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Democratic Rep. Ron Klein showing up on health care ‘undecided’ lists

by George Bennett | March 20th, 2010



U.S. Rep. Ron Klein, D-Boca, voted for the House health care bill and against the anti-abortion Stupak amendment in November. He’s been considered a likely vote for final passage of health care overhaul.

But Klein, who faces a well-financed GOP challenge from Allen West, is now listed as “undecided/unclear” in a vote count tonight by The Hill and “undecided” in a Washington Post head count.

Klein’s office wasn’t immediately reachable tonight.


25 Responses to “Democratic Rep. Ron Klein showing up on health care ‘undecided’ lists”

  1. Truth Says:

    You can run but you cant hide Ron. Do it, seal your fate in Nov, vote for this travesty that SCOTUS is sure to overrule because of the individual mandate . Its a gift to those of us who love freedom. You will be gone and so will this bill.

  2. Truth Says:

    Also, Maybe Mr. Klien would like to explain the CBO PRELIMINARY scoring of this bill that left out the 371 Billion dollar ” doc fix ” . Maybe he can explain why the bill is rigged to collect taxes and fees starting in year one, with the “benefits” not stating until 4 years later. Naturally this provides cover in 2012. Tell us about the deficit reduction with 371 Billion left out and 10 years of taxes with 6 years of spending. Then please tell us to have faith in the next 10 years reduction when the CBO repeated has said its impossible for them to score that far out with any degree of certainty.

  3. Biill Neubauer Says:

    The policies and overspending aren’t the worst of the character of the Congresspersons, including Ron Klein. The worst part is that they are all FOR SALE. It’s just a matter of the price. Klein and so many of his associates claim that they are “undecided” so that they can reap the benefit of Obama and Pelosi bribes. Disgusting.
    That’s why the Tea Party will send them packing in November. Maybe we can find some candidates with integrity, maybe Allen West.

  4. Daniel Rosenbaum Says:

    Ron, please vote no for the Heathcare Bill. Not only has no one really read the bill to even understand it, most Americans are not willing to mortgage their childens’ and grandchildrens’ future to provide health care that can be better provided by the private sector. The answer to our economic problems lies in job creation. The government should grant substantial tax credits to businesses that create jobs in the U.S. For example, Intel opened a massive plant in China that will employ over 200,000 people; not because of lower labor costs, but because the Chinese government gave Intel 10 years without paying taxes. We could have had that plant here in the U.S. and it would have been well worth the tax credits given for the jobs created. We have been friends for more than twenty -five years and for the first time ever I urge you to be the statesman and leader that I know you are. Printing an endless stream of money will not be the answer to our problems. Please vote “no” for our country and force the administration to focus on job creation instead of taxing our economy our death.

  5. mike Says:

    Please do vote for bill. We need new congressmen come election’ve had your turn. now we can vote for someone who REALLY cares for America.

  6. Patrick Says:

    Mr. Klein. The bold faces of the liars about this bill or the under the table deals does not bode well for the signers. Never in my life have I see an administration try to mislead the public in such a pathetic way. Vote away…….and so well I for what is left good in this country. I will lead a Patriotic VOTE for 2010 congress if I have to.

  7. Matthew Says:

    Undecided than Please vote “NO” Thank you.

  8. Bill S Says:

    Ron Klein=Obama

    Vote him out.

    Vote out Deutch, Robert the quitter Wexler’s pick. Wexler, a Maryland resident, quit his seat for more $$$.

    Debbie’s her quote: Haiti is Florida’s 69th county.

    That means: flood the state with more immigrants.

    Wake up. Vote out democrats.

    Alex Sink: if she is voted in as governor she will sign Floridians’ fate for Cap and Trade (tax). Restrictions, restrictions, restrictions.

    We don’t need a family that continues to run for a governorship. Alex’s husband also tried running for governor.

  9. Diana Says:

    It is time for healthcare in America to be accessible. PLEASE VOTE YES and make the changes that the American people voted overwhelmingly for when they brought in the President and the democratic Congress. Don’t allow the lobbyists to rule your vote! PLEASE do the right thing for all the people in your district! I have always voted for you as I believe in you.

