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Deutch in Tally, won’t take part in congressional debate today

by George Bennett | March 18th, 2010

Democratic state Sen. Ted Deutch said this morning he won’t participate in a congressional debate this afternoon with Republican Ed Lynch and no-party candidate Jim McCormick because he needs to attend a Senate Ways and Means Committee hearing in Tallahassee.

The three are running in an April 13 special election to replace retired U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler.

WFTL 850-AM said it had lined up the three candidates for a 4 p.m. debate on The Jeff Katz Show.

But Deutch released a statement this morning saying his participation was never a sure thing because of his schedule in Tallahassee. Deutch says he hopes to schedule a debate at another date.

Lynch accused Deutch of short-changing constituents in Palm Beach-Broward congressional District 19.

“It’s frustrating to me that someone who wants to represent you and your children doesn’t have enough courtesy to come here and take off from his part-time job,” said Lynch.

Here’s Deutch’s statement on today’s debate:

“I was looking forward to participating in the WFTL candidates forum, and informed the station from the beginning that March 18th would conflict with the Florida Senate’s debate on the state budget. I suggested we hold the forum next week on March 26, however, the other candidates were ultimately unable to accommodate this request. My constituents deserve a voice in today’s Ways and Means Committee meeting, during which we will be voting on funding for our public schools and new job creation incentives. I hope that Mr. Lynch and Mr. McCormick and I can finalize a time and date for a new candidates forum soon, and thank WFTL for extending me the invitation.”

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31 Responses to “Deutch in Tally, won’t take part in congressional debate today”

  1. Edward Says:

    Thank you Ted Deutch for representing us in Tallahassee! I want you voting in committee and not participating on a right wing radio show. Ed Lynch has some nerve, maybe he is the one who should get back to work as he currently owes taxpayers 1.4 million. Pay your taxes first Ed then worry about debates.

  2. Harry Kluger Says:

    Didn’t this paper just get on Deutch’s case for missing committee meetings? Now they are criticizing him for attending them? It seems damned if you do, damned if you don’t to me! We need Ted up there to stop those Republicans in Tallahassee from slashing pay for our teachers!

  3. Steven R Says:

    If Senator Deutch was serious about running for Congressional District 19 he would have stepped down from his state senate seat. By staying in that office he’s in a catch 22. He either has to short-change his current constituents or his potential future constituents. His selfish actions show that he’s not in this for us, but for himself. He’s playing it safe, just in case he loses on April 13th.

    We don’t need Ted in Tallahassee expanding the government and increasing our taxes and we don’t need him Washington to rubber stamp Obama’s radical left-wing agenda either.

  4. liar, liar, pants on fire Says:

    Ted is a liar! Absentee Candidate, absentee congressman. Maybe you should resign and focus on the next job?

  5. Money Honey Says:

    Deutch=Federal Control of Education

    Deutch=More TAXING, more OBAMA rubberstamping

    Deutch=Cap and Trade (TAX) job killer

    Deutch=another Wexler

    Deutch=Israel is always right, they are the chosen people, Israel can do no wrong

  6. Robert Says:

    So Ed Lynch is saying that if he got elected he would skip important votes if he could benefit himself. Better to see his true colors now!

  7. Urbncwgrl Says:

    I agree with Steve R. Deutsch should have stepped down to fully participate in this Congressional race! As a constituent of District 19 I have YET to even see Deutsch….all I got was a lousy “mailer” telling me how bad the other guy is! Seems to me he’s a No Show Mud Slinger!!!

    The people deserve to be represented by someone who will look out for ALL the People NOT just those who agree with the Progressive agenda of Deutsch, Peelosi, Obama et al! Have you all not seen enough of what these thugs are trying to do to this country!!?? Deutsch = more of the SAME!! He does not care about seniors (voting for Medicare cuts), does NOT care about Israel (he professes to follow Obama’s agenda….just ask ANY Israeli what they think!!)

    This Jewish Democrat is voting for ED LYNCH!!!!!

    And for #1 poster “Ed”…enough already with the unpaid taxes….that is NOT true….DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK WILL YOU!!??? If you want the story go to the only one in this race with REAL TRANSPARENCY…..EDWARD LYNCH!!!!

  8. Ed Not Ted Says:

    Unfortunately and mistakenly, Deutch apparently fancies himself a shoe-in. Too bad. Just another indicator of the arrogance of this administration and its cronies.

