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Angry teachers clog House Speaker phone lines

by Dara Kam | March 30th, 2010

So many angry teachers called House Speaker Larry Cretul’s office late last week his staff had to add four additional telephone lines and four workers to field the complaints, Cretul spokeswoman Jill Chamberlin said.

The Speaker’s office received more than 5,500 phone calls on Thursday and Friday about SB 6, the measure approved by the Senate last week that would revamp teacher salaries and job security by basing educators’ pay on how well their students perform on standardized tests.

Most of the calls objected to the proposal, Chamberlin said.

“It’s hard to generalize, but many people did not seem to know what the bill does (they thought it would reduce current teacher pay—it won’t) (they thought it would affect current teacher retirement and benefits—it won’t, etc.) and many thought we were taking a poll (which we were not.) It is certainly possible that some people didn’t get through or got voice mail—considering the volume,” Chamberlin said in an e-mail.

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6 Responses to “Angry teachers clog House Speaker phone lines”

  1. Priscilla Says:

    I hope the senate has thought about how this pay plan will effect classrooms. If pay is dependent on student performance, teachers are not going to take any crap from students anymore. This is going to burden administrators. I hope the senate has a plan for the poor attendance in our public schools. If teacher pay is dependent on student performance, they need to figure out how to get the kids in school.

  2. LUTERC Says:

    Good move teachers. Also don’t forget the assualt on your state retirement because McCollum, Crist and Sink gave their NYC friends $250 Million of your retirement money and its lost as in gone, bankrupt, never coming back. Cretul is an absolute idiot. How in hell did he ever get a real estate brokers license? They must have been on sale at Sears, because he doesn’t have brains enought to pass the test. Please keep calling this idiot. Mayber he will resign and go back to Ocala.

  3. Tony Says:

    So if a Haitian kid that can barely speak English let alone write it. Gets dumped into a teacher’s 6th grade class. This teacher expected to somehow make this kid perform to what level? If some kid is getting beat up every night by a drunk father. And the kid for some reason is having a hard time concentrating in class with bruises under his shirt. Is the teacher suppose to go fix the problem @ home? I think we are asking too much from these teachers. I think for this to work they will need support by reviewing these kids better for issues outside the classroom. And ensure that the kids that are in these classes can meet what is expected of them. You don’t have a right to ask the teachers to do this. It’s a shortsighted idea. Not a bad one I will agree. But more needs to be done before we can expect this to work. We can do better than FL!

  4. marshall Says:

    I think a major strike is in order!!! Teachers time to stick up for yourselves and not be bowled over by idiots proclaiming they have the right answer for what ails the system they created. Instead of considering certification statutes that let school boards continue to hire “out of field of the subject” teachers” paying them less because they are out of field, and the teacher being so new and (probably unawares) that he/she will lose their temporary certificate unless they obtain certification in that field within 3 years if they are only offered that position with the school boards already aware they only want to keep that person until the next one comes along. Many school boards keep on hiring them, mostly in math, science, reading (often PE certified to get their coaches), because they know there is always another teacher who will accept a job thinking that eventually they will end up in the field they are certified to teach. Its a racket and no one dares touch it, its easier to blame teachers, not the system that puts them in positions they are not certified or qualified to teach. Both teacher and students suffer. Wonder why we have the worst education system, too many dumbed up legislators who don’t do enough reading—oh probably had an out of field PE or Swim coach as a teacher —and would rather point fingers instead of looking at the system they created and keep promoting in order to keep saying look how bad our teachers are. They will be lucky to have any teachers at all but maybe that is the whole aim, keep the population dumb and they will keep thinking legislators know what they are talking about because they have been in everyone’s shoes.

  5. just a thought Says:

    With leaders like these & one wonders why we’re getting dumber & dumber ? Nobody can fix stupid, hello.
    Give the kids discipline, train them young (math, reading, writing the old-fashioned way) & they’ll have a chance @ a better life. If the parents cannot, will not, r not able to do their jobs then no amount of money, no policy coming from the politicians will do any good.
    Learn something from the Koreans, Japanese, Sweden … where almost 90% of their students go to college. Let’s get back to the basics when we put people to the moon, be the innovators of the world, be the beacon of envy … instead of being the laughing stock as we’re now.

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