  10. Life on the Fence Says:

    Let us all be clear on one thing: this is NOT insurance reform. This bill is handing the insurance companies more profit at the expense of those who cannot afford to purchase it. If a mandate is included, you can be sure our economy will go farther in the toilet than it is now. Unemployed and under-employed persons cannot find upfront money to buy into insurance in the hopes of receiving a tax credit 14 months later. If Medicare reimbursement is cut, many hospitals and doctors will cut staff, so forget about getting hired without tons of experience.
    Congress is afraid to do anything to the insurance industry because they all will lose big campaign dollars.
    This isn’t about doing what is right for our country, it is about doing what is needed to get re-elected.
    VOTE NO on this bill, and vote out all incumbents on both sides.

  11. C'mon Says:

    How many Allen West staffers have posted here:truth, mike, life on the fence, & Bill S. It is obvious bc you are the only one to eve post on this blog. He’s going to beat Allen West regardless of how he votes.

  12. abc Says:

    Health insurance rates are going up 9-10% a year. Most employed people lose a large chunk of their raises every year to the increased cost of health insurance that gets passed on by their employer. Everyone who has insurance already pays for those who don’t, because the costs of treating them are built into the system. I’m employed and have great insurance, but look forward to health insurance reform.
    We can’t afford the status quo. I hope Mr. Klein votes for this bill.

  13. steven mitchell Says:

    mr. congressman kelin, i would like you to support healthcare bill,just as i and my large family of 1200 members of local union 630 have over the years as personal note if we would had healthcare

  14. steven mitchell Says:

    honorable congressman kelin,iand my family of 1200 members of local 630 in palm beach county whant healthcare for every american so i ask that you support

  15. Michelle Obama Says:

    Klien will do whatever hi smater tells him to. And the Messiah is his master. Welcome to the new Socialist America brought to you by the jews.

  16. Regenia Says:

    It’s amazing how we can require all American’s to have auto insurance, but when it comes to the health and quality of living for all American’s we are having difficulty making this decision. Rep. Klein, waste no more time pondering what is right. Simply do what is right for the American people and vote for the passage of this bill. It’s all about the people, not the politics. SIMPLY, DO WHAT IS RIGHT AND WHAT THE PEOPLE ASKED AND VOTED YOU AND THE PRESIDENT IN TO DO…VOTE YES FOR HEALTH CARE!

  17. Truth Says:

    C’mon Says:
    March 21st, 2010 at 7:49 am

    How many Allen West staffers have posted here:truth, mike, life on the fence, & Bill S. It is obvious bc you are the only one to eve post on this blog. He’s going to beat Allen West regardless of how he votes.
    No, I am informed and have yet to see anyone address the FACTS I gave about them rigging the bill. Klein and company played the CBO by giving them a diluted bill they have no intention of leaving ij this form. Pelosi came out and said it. This will ADD to an already exploding deficit and has little chance of surviving a SCOTUS ruling on individual mandate, its unconstitutional.

  18. Truth Says:

    ah yes, nice to see the union support here, bought the Dem party and now cashing in.

  19. Truth Says:

    REALITY folks, from the New York Times:

  20. John Says:


    Whether you like it or not this healthcare bill is UNCONSTITUIONAL! The only reason we can have an individual mandate on auto insurance, is because driving on PUBLIC ROADS is a privilege not a right. You need to first read the Constitution, and than do some research into the finances of the Anti-Rep. Klein. He, along with President Obama are backed by many Insurance companies, and Pharmaceutical companies. Individual and employer mandates= More money for Big Business.

  21. concerned neighbor Says:

    Health care is unsustainable as it is now. Costs continue to go up significantly faster than raises and inflation, benefits continue to go down.

    Congressman Klein Please support Alan Grayson’s Four-Page Medicare Buy-In Bill HR 4789. This will cost the government nothing and allow anyone access to reasonably priced decent health insurance. This bill makes so much sense.

  22. Susan & Willliam Bollinger Says:

    tell Ron Kline to vote YES on Health Care

  23. Susan & Willliam Bollinger Says:

    Ron Kline –vote yes on health care

  24. Truth Says:

    By the way, the premise of this story about him being undecided is HOGWASH, he gave a speech on Saturday urging its passage and has been considered a firm yes. See ya Ron.

    Ron Klein (Fla.) (Y) He is a firm yes now. Klein is a GOP target, but he urged other Democrats to vote for healthcare reform in a speech on the floor Saturday.

  25. sirMarksalot Says:

    Are you kidding? make me buy health insurance. I will now pay the same as smokes, drinkes and drug abusers. unlike auto insurance Health Insurance only effects me. My right to have or not. Yes I voted for Ron but wil vote against Ron next time

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