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Dem Sheriff Bradshaw endorses GOP state Senate hopeful Sharon Merchant

by George Bennett | March 30th, 2010



Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw, a registered Democrat whose office is nonpartisan, is endorsing Republican Sharon Merchant’s bid for a state Senate seat that’s expected to be a partisan battleground in November.

Bradshaw said his endorsement of Merchant is for both the GOP primary and for the general election if Merchant advances.

Former state Rep. Merchant faces a tough GOP primary against former Wellington Councilwoman Lizbeth Benacquisto for the seat of state Sen. Dave Aronberg, D-Greenacres. Aronberg is leaving the seat to run (also with Bradshaw’s endorsement) for attorney general.

Republican Michael Lameyer is also running in the GOP primary. The Republican victor will face the winner of the Democratic primary between state Rep. Kevin Rader and attorney Peter Burkert. Aronberg’s District 27 seat is expected to be a top GOP takeover target in the fall.

Says Bradshaw: “Sharon has been a strong supporter of the men and women of law enforcement. She understands the tremendous work they do, the difficulties they face and the ongoing need to ensure that law enforcement has the resources needed to keep our citizens safe. I consider Sharon not only a friend of law enforcement but also a personal friend of mine. I have known Sharon and her family for more than 30 years. I am proud to support her campaign for the state Senate.”

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7 Responses to “Dem Sheriff Bradshaw endorses GOP state Senate hopeful Sharon Merchant”

  1. Realist Says:

    Sharon is just a Democrat. She will switch to any district to run. Does she even live there? Plus, Bradshaw sucks.

  2. Surprise Says:


    Merchant being endorsed by Ric Bradshaw.

    Lizbeth Benacquisto is a taxer. She double taxed Wellington residents.

    We not ONLY paid the county school tax (which we all know is the HIGHEST tax on our tax bill) but also were assessed ADDITIONAL taxation for Wellington schools.

    Double taxation with Benacquisto a faux republican. She’s really a democrat in disquise, a moderate.

    Benacquisto didn’t even live within Aronberg’s district. She had to ‘find’ a place to ‘reside’ so she could run for office.

    And the only reason she is running is because she is termed out of her council seat.

    Another ‘professional’ politician. Moving from one taxpayer paid salary with benefits to another taxpayer paid job.

    Kudos to Bradshaw! Let’s hope the police union falls suit.

  3. What? Says:

    Surprise, what the heck are you talking about – double taxation? The school board levies a school tax, not municipalities. There are no “Wellington” schools. And Merchant is the pro-abortion candidate who also voted for partial-birth abortions. I advise that you look at Merchant’s record and you’ll find that she’s more democratic than republican. And now with Mark Foley’s support she’s now on board with same-sex marriage.

    And she’s a lobbyist, not a rental business owner. Stated simply she cannot be trusted.

  4. CALEY DAVID Says:

    Good for him!!! I am impressed..

  5. Jerry K Says:

    Why the heck is Bradshaw endorsing anyone? Is he a cop or a politician? I vote politician, which is probably why he spends money like a trust fund baby. Get rid of him and his partisan cronies and bring back a real cop like Jack Maxwell. We need a real change in this county. It makes me ill what he has done to our budget.

  6. Citizen Says:

    Jerry K: what is with you and Maxwell? he is a loser also. PBSO has been in the toilet since Wille left office. Bradshaw is a whore for the PBA. PBSO is almost as big of waste of taxpayer money as the school district.
    Merchant is a professional politician she moves to any district where she hopes to get elected. TERM LIMITS for all elected positions and politicians, merchant has had her bite of the apple several times over…

  7. Mike Lameyer Says:

    Mike Lameyer is a very right Republican and pro life advocate. Mike Lameyer is the only candidate that lives in district 27. Bradshaw should have talked with Mike Lameyer and checked his website and read the pledge to Police officers before he made any endorsement. Plus Mike Lameyer is a former Combat Marine. All government offices must to stop looking at business owners and property owners as ATM machines. Thats just a few reasons to vote for Mike Lameyer.

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