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Abruzzo: legalize, regulate and tax online poker

by George Bennett | March 2nd, 2010



State Rep. Joseph Abruzzo, D-Wellington, has filed the “Internet Poker Consumer Protection and Revenue Generation Act of 2010″ a bill to legalize online poker in Florida.

Abruzzo says about 900,000 Floridians already gamble at sites run by unregulated “offshore operators.” He says his bill would bring in more than $200 million in revenue in its first year.

Abruzzo’s bill would allow an Internet hub operator based in the state to pay a $500,000 application fee to the state for a license. Operators would pay the state a 20 percent gross receipts tax. Abruzzo’s 42-page bill includes provisions aimed to combat money-laundering and gambling addiction.

Abruzzo’s bill has attracted the attention of the gaming industry. Here’s one take on it from

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9 Responses to “Abruzzo: legalize, regulate and tax online poker”

  1. Paul Says:

    Where in the hell did Abruzzo come from?

    Is he a democrat carpetbagger? Moves to Florida, establishes residence and then runs for office.

    All Abruzzo knows: TAX, TAX, TAX and SPEND, SPEND, SPEND and get your mug on TV or at some public meeting where the cameras are rolling.

    We need REAL leadership, not carpetbagging leadership.

  2. Gordon Solie Says:

    Since Abruzzo is on a campaign to shut down pain clinics perhaps he should support “legalize, regulate and tax pot” too.

  3. DT Says:

    Finally a sensible approach to address today’s technology, the desire of people to gamble, the revenue needs of the state, and addiction. This is a long overdue discussion – good for Abruzzo.

  4. Frank Says:

    Of course we should “legalize, regulate and tax pot (marijuana)”….
    That’s a no-brainer. It’s about time already for so many different reasons, not the least of which is to balance the budget.

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  6. CooksChoice Says:

    @Paul – First off, so how long does one have to live here before they are not considered a carpet bagger any longer? He’e been here since the 90′s and he graduated from Lynn University.

    Secondly, Abruzzo is anti-tax. He has the most conservative fiscal record in the legilature, especially for a freshman. So much so that the PBC business community (BizPac) just endorsed him.

    He voted against all the tax hikes proposed last session with the excepetion of the cigarette fee.

  7. gerri Says:

    Way to go! Finally someone thinking outside the box!

  8. David Becker Says:

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  9. Quick Hits » Florida Progressive Coalition Blog - Says:

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