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Lawson: Florida GOP leaders ‘psychologically intoxicated’ over health care reform

by Dara Kam | March 23rd, 2010

Attorney General Bill McCollum’s lawsuit against Democrat-controlled Congress and President Barack Obama’s administration has sparked a political feud not only in the nation’s Capitol but in the state’s as well.

Senate Democratic Leader Al Lawson took offense at Senate President Jeff Atwater’s congratulatory press release lauding McCollum’s legal disparaging of the president’s health care reform.

The president’s office issued an unusually partisan release entitled “Florida Senate Leaders Support AG McCollum’s Legal Challenge to Unprecedented and Unconstitutional Government Health Care Scheme.”

The GOP leaders are “like little boys who are playing marbles and the ones who lost went home,” Lawson, D-Tallahassee said.

“The decorum that existed in the Senate is in jeopardy because of the statements that have been made by the Republican leadership concerning the president’s health care proposal,” Lawson said.

Florida lawmakers are more guilty than their federal counterparts of passing unfunded mandates on to local governments, said Lawson, who’s spent more than two decades as a state legislator.

“There would be so much litigation you couldn’t get through the door if the counties and cities started to file litigation against the legislature for all the unfunded mandates we have placed on them,” Lawson said. “Their challenge appears to be incomprehensible to the Democrats. It’s almost like they’re psychologically intoxicated.”

Atwater’s press release hailed McCollum’s lawsuit.

“Washington politicians have passed an overreaching expansion of bureaucracy – an unfunded mandate on individual states and a tax on the American people. This is nothing more than government intruding on the sacred relationship between a patient and their doctor. Worse yet, Washington is using smoke and mirrors to claim this expansion will not add unsustainable levels of deficit spending. Today, Attorney General McCollum has rightfully revealed an even more egregious aspect of this bad legislation: it violates the individual rights of Americans,” Atwater, R-North Palm Beach, says in the release, which includes quotes from Senate President-to-be Mike Haridopolos, R-Melbourne, and Senate Majority Leader Alex Diaz de la Portilla, R-Miami.

Lawson’s office quickly fired off its own response.

“I am deeply concerned that the Republican leadership would actually mislead the public in order to gin up support for their frivolous lawsuit challenging the ability of tens of thousands of Floridians to finally have access to affordable health care. We know this is an election season, and desperate candidates often opt for desperate measures, but to suggest that the entire Senate Leadership is on board with opposition to the President’s plan is not only misleading, it’s dead wrong,” Lawson’s release reads.

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14 Responses to “Lawson: Florida GOP leaders ‘psychologically intoxicated’ over health care reform”

  1. Bob Says:

    Who cares what Al Lawson says?

  2. Anan Imus Says:

    Let me see if I get this straight, that idiot Atwater’s press release states: “…This is nothing more than government intruding on the sacred relationship between a patient and their doctor…” Isn’t that what the party of no has been doing all along with their anti-planned parenthood stance and continuous efforts to overturn Roe v. Wade? I guess it’s okay if it only intrudes on a woman’s right to choose – talk about hypocrisy! Meanwhile, when can we expect that hill-jack Rush Dumbo to keep his promise to vacate the good ‘ole US of A?

  3. not this individual American Says:

    I am an individual citizen who is perfectly okay with the individual mandate. And I think the provisions of the health care bill are very beneficial to me in ensuring that I will have access to quality and affordable health care. I did a little reading and can’t find anywhere in the Constitution or the Florida Statutes where the attorney general is empowered to represent the interests of individual Florida citizens in federal court. And, he’s definitely not representing MY interests in any event. Can’t we citizens file a quo warranto action in civil court to declare that he has acted outside the scope of his authority in filing this case? If we can – we should!

