March 17th, 2010

As local supporters and opponents of health care overhaul took to the streets Tuesday to make their case, it was clear that many supporters of the Democratic legislation don’t see it as the culmination of decades of struggle but as a starting point for future changes.

“The day after it’s passed we’re going to start working on it to improve it. It’s a mess,” said Charles Oliver of Delray Beach, one of about 15 demonstrators at a event outside U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson’s office in West Palm Beach. Oliver wants a government-run public option, and says even if it doesn’t make it into the emerging legislation now, the bill will provide “a structure” for future change.

About 30 opponents of the Democratic legislation made their case Tuesday outside Democratic U.S. Rep. Ron Klein’s office in Boca Raton at an event organized by conservative tea party and 9-12 groups.

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11 Responses to “Local MoveOn demonstrator: pass health care ‘mess’ now, fix it later”

  1. Ron Says:

    The liberal Marxists that hide under the MoveOn moniker are nothing but freeloading leeches looking for a handout. All they stand for is more welfare, more freebies, more benefits, etc. And force someone else to pay for it all. They do not want any personal responsibility for any aspect of their lives. Cradle to grave, big government nanny state.

  2. Ron Says:

    Being a freeloading leech used to be a shameful stigma that most people hid from the general public. Now these liberal Marxists are in your face, in your town, and in your wallet, demanding more and more handouts. What an absolute shame and embarrassment. These leeches have no dignity, no self respect, and no shame. They are no better than the drunk bum standing in the median begging for loose change.

  3. trebel Says:

    Wow, at least he is honest. Which goes against everything the rest of the Dems believe in. So his postion is to hurry up and pass a bad bill and then fix all of the problems later. Please explain this logic. Why not create a good bill now and pass it. What is the reason for these scare tactics and the hurry up and vote mentality. And don’t give me the “do it for the kids” garbage. None of these legislators do anything to benefit society.

  4. Robert Says:

    If these demonstrators would devote their energy to actually working they would be able to pay their own bills. A march for a handout is so sad.

  5. SteveMaduri Says:

    lol@ hurry up and pass it, we will fix it better next time.

  6. SteveMaduri Says:

    I have this here dirt devil vacuum cleaner on sale for 589.00 dollars, if you buy this here dirt devil vac. for that price right now, i will give you a dyson vacuum cleaner next month for free.

  7. RUcerious? Says:

    Why is it then whenever a blog post about anything left of Attila the Hun appears an insane rash of “liberal Marxist” name calling breaks out. Try and explain your position so we “freeloading leeches” who pay more in taxes than you make can understand what your trying to say.

  8. fedup Says:

    What makes you think I am a freeloader, Ron? What is with you people who think everyone the slightest bit liberal is after a handout? Why do all those Tea Party people have time to demonstrate? They certainly do not want to give up THEIR social security and medicare handouts. And I bet you would not want to give up your unemployment benefits should you lose your job. If you have one. I am tired of all this anger and blaming everybody else. How about YOU try to do something about the problems?

  9. Robert Says:

    Social Security and Medicare are paid by taxes on a person’s wages through their working life. As such, they are not handouts and are in fact a return of the funds paid in. With health care, those that cannot afford the sharp rise in premiums that will occur if this crap is enacted will be subsidized by the government through OTHER people’s taxes.
    Where did we go wrong that our citizens are now proud they are marching to receive an entitlement that originates from taxing other citizens.
    if it weren’t true, it would be very funny.

    P.S. Is marching for freebies part of ObamaCare’s wellness plan to reduce obesity?

  10. Ron Says:

    Hey fedup. Where did I say SS or Medicare was a handout? Now that you mentioned it. SS is an absolute ripoff Ponzi scheme. Those collecting it for decades have recieved far more than they ever put in. It’s bankrupt. Medicare is a huge handout. Where can you get that kind of coverage for $90 a month? It’s highly subsidized by the rest of us taxpayers (a handout). Get a clue.

  11. Don't Drink the Cool Aid Says:

    It’s nice that we all write comments on this sight about Marxists, Facists, Radical liberals, etc. Have any of us gone to our repective representatives offices to demonstrate against Obamacare and Cap N Trade???? It is not time to put up or shut up. Get out there and make your voice heard….IN PERSON.

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