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Democratic Rep. Ron Klein looks like a ‘yes’ on health care overhaul

by George Bennett | March 21st, 2010



Some speculation spread late Saturday that U.S. Rep. Ron Klein, D-Boca Raton, might vote against health care overhaul legislation after supporting it in November.

But Klein’s office this morning points to a one-minute floor speech Klein delivered Saturday touting the controversial legislation as a plus for seniors and urging passage.

Count him as a ‘yes.’ Read the text of Klein’s remarks after the jump….

Madame Speaker, from the beginning of the debate on health care reform, my top priority has been clear: strengthen and protect Medicare for our seniors, like Bunny Steinman in my district.

I believe that the doctor-patient relationship is absolutely central, especially for our seniors. No one – not the government or private insurance – should stand between a patient and the doctor of their choice.

When I talk to seniors in my district, many of them tell me about struggling to cover the cost of prescription drugs, especially if they have fallen into the Part D Donut Hole. That is why I took the lead and worked with AARP to make sure health care reform – this bill – closes the donut hole for good.

Seniors will see immediate relief on prescription drug prices – a $250 rebate next year, and thousands more in savings in the years ahead. We have won the fight: this reform will close the donut hole and save seniors money.

There will be other benefits for seniors in this reform package. For example, preventative care, like cancer screenings, will now be free. No co-pays, no deductibles.

We owe it to our seniors – they have paid into the Medicare Trust Fund. Taking care of our seniors is one of my top priorities. Benefits like these are critical to seniors in South Florida and around the country.

I thank you and urge support of the bill.

25 Responses to “Democratic Rep. Ron Klein looks like a ‘yes’ on health care overhaul”

  1. Drive-by Says:

    If this guy vote for this thing..that will cut half a trillion from Medicare, he will not be elected again. What a fool. I wonder what he was promised? A job in the administration when he is out in the fall?

  2. PBCsince'44 Says:

    It’s nice that the “donut hole” might be filled, but, at what cost?

    If Medicare benefits are cut and doctors opt of seeing Medicare patients who will write the prescriptions?

    I know of one prominent So Florida orthopedic surgeon who doesn’t accept Medicare as a primary insurance any longer. My bet is that many more will follow his lead.


  3. Ron Says:

    Thanks to Kleins sellout to Obamacare, seniors will suffer the most. $500 billion in Medicare cuts, rationing of care at all levels, 21% reduction in doctor reimbursements will cause more doctors to drop all medicare patients, which will cause long waiting lines for those that remain. Seniors will be waiting in long lines created by the new coverage of 30 million illegals. End of life coersion panels are still in the bill. (death panels).Lots of costly procedures will be eliminated for the elderly under this plan using the cost/benefit formulas in the plan. As Obama said, go home and take a pill. You’re too old to justify the cost for heart bypass, or hip replacements etc. Thanks to Klein, seniors will be worse off. Mark my word. Or better yet, read the bill and see for yourself. Seniors are on the chopping block.

  4. SteveMaduri Says:

    In Government we trust.

  5. Gary Bokelmann Says:

    When Rep. Klein says, “preventative care, like cancer screenings, will now be free,” he’s not quite right. What he means is, “preventive care, such as cancer screenings, will now be paid by somebody else.”

    Nothing’s free, Rep. Klein. Your “free” cancer screenings will be paid by individual policy holders, like me, who will no longer be permitted to buy a high-deductible plan with reasonable premiums because some health-care poobah says my deductible’s too high. So I’ll pay.

    The tens of millions who get health insurance through their employers will pay too, when their employers either drop coverage and pay the fee instead, or cut back jobs altogether to avoid the onerous costs this complicated monster law ill impose on them.

    And, as has already been pointed out, seniors will also pay for their “free” cancer screenings when they have to wait for weeks or months for an appointment. Surveys have shown as many as 40 percent of physicians say they’ll simply retire, rather than operate under this central government nightmare.

    The promise of “free” preventive care isn’t worth much if you can’t find a doctor to deliver that care.

    We need healthcare reform — but this terrible bill will make matters infinitely worse, and create a mountain of debt our grandchildren will never be able to pay. As of this moment, there’s still time to act. Call Rep. Klein today at 202-225-3026 and urge him to vote against this monstrosity before it’s too late. The line’s are jammed, but keep trying. It’s too important to quit.

  6. Phil Says:

    Every major country in the world has some form of national health care, except the United States. Were right and all these other nations are wrong.

    The health insurance industry is an oligopoly. In most states two or three companies control over 70% of the market. To top that off they get to price fix premiums, they are exempt from anti trust laws.

    Yep, this is a great system… for those that can afford it.