  4. Russ Adams Says:

    AG McCollum as an elected representative has a responsibility as stated in the Federal Constitution to protect the states from the Federal Government overstepping their bounds. The process that was used to implement this atrocity was unconstitutional and AG McCollum should be commended for protecting our Liberty. The product of one mans labor is not for another man to demand as a right. Doctors are not a commodity that can or should be forced to provide a service at the behest of any government. If they could, then the next step is free food for all and free housing. Free at the expense of the contributing tax payer.

  5. kate Says:

    Decades in the state Senate, Mr. Lawson? It’s time for you to go. You also left out “little girls” in your hateful comments about Republicans and that’s discrimination. Bill McCollum is acting upon what the majority of Floridians want…freedom from an insane law passed by bullies who intend to have their way no matter what. Make no mistake, this Floridian will NEVER purchase health care insurance unless it is my choice to do so and I applaud our AG for his decision.

  6. Laugher Says:

    @kate, Then please do not utilize any hospitals when you get sick. We who do have insurance are tired of paying for those who don’t at the hospital, driving our costs up. Buy your own or shut up. Stop clogging the ER with non-emergency visits.

  7. Tina DiDonato Says:

    Are some of you serious? You really believe that McCullom is doing this for Florida? He just wants to further his career with taxayer money. Who do you think is going to pay for this frivolous lawsuit? YOU are, you idiots! Protecting our liberty? Don’t make me puke. FYI – Reagan thought that Medicare was a dreaded liberal disease that would propel the US into a fascist country. Where would we be without it?

  8. Karla Says:

    It is a good thing that someone in the state is looking out for our rights. Thank you AG McCollum. Now if someone would look after the rights of teachers that would be another plus. To me it’s like everyone was at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. The Federal government is quickly taking over in a clearly socialistic move. Party lines don’t even explain what has happened. Look at history and see how quickly the Republic can be obliterated. This is only the beginning.

  9. Ambrose Says:

    Bill McCollum and the rest of the gang in Tallahassee know very well that their court case will go nowhere because of the Federal Supremacy Clause in the Constitution. Bill’s running for Governor and he’s playing to the base. Shame on him.

  10. Larry Says:

    I’m just beyond myself with these idiots republicans that are never any good for anything except their pockets. A majority of democratic nations have medical care for their citizens except us. We’re always telling other countries how to run their affairs, but we can run our own. All we’re good for is make war and yep! We always have the money for that purpose. This Irac and Afgan War is what’s breaking us and heading us into bankruptcy. Especially those crocked contractors in Irac and Afgan charging unbelievable prices for provided services. Why can’t the Army provide their own cooks like during any other wars? Why the army is not hauling their own fuel? A doctor friend of my who served in Irac told me he was not allowed to replace a light bulb. He had to make a work order for a private contractor to change it. Another high cost and wasted dollars . . .

  11. De Oppresso Liber Says:

    The Republicans did not lose, the Country and its people lost to a minority of Marxism loving radicals.

  12. Rich Says:

    Larry Stupid is stupid so go stand next to Al Lawson…How soon you forgot the twin towers and you shitting in your pants big brave guy you are…The first thing your Pres. signed was a bill giving 8 billion to Muslims to come here and train (TO CUT OFF YOUR HEAD)..Now this country doesn’t want to give you something for nothing POOR YOU…GET OFF YOUR FAT ASS AND WORK FOR IT…NOTHING IS FOR NOTHING>>

  13. Larry Says:

    Listen Rich, I served in Korea and know what war is all about! What did you do except blow off your mouth at me when you have no idea what I’ved gone through serving in the service! I gave four (4) years of my life . . . so don’t talk about the twin towers to me. Geo W. couldn’t do anything without the say of Cheney who was running the show in the White House and got us into this Irac war that’s still breaking us financially. . . and now the Afgan endless challenges of mountains and caves. We can’t defeat those bums let’s face it. The Russian spent 10 years there and gave up.

  14. Rich Says:

    Larry..DMZ with the second…How do you know that was it a book that I could read…If you want them here which they are now two camps training in New York and one in Mass…Good for you I’m locked and loaded

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