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Klein, facing tough reelection bid, says he’s ‘comfortable’ with his vote for health care overhaul

by George Bennett | March 21st, 2010



Democrats nationally could take a pounding for their sweeping health care overhaul bill, but U.S. Rep. Ron Klein, D-Boca Raton, said today he’s confident his ‘yes’ vote is right for his senior-heavy district.

“I really have a good sense of the district and a sense of benefits that this bill will provide to the district,” Klein said in an afternoon conference call with reporters.

“Ultimately I think it’s the right thing to do and people will judge you based on using your best judgment and I’m very comfortable that I’m using my best judgment in making this decision.”

The legislation purports to reduce Medicare payments by $500 billion over the next decade without reducing benefits. Klein’s district has about 125,000 Medicare recipients.

“These are not cuts in benefits. They’re cuts to their profit margin,” said Klein, citing Congressional Budget Office and General Accounting Office estimates that the savings can be achieved by curbing overpayments, waste, fraud and abuse.

Klein also says seniors will gain from features such as the closure of the notorious gap in Medicare prescription drug coverage known as the “doughnut hole.”

Critics say the bill’s advertised $500 billion in Medicare savings won’t be realized and the alternative will be benefit cuts, higher taxes or larger deficits.

“That figure will mean a decrease in services to our seniors and also with this bill passing you’re going to see doctors refusing Medicare patients. Our seniors are going to be adversely affected,” said Klein’s Republican challenger, Allen West.


24 Responses to “Klein, facing tough reelection bid, says he’s ‘comfortable’ with his vote for health care overhaul”

  1. EdFulop Says:

    You’ll be extremely comfortable after your concession speech on the evening of November 2nd, and your subsequesnt retirement from public office, Ron.

    Go West!

    Flip this House. Restore Honor.

  2. Dr. Moore Says:

    You go Ron! No doubt the thing will never see the light of day. Klein and his buds will go home for Easter and know they will have to defend themselves for the November election. Yes Ron you go bye bye.

  3. Mark Lawrence Says:

    Remember the ALAMO well how about you remember Scott Brown and what we in Massachusetts did.

    Say good night gracie.

  4. Drive-by Says:

    Word on the street is that Obama has a job lined up for him in November in Washington.

  5. Mike Says:

    Mr. Klein, you were hired to represent us and you have failed. The MAJORITY has stated that they DO NOT want this bill. It is so bad that you yourself voted against it for your own coverage (exempted congress). At the end of the day all that can be said is at the next election you will be fired!!!

  6. Bob Says:

    Not Klein, it will be a tax and spend future with him.

    He’s 100% with Obama. Ask him about immigration.

    Nope, the media won’t do that.

    NO TO RON KLEIN. Let’s change up the ethnicity in office. Time to get people other than Klein, Aronberg, Wasserman-Schultz and Deutch.

    Why so man when there are blacks and latinos who are MORE accomplished.

    NEW faces. don’t vote for the ‘familiar’ name.

    vote for the name you don’t know.


    incumbent=same old taxing

  7. Eric Says:

    Mr Klein will be looking for work after November. He can count on it.

  8. Jen Says:

    Start looking for a job now Ron. It’s tough to find work now, can’t imagine what it will be like in November.

  9. pbcountyvoter Says:

    I trust ron. Mr West breaks the army’s code of conduct.

  10. Oh Jesus! Says:

    RON KLEIN you have my vote! Way to stand up for what is right and for the working people of Florida and America! You refused to bow to republican scare tactics and their endless misinformation campaign sponsored by FOX “NEWS”. The MAJORITY of Americans DO SUPPORT this bill. We want affordable health care for ALL AMERICANS! THANK YOU RON!!!!!

  11. Just Wondering Says:

    If Democrats are considered socialist for wanting to extend life saving benefits to 32 million more of our American brothers and sisters what does that make the Republicans who oppose such gesture of goodwill?

  12. Todd Says:

    Another nail in the coffin for you bud. Us young voters will make sure your last day is in November. Start packing.

  13. Todd Says:

    Cut through the fake semantics, and what we have is another Great Leap Forward into socialism. While Russia and the former Communist states are struggling to get out of socialism and the disaster of their “guaranteed universal health care” (check their vital statistics), Clinton and his bizarre Brain Trust of aging leftist grad students are proposing to wreck our economy, our freedom, and what has been, for all of the ills imposed by previous government intervention, the best medical system on earth.

  14. chucj Says:


  15. Ed the Palm Beacher Says:

    I had voted for McCain for Pres. I was pretty sure that I was not voting for you ! Now I Am Voting for You !
    Thanks for your convictions & dedication !

  16. Exnjcop Says:

    Vote Ron Klein out! He voted for stimulous without reading it. He voted for Cap & Trade. Now, against the wishes of his district, he votes to ruin America. He is nothing more than Nancy Pelosi’s appendix. Just wait until the new taxes hit and the old taxes rise. He was “undecided” so he wouldn’t have to explain himself to the voters. He and his ilk have turned me into a radical. I will vote, I will donate, I will march, I will persuade others to do the same. The insanity of this Congress must end and American values restored. Hey Ron we’re broke! Stop spending money! Shortly he’ll vote to allow 12 million illegals amnesty and citizenship along with the health care they got today. Enough is enough.