  7. FGP Says:

    Start donating to Allen West. Get this radical Klein out of there. The Democrats continue to ruin South Florida. Jackson Memorial is government healthcare and look at their financials.

  8. Ron Says:

    You’re right Phil. And those “major” countries are in dire straits due to their failed socialized govt. controlled plan. Our Medicare system already has $37 TRILLION of unfunded liabilities. Klein and his ilk will bankrupt this country and burdon generations to come with massive tax increases, fines, penalties and garnished wages to pay for this scheme. This plan REQUIRES monthly proof of coverage to be provided to the IRS. 15,000 new IRS agents will be visiting your homes and businesses to enforce their onerous mandates provided in this bill. Failure to comply will result in fines up to $2250 per person. The term “can we zee your papers please” will take on a whole new meaning.

  9. Ron Says:

    If you love freedom, less govt., less taxes,etc. you must support Col. Allen West in november. He’s a true patriot and American hero who will defend the Constitution and not seek to destroy it like Klein and Obama do.

  10. Ken Says:

    Well I guess his terror run will finally be over. What a fool you are to vote yes on a bill that will only cause a reduction in Primary doctors a decline in adequate care not to mention job loses. And the begining of the end for a great country.
    Thank you Mr.klien for nothing. Enjoy your Health Insurance that is not good enough for 300,000,000 but good for 545 politicians.

  11. John Says:

    This is just another example of how Rep. Klein is willing to sell out to Pelosi, and the Big Business PAC donors to his campaign. Go through his campaign finance report, any you will find many contributions from DLA-PIPER PAC which represents Big Business in the healthcare sector.

    The voters of CD 22 deserve better, and that is why I’m voting for Allen West in November!

  12. cd Says:

    Klein is my congressman, and will definitely not get my vote again come November.

    This bill will bankrupt the country. There is no way this bill will reduce the deficit over the next 10 or 20 years. Even a fool knows that.

    Klein decided to do the bidding of Obama, Pelosi, and the other ultra-liberal, urban Democrats. I voted for him when I thought he was a moderate. Now, I don’t really care who his opponent is come November, they will get my vote.

  13. Bart Says:

    Wow, here’s a guy I’ll never vote for again.

    Although it will be entertaining to see him explain his vote to gut Medicare in the upcoming election.

  14. Nancy Says:

    The HC bill needs to be defeated and rewritten in simple understandable text on less than 100 pages. I live in Ron Klein’s district and have been a life long Democrat. My plan is to keep my Democrat voter’s registration so that I can vote in the primaries against Democratic Congressman that supported the current health care legislation, help fund Ron Klein’s Republican challenger, send money to the Republican Party and volunteer to defeat all Congressmen and Senators voting for the current health care legislation.

  15. Sam Says:

    Another corrupt politician who thinks he knows better than the constituents he was elected to represent. Let’s clean house and dump this arrogant slime bag next november

  16. Samuel Says:

    Klein will probably be OK and retain his seat. But Kosmas, Boyd and Grayson have pretty much sealed their fate.

    Too bad the Repubicans cant talk someone like Carl Domino or Bogdanoff or Hasner to run against Klein. Those would be incredible races.

  17. Fran Says:

    I am pleased that Rep Klein will support this significant advance in health care /delivery reform for all Americans. Though not perfect, this extremely well-vetted bill will begin to bend the cost curve downward and improve availability and service to all.

  18. B Blum Says:

    Now that the Congressman has come out on the record as being for patients and their relationship with their doctors, I expect him to fight tooth and nail for the repeal of the SGR legislation. He keeps saying how unfair and unrealistic the SGR is – now let’s see what he does about it.

  19. Lisa cole Says:

    he forgot to say bunny steinmnan is the committee women from the county party who he will need help from to be re elected while he is pushing a prolifer in his former senate seat.

    Bye Ron

  20. Bev Says:

    Looks like Allen West is going to Congress this November!

  21. Halley Says:

    The Democrats are betraying pro-choice women with this bill which prevents poor women from being able to get an abortion.

  22. EdFulop Says:

    226 days and counting Ron. Make your reservations now, operators are standing by. 1-800-GO-U-HAUL! On November 3rd, your coming back to the private sector, friend. Hope you had fun.

  23. brl Says:

    i support ron and this legislation. this bill is the right thing to do. cut insurance companies’ profits and provide coverage to more americans

  24. Evan Says:

    Thank you Ron! You have shown us that you have listened to your consituency! The ones making the most noise are always the minority. Keep fighting for us!

  25. H Farber Says:

    Polish your resume Ron you won’t be going back to your marble halls, chandelier offices and all the bene’s that go with it… your betrayal of the seniors and stupidity to follow the liar-in-chief et al deserves you to loose in November. There is nothing Honorable about you.

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