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Democrat Meek criticizes Obama administration’s ‘undiplomatic language’ to Israel

by George Bennett | March 17th, 2010



Democratic U.S. Rep. and Senate candidate Kendrick Meek criticized the Obama administration’s response to Israel’s decision to build 1,600 homes in a disputed area of East Jerusalem.

Vice President Joe Biden, who was visiting Israel at the time of the announcement, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have blasted the plan, straining relations with America’s strongest ally in the Middle East.

“What started off as an internal, domestic disagreement within the Israeli government has turned into an unnecessary international dispute complicated by some undiplomatic language from U.S. administration officials,” Meek said today.

“Opponents of peace, nations and terrorist organizations that wish to do harm to Israel will always seize an opportunity to create a wedge between our nation and Israel. They seek comfort watching these recent events unfold. To give our enemies the false impression that the United States and Israel disagree on fundamental issues within the region sets the peace process back. I urge restraint and a resumption of talks that result in a lasting peace that ensures Israel’s security,” said Meek.

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17 Responses to “Democrat Meek criticizes Obama administration’s ‘undiplomatic language’ to Israel”

  1. Uncle Harry Says:

    How soon before those homes are in foreclosure.

  2. Never Will Says:

    Why do we send Trillions to Israel? The people who allegedly …..Madoff, Rothstein, Picower, Epstein?

    Why do we need the aggravation.

    They have never really owned up…… much of anything….never will.

  3. Ron Says:

    Please Mr. Meek. Save it for the useful idiots. The Jewish people in florida know what a huge supporter of vicious anti-semites you are. You embrace Jackson, Sharpton. Farrakhan and Obama every chance you get. You are trolling for votes and campaign cash. Nothing more.

  4. Rush Says:

    Since when do Blacks have the right to criticize Jews?

  5. jimbo Says:

    Always criticizing Israel but nothing ever said about all the attacks on Jews by Palestinians or the Palestinians honoring terrorists who have killed Israeli children. Bout time the MEDIA gives the whole balanced picture for a change !! People cannot even go to worship there without being attacked by these violent mongrel Palestinians – the same ones who danced and cheered on 9/11 as they watched our towers crumble.

  6. where's my unicorn? Says:

    Meek hangs out with the lowest form of anti-Semites. This is clearly a desperate ploy for votes. Rubio is going to wax this guy!

  7. Steve W. Says:

    Give me a break. Israel slapped Biden and the U.S. in the face by announcing the new construction of settlements in occupied land. Israel is an important ally, but when there policy continues to put our troops at risk, we must stand up to it. Israel is dictating our foreign policy. If we’re sending them billions in aid, we should dictate our own. A two state solution is the only hope for mideast peace and the Israeli government does everything in its power to assure this can’t happen. This is not a rationalization for Palestine’s terrorism which is utterly abhorrent. Children are killed on both sides. The madness must end and it starts with suspension of settlement building.

  8. Biill Neubauer Says:

    Meek is right about Obama, but his insults to our principal ally in the Middle East is just the beginning.
    He has refused to call the Fort Hood multiple shootings a terrorist act because he doesn’t want to offend Muslims.
    He has refused to call the Christmas underwear bomber a terrorist, also because he wants to buddy up to Muslims, although the evidentce all points to terrorism.
    I haven’t been one of those “birthers” calling for his birth certificate, but I am certainly led to wonder about his Muslim leanings.

  9. Eric Says:

    Love all the comments…but how many have spent time in Israel and seen how the Palestine people are treated?

    It’s not much different than Alabama in the early 60′s. Wake up folks, see the whole picture.

  10. Let them Eat Cake Says:

    It’s a Meek-show to appear to contradict Obama. It’s to appease the jewish voters, no more.


    They’ll say anything to get the vote.

    Wake up!

  11. Money Honey Says:

    We send our ‘friend’ in the Middle East over a trillion dollars in aid.

    We send our children to fight to protect our ‘friend’ in the Middle East to stay safe.

    Does our ‘friend’ send their soldiers to fight beside our soldiers?

    Our ‘friend’ in the Middle East spies on the USA.

    Our ‘friend’ in the Middle East is all for themselves.

    AIPAC, J STREET…our ‘friend’ manipulating our legislators.

  12. Louise Says:

    Israel is our only democratic ally in the middle east. We should stay on their side. And, they are not a colony of the United States; they are free to make their own decisions, and protect their citizens as they see fit.

  13. so what Says:

    Isreals wrong on this one. The mere proposal of construction is antagonistic in the least. Both sides claim they want peace. That in itself is hard to swallow given the Palestinian and Isreali penchant for revenge. But if Peace is indeed the brass ring, why complicate matters. I’m not saying Isreal should give away the ranch but poking the Palestinians with a shrp stick isn’t going to get it done either.

  14. Don't Drink the Cool Aid Says:

    Mr. Meek, do you support Obamacare or Cap N Trade? Enough with the pathetic attempt to garnish votes with rhetoric. Let’s here about your support for some important issues at home.

  15. L.Sulc Says:

    On 3/17/10 Mr. Kendrick Meek said he not supporting president Obama regard Jerusalem city.Shame on Democrat not supporting president USA. For sure Jerusalem city is international city since here was created our religion civilization. Belong to many religion and should be place protected.Just like VATICAN. Don’t belong just Orthodox, Muslim, Jehovah, Russian , Polish, German ,French and other. World and USA have problem with double way policy Israel and Pal. This is very dangerous where can start another big war. Time to work with Obama administration Mr. BE-BE Netanyahu. Best luck ALL there.

  16. jaland Says:

    Meek get off your Knees!
    If you are for your people they will stand with you and support you, theres no need to play lackey for a people that dont give a damn about you!

  17. Abu Rahim Says:

    Let me sum the post – we all love and care for Israel.

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