  17. PalmBeachMom Says:

    Thank you Rep. Klein! You have shown the courage to do what you genuinely believe is right, even in the face of opposition and personal & political risk. So many of us recognize this and appreciate it. And for those who are saying that the majority of Americans were opposed to this bill, let me just say that this is a nation with short memories and a fear of thinking for themselves. While following the presidentail campaigns in 2008, I remember seeing multiple polls indicating that health and insurance reform was one of the top 2 priorities for voters, and some polls even showed a majority of people wanting a public option! But then the Fox/Tea Party nation began their misinformation and fear campaign, and what do you know? Things changed in the polls. You can spread fear all you like until the law becomes reality, but one real Americans beginnto see how they will benefit from the new legislation. It will prove itself over te to be a positive step for the rights of hard-working people, and then they’ll wonder what they were so afraid of.

  18. Teenage Republican Says:

    Hey Palm Beach Mom,

    I hate to break it to you but this healthcare bill does nothing to lower costs for middle class families who are not members of labor unions. It will serve to further destabilize our economy by raising taxes and unconstitutionally mandating citizens and businesses to have health insurance that meets the standards of our federal government. Ron Klein and Barack Obama are in bed with big business and the unions. This healthcare plan eliminates Medicare Part D, and benefits the insurance and pharmecutical companies not Ron Klein’s constituents.

    Ron Klein was right when he said “we need a congressman who will lead not follow” That man however is Allen West.

    Vote for Allen West in November if you truly have your children’s best interest at heart!

  19. PalmBeachMom Says:

    @Teenage Republican -

    If you really want to discuss being in bed w/ the pharma/ins. industries, the whole concept of Medicare Part D was to make them happy. It required people to get their meds through private (i.e. more expensive) plans rather than having the government negotiate pricing, as they do in the VA program. And for as much as people hate to have “big govmint” involved in things, I’d ask you to look objectively at the costs of medicines obtained through the VA program versus the meds obtained through Medicare Part D. It’s not even funny how lopsided the cost comparisons are. The Medicare Part D plan has never been any sort of golden standard. And I am so tired of hearing the complaint about how taxes will go up. That’s the mentality that got us into the economic mess we’re currently in – for years, a Republican administration decided that, instead of asking the citizens of the US to pay higher taxes, it would be a much better idea to borrow money from nations like China while moving ahead on some of the costliest military operations in our nation’s history. We are all paying for that now. It stinks to have to give up some of our hard-earned income, but you know what? I’d rather live in a country where Americans pay for their own wars, health care, education, public services, etc. instead of asking for handouts and adding to the horrific global I.O.U that we’ve already got. If the people of this country have the idea in their heads that they should be able to get the best of everything without stumping up for it, we’re not being realistic. The GOP’s “borrow & spend” party is over and the only way out of it, unfortunately, is to bite the bullet and take responsibility for ourselves again.

  20. John Says:

    PalmBeach Mom,

    You are right that the Republican party has over spent and dramatically increased our foreign debt, however President Obama and the Democratic Congress which has been in control for almost 4 years now played a large role in the out of control spending during the Bush administration. Congressman Klein promised to be a Congressman who would “lead not follow”, and President Obama promised to “Change” the way things are done in Washington. Congressman Klein has votes over 90% of the time with Nancy Pelosi, and President Obama signed the 787 Billion Dollar Stimulus package, which was full of “bridges to nowhere” and pet projects for members of Congress.

    If you are so concerned with our National Debt, and want the government to “promote” the general welfare not provide it, then you need to vote out Big Government Democrats and Republicans such as Ron Klein, Charlie Crist,and President Obama. There is a difference between big R Republicans like Charlie Crist, and Republicans who believe in limited government and personal accountability.

    It is true that Medicare is flawed, and that is why we must reform it not expand it.

    This is not so much an issue of Republicans V. Democrats, but Progressives V. Constitutionalists.

  21. rjr Says:

    Honestly, I’m not sure what to think about our candidates they are so far opposite it’s no wonder that our officials can’t come together for the people. This whole thing between the big D and the big R is incomprehensible and probably can’t be fixed unless we create and or embrace the independent but then you have to embrace the traitor you know which one, that jewish wiener. I hope God Bless’s America and gives us the courage to get rid of these bums.

  22. Marti Says:

    As registered Democrat in Congressman Klein’s district, I will let you know that you did not vote as your constituency requested. BUT we will in November.
    Mr. West – you have my vote and all those I shall actively work to educate for better government.

  23. truth Says:

    Thanks Ron! You assured a Rep takeover of the Congress and most likely your removal. Once the Reps take control this travesty will be cut down piece by piece in the Congress and the Courts. The end result will be you and your likes gone along with this health care travesty. A dream come true.

  24. Mia Says:

    I don’t know what sense you have shown voting for this horrible healthcare bill Mr. Klein. You should start dusting your resume off, you’ll need it come November.

    I’m another lost vote for Mr. Klein.

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