  9. Urbncwgrl Says:

    Deutsch is FAR from a shoe in! Lynch has been welcomed with OPEN arms by many of the Senior Democrats, school organizations, etc….Ted should never “assume” you know what they say about assuming…hahaha!

    I am ashamed of how the Democrats in Congress are behaving like they are ABOVE the law…that will STOP starting April 13th and on through November!!!

  10. A Teacher Says:

    “Part-time job”?????

    Senator Deutch is a state legislator. For Mr. Lynch to refer to that as a “part-time job,” when the Florida Legislature is in session, is unbelievable! How can Lynch ask anyone to vote for him when he has nothing but contempt for the job of a legislator?

    Of course Mr. Lynch never finished college, so his lack of a decent education probably contributes to ignorant remarks of this type.

  11. Ed Not Ted Says:

    @ A teacher- Your remark is rather unfortunate. It brings to mind the adage, “those who cannot do, teach”. I don’t disparage most teachers, but those such as yourself who have been raised on liberal/socialist/union indoctrination are deserving of such disparagement.

    I will not engage in a sparring match. Have a lovely day.

  12. Kate Says:

    Mr. Deutch won’t participate because he knows he’ll be publicly slammed by Edward Lynch just as he was in the last(and only) debate. Our senior citizens are smart and savvy and they KNOW Edward Lynch is the ONLY candidate who will truly represent them.

  13. Urbncwgrl Says:

    @ Kate…you are absolutely right!! As a Democrat with grandparents living here as well as other family members the word is that the seniors are realizing that the Democratic Party is NOT what it used to be!! It has become a party of Progressives that are hell bent on destroying this country as a Free market Republic! When you mess with their Medicare and Social Security you better BEWARE!! They all know that Congress gave themselves a raise but SS has not seen a cost of living raise in 2 years!!
    Wexler is a self proclaimed Progressive Socialist and HE hand picked Deutsch…birds of a feather!!

    @ Teacher…boy am I glad my child is NOT in your class..!! I have family members that have been teachers for many years and are dropping out of the teacher’s union like there is NO tomorrow! WAKE UP!!!

  14. Urbncwgrl Says:

    And before anyone preaches about how Ted is a “shoe in” I have three things for you to keep in mind….SCOTT BROWN, CHRIS CHRISTIE & BOB McDONNELL…all BLUE gone RED! The Dem party has LOST ITS MIND!!! People have woken up and realize we need REAL CHANGE….VOTE LYNCH!!!

  15. I was there... Says:

    I was at the Voters’ Coalition when ALL FIVE primary candidates agreed that they would attend the next month’s Voters’ Coalition meeting if they won– for a debate between the Republican and Democrat winners. The moderator went down the line and EVERY ONE OF THEM said they would be there.

    Neither Deutch nor Lynch had the courtesy to show up for that debate, either. There were a lot of disappointed voters in that room.

    The people who live in the 19th Congressional District are screwed. These guys are cut from the same discourteous cloth.

  16. holly Says:

    Ted Deutch cares about the people in his Senate district and respects his position enough to be present for important votes in Tallahassee. He obviously takes his “part time” job seriously which speaks well to the type of congressman he will be WHEN he is elected. As the only elected legislator running for District 19, he alone has to juggle serving his constituents with the demands of running for office. This constitutent is glad that he put the people first. Ed Lynch obviously would have made the other choice.

  17. really? Says:

    as someone that works around the legislature, i can speak to the integrity of Senator Deutch. Say what you’d like about his policies or record, but he needed to be in committee. The notion of him stepping down to run is absurd. It is a given that legislators will have to balance their current commitments with campaigning. The President doesn’t step down to seek re-election.

  18. GEOFF Says:

    Fact is, Ted is DUCKING Ed, he knows it, everyone knows it. They were both invited to a candidates breakfast in my development many weeks ago, Ted decided last minute he couldn’t come because he had a charity event, at 3 pm, 20 minutes away from an event that ended at 11 am.

    He is a no show in talahasee till its convenient for him to avoid a debate, you are scared to debate, how are you going to stand up to the pressure in DC?




  19. Urbncwgrl Says:

    Holly and Really….you ladies are SO misinformed! When will you wake up and see what is going on in Congress?? Deutsch has admitted he will support Obama’s policies….have you NOT seen Obama’s approval ratings??

