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Congressional candidates find common ground on medical marijuana

by George Bennett | March 27th, 2010

DEERFIELD BEACH — Republican Ed Lynch, independent Jim McCormick and Democrat Ted Deutch clashed on health care overhaul and other issues during a congressional forum Friday, but sounded fairly harmonious when moderator Donna Dowling asked about medical marijuana.

Marijuana use is illegal under federal law, but some states allow it for medicinal purposes.

“It’s called medical marijuana. I don’t have a problem with it,” said Lynch, who said his mother died of cancer and he would have welcomed anything to relieve her pain.

“I would say if it can help eliminate the pain, why aren’t we doing it? It’s not hurting anyone. It’s medical marijuana,” said McCormick.

Said Deutch: “Medical marijuana, if it helps to reduce suffering, absolutely is something that we ought to consider.”

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13 Responses to “Congressional candidates find common ground on medical marijuana”

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  2. pissed off Says:

    why is pot against the law?????? I smoke maybe one joint in a two week period. not much at all. I own a business,pay taxes,and contribute to the community.but I have to act like a criminal. It just pisses me off. I believe most upcoming politicians have either been around pot or smocked themselves. the law will definitely be changed just not soon enough for most people

  3. Frank Says:

    To pissed off… I say “amen.” There is no rationale for keeping pot illegal.
    The old argument that it is a gateway drug never did hold water. Alcohol is a gateway drug. Tobacco is a gateway drug. And neither of those vices is illegal. Regulate marijuana… tax the hell out of it and balance the budget… and also use the money raised to EDUCATE young people about the dangers of life-threatening drugs like cocaine, heroin, etc. It waaaaaaay overdue.

  4. OBIWAN Says:

    Its the smoking – stupid!!

    Outlaw tobacco and smokable marijuana – current Federal laws on making and selling carcinogens make it illegal!!

    License and regulate the medical marijuana “cakes/cookies/muffins/brownies” and dispense thru existing pharmacies scripted by existing licensed doctors.

    Dang, that was really simple, wasn’t it??

  5. clr Says:

    I do not indulge myself, but it would be a financial boon for the government that could be used to save Medicare if they legalize it and tax it more heavily than cigarettes.
    And Obiwan those who do smoke it would take to it in other forms just as avidly even if it takes a prescription from a doctor; look at how much oxycodone, etc. is on the street being abused.

  6. pissed off Says:

    pissed off to obiwan>>>>>making pot/cigs and alcohol illegal makes no since, since it may cause cancer. many things we all do can cause cancer do we make those illegal too? there should be some regulation but damit if I want to grow for personal use I should be able to. also illegal pot pays drug dealers and gangs there salary. STOP THE MADNESS

  7. ALIAN Says:

    Yeah but Deutch forgot to mention that he is on crack for using Obama talking point on Israel…nice..sell yourself out!

  8. lindaspeaks Says:

    This degenerated to a discussion about recreational pot quite rapidly, which is a slap in the face tho the chronically ill and dying who can find relief with medical marijuana. No wonder those of us who need it cannot get our legislators to take us seriously. Shame on all of you for your lack of compassion.

  9. EdFulop Says:

    Every post above has missed the entire point of the argument. “Medical Marijuana” isn’t about sick people smoking pot, it’s about recreational users smoking pot, and pretending to make it a medical issue. There is a drug, known as MARINOL, that has all of the “medicinal” properties of marijuana in a liquid or tablet form. When someone wants a scrip from a doctor to use medical marijuana, it’s ALWAYS to smoke it, even though marinol is quite legal. Any excuse to puff the magic dragon from these guys! People crack me up sometimes. When government makes it legal — and I’m sure they will someday soon — it will be to keep the populace sedated and tranquil while they steal the reast of our rights.

    Wake up! Your freedom’s are disappearing before your eyes. Try to worry about something other than your next high.

  10. Mdog Says:

    Yo EdFulop u fascist idiot … If u knew anything or studied the science the stomach breaks down Marinol and slows the absorbtion dulling the relief effects … On top of that Marinol the pill prescription you are claiming is legal is illlegal in Florida ; my friend is dying with terminal cancer and the doctors told her any form if thc , including prescription Marinol is not prescribed or legal in Florida!!!’ so b4 u trash people dying that need it gets ur facts right Jerk!!!!

