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Dems recruit another candidate for open Hasner seat

by George Bennett | March 6th, 2010

Democrats have long touted House Majority Leader Adam Hasner’s Palm Beach-Broward seat as a pickup opportunity when Hasner leaves this year because of term limits. Republicans have roughly a 39-to-35 percent registration edge in District 87 and have been losing ground over the past eight years.

But Democratic hopes suffered a blow in January when candidate Lori Berman, who had raised more money than Republican Bill Hager, quit the race to run in more heavily Democratic District 86.

Now Dems have recruited retired construction manager Laura Rawlins-Blum of Boca Raton to run in District 87. Rawlins-Blum, active in the Palm Beach County Democratic Executive Committee, was encouraged to run by Dems including former League of Women Voters President Pamela Goodman. Goodman, who had been urged by some Democrats to run for the seat, will host a kickoff fund-raiser for Rawlins-Blum.

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6 Responses to “Dems recruit another candidate for open Hasner seat”

  1. Whatever Says:

    The Democrats had a golden opportunity in this seat with Hasner term limited and they are blowing it. The players aren’t in: Levinson won’t run. Goodman won’t run, Alperin won’t run. Now some unknown Party hack wants to be my Representative? No way! It’s a sad day in Mudville when Bill Hager basically gets a walk.

  2. Yolly Says:

    Sorry Berman….we are not voting for you over there….we want our money back! You can’t switch and think we are going to vote for you. Of course you are running in Palm Beach and playing games.

    I want my money back. I want my party back too

  3. Mike Says:

    Interesting observations from Whatever.
    Could the reason Adam Hasner (unknown party hack circa 2002)won this Seat to begin with be that it was drawn for a Republican? We know that answer.
    Could it be that in 2008 Hasner spent $995,000 to win a seat that pays 30K a year? That vote was valuable to Republicans, wasn’t it?
    Could it be that in 2006 Hasner paid $555,000 to beat the Democrat that spent $9,000 on his campaign and still Hasner only won by about 4500 votes while outspending his opponent nearly 60 to 1.
    In 2004 Adam Hasners backers spent $436,000 and for that first Victory in 2002, it was $262,000.
    Republicans value this seat and their interests cascade donations into the District.
    Democrats, not so much.
    Democratic candidates spent $160,000 total in all 4 of those elections.
    Whatever, tell us all how it’s the candidate and not the money?
    This year, we will find out how much Democrats want the seat, we’re speaking of money, but it’s really all about Votes the money just raise the candidates ability to tell their story.
    Laura will be a hard working candidate, her name recognition will rise, and so will her campaign war chest. You are invited to help fill it.
    Republicans have spent over $2 million dollars for this one Vote in the Florida House of Representatives in the past 4 elections.
    I hope that I have explained how much any golden opportunity appears to be directly related to the “gold’ put into the campaigns.
    Get to know this “unknown hack” before you judge her character,it will very likely change your mind.
    If you care about real representation that isn’t simply a continuation of more of the same, your money, and volunteer efforts are welcomed and your voice will be heard.
    Adam Hasner has been the $2 million dollar man. I’m sure his backers got their “moneysworth” but, as a resident of District 87 I don’t see what he has done for the District.
    Just how much are the Republicans going to spend this year to send an Insurance “insiders, insider” to Tallahasse for more of the same is yet to be determined.
    I smell higher insurance rates everywhere in District 87 and in Florida if more Republicans get into office.
    Whatever……what do you want to do?
    Winning takes great effort and lots of money, you assistance is invited and welcomed.
    Recently we witnessed in Massachusetts an “unknown party hack” being elected Senator.
    November is a long ways away and unknowns are “in” in 2010.

  4. Saint Petersblog Says:

    Damaging questions raised over @kendrickmeek ‘s leadership of the Cong. Black Caucus Foundation.

  5. Quick Hits » Florida Progressive Coalition Blog - Says:

    [...] Laura Rawlins-Blum is running for Adam Hasner’s seat [...]

  6. Lysol Says:

    Mr. Hager, have you picked out an apartment for the 2011 legislative session?

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