    I for one am VERY active in the senior community and have been informing them that Deutsch, like Wexler, does NOT care about them but only for his own profit!

    Obviously neither of you have attended any Tea Parties….the seniors of District 19 LOVE TEA ;) ))))

    And really…I hope you are NOT proud that you work with this congress that is destroying our country! If you like what they are doing why are you here?? Just sayin ;)

  20. Urbncwgrl Says:

    Hey Geoff…you said it all! The people of District 19 would FINALLY like some representation! After 13 years of Wexler why would we want Deutsch??!! Anyone who believes that District 19 has not turned around like TAXachusetts they are VERY UNaware!!

    I have been to several locations where Mr Lynch has spoken and Deutsch was invited but came up with some LAME excuse EVERY time!! He must have ONE hour of free time don’t ya think??

    And have any of you bothered to ask local small businesses how they feel about Deutsch??? I HAVE and they are NOT happy!

  21. GEOFF Says:

    I just got off the phone with mr. lynch, he confirmed what i said, there is not a single thing on his schedule he wont move to have a debate with you Mr deutch. i know your people are reading this, the ball is in your court, NAME THE TIME AND PLACE.

  22. Steve R Says:

    @I was there…
    If there was a Voters Coalition debate, Edward (and I guess Deutch) were never invited. The Voters Coalition mentioned that there would be another debate after the primary, but nothing was ever scheduled. Nice try though.

  23. Urbncwgrl Says:

    Seems Deutsch people are scrambling for MORE excuses and BS…WE THE PEOPLE are NOT buyin it!! Take THAT back to Deutsch!!! And remember….I am a Democrat!!! Democrats for Lynch!!!

  24. Urbncwgrl Says:

    As a matter of fact my Grandfather knows someone involved with the Voter’s Coalition…I will ask him to call them and see what happened! Boy am I glad I am seeing all this now BEFORE I pulled that lever for Deutsch!!!

  25. Kate Says:

    We have an old saying here in Florida…you don’t leave fish to go find fish. Stay up there in Tally, Mr. Deutch because all the smart fish are swimming right in District 19.

  26. Urbncwgrl Says:

    Hmmm…seems we have found out that on one your “out of town moments” when you could have attended a debate you were NOT in Tallahasse but at a reunion and party for your grandmother….tisk tisk tisk!

  27. DISTRICT 19 VOTER Says:

    Anyone who is supporting Deutch must be doing so blindly, like lemmings, or with an unhealthy attachment to their government job. If you are willing to watch your country go up in smoke because you are benefiting from the outrageous government take over, then you need to seriously reevaluate your standards. You must be one twisted individual to be able to stand behind the tyranny and corruption that defines Deutch and his puppet masters in the White House.

    Swallow your pride and take a look around at the blatant government ROBBERY that is occurring.

    If you think the liberal/democrat party is for the underdog and is helping the lower class you NEED to check your facts. I met a few Deutch supporters at the primary and although they were vulgar and obnoxious, it seemed like they thought they were supporting Deutch for humanitarian reasons…like they were out there for a greater good.

    You are NOT helping the lower class by voting democrat and you are NOT helping our economy by voting Deutch. With all due respect, check your facts. It is hard to even see through the left wing/right wing fog but if you throw away all the tea party slogans, you still have a group of people who are fighting for the TRUTH and fighting for AMERICA. It is NOT about right or left…it is about TRUE and FALSE.

  28. GEOFF Says:


  29. Urbncwgrl Says:

    They have nothing to say….they are out looking for NEW jobs!! Has anyone told them that Obama has killed the job market?

    Oh and does everyone know that Deutsch has been using OUR office in Boca and he is NOT even the Congressman…..nor will he ever be!

  30. EdFulop Says:

    Restore Honor. Flip the House.

  31. Karen Says:

    Anyone that votes for an Obama Democrat will deserve everything they get. Don’t be an idiot and make the same mistake we made in Nov 2008. We need to get back to conservative values and living by the Constitution. It made this country great and can do so again if we let it work. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Don’t play into the insanity. Send DC a LOUD message. We want change but not the kind of change Obama has in store for us. He showed us he does not care what the majority of Americans want he is there to fulfill his own narcissistic agenda.

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