  11. Donna Dowling Says:

    Thank you all for your comments regarding this most important issue of Medical Marijuana. Thank you George Bennett for @ the Forum & bringing this issue to the public. I believe it not only helps relieve pain & stress for those suffering from Cancer but with other disease’s as well…such as Parkinson’s & peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage). We should be given a choice & not just in a smokeable form.

    This question was two fold, came under health care & telecommunications. Health Care, prescription drug companies & advertising. Specifically Viagra, Cialis, anti-depressent’s & the constant barrage of 24/7 TV commercials promoting such drugs. I used to work in television & film production & this was never allowed. These prescription drug commercial’s show everyone jumping for joy, but does anyone listen to the side effect’s that can kill you, damage your liver, kidney’s & pancreas? Does anyone tell you the liver cannot breakdown these prescription’s & stores them in your liver? This creates a build up of toxin’s in the liver that effect’s your kidney’s, pancreas & can be linked to cancer? These TV commercial’s are shown throughout the daytime, especially during soap opera’s & primetime. Why aren’t parent’s in an uproar over this?
    What about the pill mills we have in broward & palm beach county, under the auspice of PAIN CLINIC’S & legal? Is it OK that everyone is drugged up legally w/prescription drugs? Where are our priority’s & where is our understanding & compassion?

    On my mother’s side of the family there is a history of colon cancer. My grandfather died from it. My grandmother’s was caught in time. And what I am most grateful for today…My mother, 15 year’s in remission, one of my mother’s brother’s has a patch, (20 year’s). My oldest sister, 3 years, in remission.

    For Ken, my campanion of 23 years (passed away @ 62, 4 years ago), who I, as his caregiver watched him suffer horribly from Parkinson’s disease & the medication’s he was given. Stem cells would have helped, but no…can’t do something that’s going to help. They make you just keep experimating w/legal drug’s. Marijuana was the only thing that kept him calm vs the prescription drugs that gave him horrible halucination’s, made him obsessive compulsive, irrate & uncontrollable for the last 7 years (of the 15 years he had it) until he rolled up into a fetal position & his body could not longer control itself in any way. He was a Vietnam Veteran, very proud of that he served his country & a good man. But that’s another story…We had a long fight for Veteran’s benefit’s (all about the money) because Parkinson’s disease was supposedly not ‘service related’ @ that time & Parkinson’s disease wasn’t on the agent orange list yet…it is now, unfortunately too late for him, but not others. Again, I sincerely thank you all for your comment’s….good, bad or indifferent. At least we’ve opened the door to communication. May we have peace this holiday season. Donna Marie Dowling

  12. Carl Sagan Says:

    There are other ways of inhaling the delta9 THC and cannabinoinds into the body. For instance vaporization is a prime example, since there is no fire or combustion involved no carcinogens are created. Also, the prohibition of alcohol and tobacco would give rise to a thriving underground market ruled by gangsters. The prices go up on cigarettes and you hear about people stealing them from 7/11s on the news. The prime example of a scenario like this is the prohibition era of alcohol in the late 20s early 30s and the on going drug war that has drug cartels in Juarez Mexico and the Texas border killing thousands of people (including Americans)every year.

    On top of everything though, I feel people who suffer from chronic conditions (no pun intended) should have the right to have an alternative medication that, thus far, has proven to be one of the most non-toxic substances a person can ingest. It’s been used medicinally for thousands of years, heck, even the very action of tending to a cannabis plant (just like any other plant) may be considered a type of therapy, the plus however is after you have matured the plant you can use it as a medicine.

  13. mr. legal buds Says:

    The difference amid recreational consumption and medical employment of marijuana begs to be acknowledged. Although I believe that a responsible adult ought to have the right to use marijuana recreationally, I do believe, without doubt, permitting a sick person use of a plant with a long history of medical value should be accepted and legal. Marijuana has a enormous potential as a medicine and more awareness and tolerance is necessary. In Summary, legalize it!

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