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GOP underdog Lynch, on Fox, claims contribution surge, ‘polling’ lead

by George Bennett | March 29th, 2010

We initially missed this Friday appearance by Republican congressional hopeful Ed Lynch on the Fox Business Network in which he says he’s received “probably a thousand percent increase” in contributions since Democrats passed a health care overhaul bill March 21.

Lynch also tells host Stuart Varney that “poling that we’ve done” shows him ahead of heavily favored Democrat Ted Deutch. Deutch’s consultant called that claim “just plain silly.”

Lynch, Deutch and independent Jim McCormick are running in an April 13 special election in Palm Beach-Broward District 19, a Democratic bastion that elected “fire-breathing liberal” Robert Wexler seven times. Wexler stepped down in January to head a Middle East think tank.

Lynch said his contributions spiked after the House passed the legislation March 21 and again after President Obama signed it two days later.

“We’ve got probably a thousand percent increase since the bill was passed on Sunday and then we’ve got about another thousand percent increase since it was signed into law,” Lynch said in the interview.

Lynch explained today that the 1,000 percent — or tenfold — increases refer to the number of people who make contributions on an average day, not to dollar figures.

Lynch was in the middle of taping a TV commercial and said he didn’t have specific numbers.

Lynch reported a meager $40,577 in contributions through Jan. 13 when he filed his last Federal Election Commission report. Deutch raised nearly $1 million by mid-January.

The latest round of campaign finance reports, which cover activity through March 24, are due Thursday. Lynch said he doesn’t know how much money his campaign will report raising.

Since last Thursday, candidates have been required to report to the FEC any contribution of $1,000 or more within 48 hours of receiving it. Lynch hasn’t filed any 48-hour reports. He said his campaign raised about $20,000 over the weekend, mainly through small contributions.

Deutch has filed two 48-hour reports detailing $16,400 in contributions since Thursday.

During his Fox appearance, Varney asked Lynch about polling as the special election approaches.

“Well, the polling that we’ve done has us up. The polling that he’s done has him up slightly,” Lynch said.

Asked today how he knew about Deutch’s polling, Lynch said, “It was a Democrat that told us.”

Deutch consultant Eric Johnson said the Deutch campaign’s polls show Deutch leading. He wouldn’t say by how much.

“His assertion is just plain silly,” Johnson said of Lynch’s claim of a poll that shows him ahead.

Lynch said today that he hasn’t hired a polling firm, but his campaign has made hundreds of phone calls to “super voters” — people with a history of frequent voting — and asked their preference.

“We’re at 60 percent or more when we call randomly and just ask sample questions, being careful not to make it a push poll,” Lynch said. “I make a ton of the calls.”

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19 Responses to “GOP underdog Lynch, on Fox, claims contribution surge, ‘polling’ lead”

  1. CALEY DAVID Says:

    You know what is just plain silly….
    That Deutch would allow Eric Johnson to run his campaign and the rest of Palm Beach County….don’t you know the Democrats hate this guy. We like you when you were your own man…Deutch will win hands down the election…but he lost respect with the community

  2. Pat Says:

    Senator Deutch will beat this guy so bad. It will not even be close. He will have numbers similar to what Congressman Wexler always had. Ed Lynch is an embarrassment as a candidate.

  3. Harry Kluger Says:

    Edward Lynch should use the money he raised to pay the liens his homeowners association just filed against him! Paying your taxes and your bills is such a novel idea!

  4. Lysol Says:

    Anything goes on Fix News. The Mean Party is so nasty they will probably think they are still winning after the election is over. Is this race on a tote board in Vegas? Hope so. Ted in a walk.

  5. Martin Matthews Says:

    I find it entertaining that supporters of this New Democratic Party can only sling insults to win the hearts and minds of voters.

    I am supporting Ed Lynch because of this statement…
    ” also believe the only special interest group that should be in Washington D.C. are the American people.”

    The days of special interest money are soon over.

  6. Christopher Says:

    If Ted Douche wins, I swear to God (because I believe in one) that I will never be nice to an old person on the road again. I will fight my community out of District 19 and initiate the highest calibre of civil disobedience, upon every synagogue, retirement community, or other bastard establishments made up of Democrats. Down with liberalism!

  7. Fred Says:

    Lynch is known for making statements without backing them up with facts, but making them sound like facts.

    He should be embarrassed to admit that he doesn’t know how much money is coming in- that is not the type of financial management that we need.

  8. LOL Says:

    “Polling we’ve had done” ?!?!


    Lynch doesn’t have the money to do any kind of polling. He hasn’t filed any 48 hour reports, so we know he isn’t raising the big money he says he is.

    Let’s just hope he can pay his campaign expenses when this is all over!

  9. Don't Drink the Cool Aid Says:

    Deutch supports Cap N Trade and Obamacare. Do you dare vote to further strengthen the Dictatorship in D.C.? Wake Up Florida, Deutch is not your candidate.

  10. WIDE AWAKE! Says:



  11. Martin Matthews Says:

    More insults and baseless accusations. Progressivism is out in the open now. No more money/power hungry politicians! Ed Lynch in a cinch.

  12. Health care backlash doesn’t bring big bucks for GOP candidate Lynch; Deutch has 13-to-1 money edge | Post on Politics Says:

    [...] Republican congressional hopeful Ed Lynch’s claim on Fox Business Network last week that he had seen a surge in contributions immediately after the House passed the health care [...]

  13. Miriam McGrath Says:

    Lynch will win

  14. Steven R Says:

    Deutch claims to be a friend of Israel, but also says he backs Obama’s agenda “100%”.
    Obama supports a contiguous Palestinian state, which means a divided Israel. Deutch when questioned on this won’t answer the question. He only says he’s had the mayor of Jerusalem in his home.
    Sounds to me like Ted is alright with a divided Israel. Are the Jews of District 19 really going to vote for this Wexler clone? Wexler’s Congressional office walls were covered with pictures of Bobby with Arab leaders not Israeli leaders. Don’t be fooled AGAIN.
    Obama is no friend of Israel and neither is Ted Deutch.
    Vote for Edward Lynch.

  15. Larry Says:

    How can you vote for Deutch? He supports Obama and there does not support Israel. The GOP will retake congress this year and the presidency will be next. Down with socialism!

  16. Glenn Koons, Long Beach, Ca Says:

    It really is a shame that Floridians have to have another lefty like Wexler in that District. Lynch will probably lose but if the House Pub groups could help him, perhaps it will be close so the Dem has to spend lots of dough. In Nov. they will do it all over again will they not. West in Fla., the person facing Grayson in Orange, should be aided too. Enough of supporting these radical lefties that are taxing and spending us into Venezuela!

  17. Says:…

    Очень сильно хотелось бы поделиться опытом с кем-то по обозначенно…

  18. Senior123 Says:

    Why should I vote for a liar like Lynch? I might not agree with Deutch on all issues, but at least I can trust him.

  19. Sadsack Says:

    Hey Christopher, “if Ted Douche wins, I swear to God (because I believe in one) that I will never be nice to an old person on the road again. I will fight my community out of District 19 and initiate the highest calibre of civil disobedience, upon every synagogue, retirement community, or other bastard establishments made up of Democrats.”

    When Deutch does win, you should carry out your plan …. it would be awesome…seniors are one of the few remaining demographics that us librul commie socialists haven’t completely locked down.

    Also, how exactly does one commit civil disobedience in a nursing home? I really hope it doesn’t involve emptying bedpans improperly.

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