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Atwater bashes Congressional spending, lays out goals

by Dara Kam | March 2nd, 2010

Senate President Jeff Atwater launched his opening day remarks with an attack on his federal counterparts for wanton spending, then laid out a pro-business agenda for the 2010 session and a push to water down class size restrictions put into the Florida Constitution in 2002.

“Over the next sixty days you will each search your souls, come to your own personal decisions, but for my part, I will not participate in the evisceration of the American dream, I will not lower my vision, I will not choose the easy path, and I will not stand idly by while Congress smothers the next generation with its self indulgence and irresponsibility,” Atwater, R-North Palm Beach, said early in his speech.

Atwater, who is leaving office this year to run statewide for chief financial officer, also recognized seven senators leaving office this year because of term limits, including Alex Villalobos of Miami. Villalobos would have been at Atwater’s place at the podium today were it not for a coup that Atwater and his supporters staged more than two years ago.

Atwater, a descendent of Florida Gov. Napoleon Bonaparte Broward, was joined by other family members in the audience who were in town for the opening of an exhibit on Broward at the Old Capitol.

Listen to Atwater’s speech here.

Or read the text of his speech here.

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3 Responses to “Atwater bashes Congressional spending, lays out goals”

  1. LOL! Says:

    Atwater is right, he won’t stand idly by while Congress increases the federal deficit, instead he will take the federal government’s subsidies to balance the budget in Florida where he cannot make the tough decision to raise revenues while criticizing the ‘indulgent’ Congress for overspending on protecting his political career and saving his state from crisis. I’m glad he’s thinking of the children, lol!

  2. That Smell Says:

    Its broken yes. Govt and Politicians now are too crooked.

    They only work for themselves…they always think they can fool us and get away with it.

    Maybe they can.

    But time is running out.

    People are so fed up with these pompous corrupt crooks…..

    They stink

  3. IndependentVoter Says:

    In its first action of the 2010 session, the Florida legislature kept its promise to business owners and unanimously passed a bill that will delay most of a scheduled increase in the tax that businesses pay to provide compensation to unemployed workers.

    The new law delays most of the increase for two years but means the state will continue to borrow from the federal government to replenish the fund and rack up an additional $675 million in interest payments.

    The bill’s passage came after Senate President Jeff Atwater and House Speaker Larry Cretul blasted the federal government for the rising national deficit and demanded that federal lawmakers pass a balanced budget.

    So how’s that balanced federal budget supposed to happen with the states doing stuff like this? And there’ll be more interest to pay for FL taxpayers?

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