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Victory for no-party congressional candidate McCormick — he’s included in debate

by George Bennett | February 9th, 2010



No-party candidate Jim McCormick originally wasn’t invited to this morning’s West Boca Chamber of Commerce debate between Republican Ed Lynch and Democrat Ted Deutch.

But today McCormick has a place at the dais for the debate that’s set to begin soon. Chamber President Barry Epstein said the chamber changed its mind after McCormick sent an e-mail last night suggesting he might file a lawsuit if he wasn’t included.

McCormick, Lynch and Deutch are running in the April 13 special election for the District 19 congressional seat to replace Robert Wexler, who left office last month to head a Middle East think tank.

“We’re a chamber of inclusion, not exclusion,” said Epstein. On Monday, Epstein said McCormick wasn’t invited because he’s “not viable.”

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9 Responses to “Victory for no-party congressional candidate McCormick — he’s included in debate”

  1. Jay Says:

    It’s only fair.

  2. Epstein is a tool Says:

    You’re still a tool Epstein. I hope this comes back to haunt you. Good for you McCormick, like was said, it’s only fair.

  3. West Boca Chamber Says:

    The chamber opted for inclusion rather than exclusion.

  4. Robert Says:

    What you fail to see is that it was never up to you to decide if one of the candidates was “viable” or not!

  5. Tweets that mention Victory for no-party congressional candidate McCormick — he’s included in debate | Post on Politics -- Says:

    [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by, said: Victory for no-party congressional candidate McCormick — he’s included in debate [...]

  6. Dick Stevens Says:

    Wow! What a story………..a candidate “not viable? Sounds like Washington politics is alive and well in West Boca and with decisions like this maybe Mr. Epstein is not a “viable” president for the Chamber.

    It is about time that our elected officials, and non-elected groups that are in a position to represent our community(Chamber of Commerce), support their constituents instead of their political parties.

    Maybe it is time for “no party” candidates who will REPRESENT the PEOPLE of the community, state and country!

    I am exhausted by the partisan game we see daily at all levels.

    Go Jim McCormick!

  7. Epstein is a tool Says:

    Yeah, the chamber opted for inclusion. I am sure that decision was made prior to a suit threat. I assure you Mr. Epstein, I will not conduct business with any of your members while you are even remoty involved. Real class act you are. I am astounded that you have a PR Firm, your decision making is abhorrent.

  8. i was there Says:

    First of all, the idiots who were not there do not know the truth, which is, Epstein was speaking for the committee organizing the event and not himself and he and the Chamber were most cordial and inviting to McCormick when he arrived and he should have said so in his post. Secondly, Epstein singlehandedly built the chamber and does not deserve the vitriolic attitudes exhibited to him. The bottom line is that the event came off without a hitch, despite the nasty comments made on this blog. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  9. Jon Says:

    Ah, I see you double posted this nonsense.

    I will simply say, again, that you do not slap someone in the face then expect applause for being cordial after threat of a lawsuit.

    The irony of chastising someone for name-calling and saying they should be ashamed of themselves while calling that person an idiot is astounding. Well done.

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