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Hasner to Crist: “Ideology is not a four-letter word”

by George Bennett | March 3rd, 2010

“Ideology” was a bad word in Gov. Charlie Crist’s State of the State address, which called on lawmakers — and, indirectly, Republican voters in this year’s U.S. Senate primary — to elevate “problem-solving” over rigid adherence to ideological positions.

“During these very difficult economic times, we do a disservice to the people who elected us – the people who are counting on us – to elevate ideology over problem-solving,” Crist said.

Hasner: defends the I-word

Hasner: defends the I-word

Embracing a $787 billion Democratic stimulus plan, which has damaged Crist in his GOP primary race against former House Speaker Marco Rubio, was cited by Crist as an example of choosing a path “more helpful to Floridians than engaging in hollow ideological posturing that achieves nothing.”

House Majority Leader Adam Hasner, R-Boca Raton, took issue with Crist’s stigmatizing of the I-word.

“I’m as much of a problem solver as anybody else in the legislature or anybody else who serves. But I come to solve problems based on my principles, based on the beliefs that I hold and that the people elected me to come and carry out,” Hasner said afterward.

“I think the governor tried to suggest that ideology is a bad thing and my response to that is that ideology is not a four-letter word. I don’t let my ideology get in the way of solving problems…I bring my ideology to the table in order to present my case, in order to know what I believe in.”

In urging lawmakers to approve a Seminole gaming compact, Crist suggested that some oppose the compact because they find gambling “distasteful.” But Crist said people gamble anyways and the pact will raise needed revenues.

“Approving the compact is but one example of elevating problem-solving over ideology,” Crist said.

But Hasner accused the governor of falsely characterizing the position of the compact’s opponents.

“There hasn’t been an ideological divide between us and the governor on gambling. It has been an issue quite simply of the fact that the deal terms have not been negotiated in the best interests of the people of the state of Florida. It’s an issue of the deal terms. It has not been an issue of us saying gambling is bad and it’s immoral,” Hasner said.


11 Responses to “Hasner to Crist: “Ideology is not a four-letter word””

  1. whasup Says:

    Bravo, Hasner. It’s a major mistake to cut a deal with the tribes that is a) less than they can afford to pay, and b) limits too much of what non-tribe interests in gaming can do.

    Charlie cut a poor deal to begin with, and Rubio sued him over that (and the Legislatures prerogative to do the deal).

    Now the revised deal is better, but still far short of what would most benefit the State of Florida and our citizens.

    Shucking Chuckles ought to be embarrassed about how poorly he has acquitted himself in this deal making. But instead, Charlie says do the deal as it is now, so I can have the money to balance the budget without having to make hard choices about cutting the budget.

    Well, Charlie, we elected you to govern and that includes making hard decisions, some of which aren’t popular. Poor thing, you didn’t count on being governor in hard economic times. But that’s the breaks and he should be ashamed that he’s chosen to cut and run (for higher office) just because opportunity has opened up.

    Shame on you, Charlie. Do your job as Governor and live with the consequences.

  2. truth squad Says:

    Thanks, Hasner, for another little uptight speech about your many virtues. I noticed that you conveniently forgot to mention that as a legislator you voted for a budget that used billions of dollars from the stimulus package that you pretend to hate so much. Thanks for the lesson on the importance of ‘ideology.’

  3. John Says:

    Adam Hasner is a little douche. your constituents did not elect you bc of your ideology, they elected you bc no one ran against you, bc you spend all your time raising money. You are a self centered idiot, and if you think the stimulus was so bad, I want to know what you would have told your contiuents if the state didn’t take the money, leaving the state with many more financial problems then you face today. You are an idealougue and that’s why you will never see higher office. I hope you’ve had fun in the “Florida House” (what a joke, might as well be a dog catcher).

  4. Anna Habit Says:

    If you have had the unpleasant experience of having to meet with Rep. Hasner you know he is a true idealouge. He never lets the facts get in the way of spinning a story in his favor. He is arrogant and mean-spirited. We should all be grateful he has chosen not to run for another elected office although I wouldn’t trust that he doesn’t have something in mind. He didn’t marry that GOP fundraiser for nothing! If you vote for Hasner you get what you deserve. Lots of hot air and misinformation.

  5. distinguished gentleman Says:


  6. LOL! Says:

    Props to Hasner for another well-timed grab of media attention and headlines with empty, irrelevant rhetoric and utter nonsense typical of the stagnant, non-competitive two-party “dumbocracy”.

  7. How to Decorate Red Velvet Cake Says:

    [...] Hasner to Crist: “Ideology is not a four-letter word” | Post on Politics [...]

  8. Saint Petersblog Says:

    Charlie Crist, Rick Perry: A Study in contrasts.

  9. Robert K Says:

    Thank you Mr. Hasner for your thoughtful words of reason. The only one spinning anything is the Gov. to justify his deal. We Flordians need people of principle and not the unbridled emotion of the clueless detracters who biasly commented above.

  10. LOL! Says:

    I agree, there is ABSOLUTELY NO BIAS in Robert K’s statement nor in Adam Hasner’s record or actions. The man is simple a principled, integrity driven, special interest fundraising, headline grabber. Thank you Mr. Hasner for your and your colleagues’ productive 8 years in the legislature and the budget crisis that led to your acceptance of federal stimulus money, while simultaneously criticizing those free spending politicians in Washington. Brilliant! There is absolutely NO IDEOLOGY in that position AT ALL!

  11. da_truth Says:

    Commenters # 3 & 4 hit the nail on the head. Hasner is a tool.

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