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UPDATE: Sink-McCollum smackdown, Part II

by Dara Kam | February 16th, 2010

The gubernatorial campaign fur continues to fly in the battle between Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink and Attorney General Bill McCollum, this time over what is a tax “cut” and whether they’re good or bad for businesses.

Sink’s campaign took a swing at McCollum for opposing tax cuts for small businesses to jump-start the economy and create jobs.

In fact, McCollum told reporters yesterday that he didn’t think targeted tax credits or incentives work out so great in the long term.

Here’s what McCollum said after a speech to the National Federation of Independent Business.

“Targeted tax credits, in my experience in Washington, were minimally effective. They can be in the short run but they’re not in the long run very effective,” the former Congressman said.

After the two campaigns traded insults on other matters throughout the day, Sink’s campaign blasted McCollum for being against tax cuts.

“Career politician Bill McCollum says tax cuts don’t work, but he’s just plain wrong- wrong for small businesses, wrong for our economy, and wrong for everyday Floridians. The choice in this election just got a little clearer- a career politician who cites his decades in Congress as a reason to oppose tax cuts versus a businesswoman who knows what it’s going to take to get our economy back on track,” reads a press release issued by Sink’s campaign spokeswoman Conchita Cruz.

Hang on.

McCollum spoke about tax credits or tax incentives. Are they the same as tax cuts?

“He said tax credits and tax credits are tax cuts,” Sink said in an e-mail from Cruz.

This from McCollum’s campaign spokeswoman Kristy Campbell.

“It is laughable that Alex Sink, who has made thousands in personal campaign contributions to liberal tax-and-spend Democrats, would try to assert she is a fiscal conservative. Following more political stunts from her official office at taxpayer expense, Alex Sink has resorted to ridiculous attempts to obfuscate the facts.

“Bill McCollum has a bullet-proof record of fighting to cut taxes across the board for families and businesses that speaks for itself,” Campbell said in a press release.

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5 Responses to “UPDATE: Sink-McCollum smackdown, Part II”

  1. ELC Says:

    Give it a break Alex-stop twisting Mc
    Collums words-it won’t work. You are
    going to lose!lose!lose!!!

  2. Come On Dara Says:


    Why aren’t you covering ALL of the candidates running for Governor? The other media outlets seem to understand Bill I Don’t Believe in Tax Cuts McCollum has a primary opponent. Why don’t you?

  3. JustMeee Says:

    Both of these bozos need to learn that the “everyday Floridian” is sick of being patronized and their rhetoric will get them nowhere.

  4. H.Maria-Miami Says:

    Tax Credit- is a credit(payment) made to reduce the tax owed, the balance still has to be paid by the individuals or corporations.

    Tax Cut-leaves corporations, individuals money that most likely will stimulate movement of money by either the spending of money in commodities or investments thus the result stimulates the economy and it causes more net tax revenues to be collected by the government in the long run, even though, at first when tax cuts take place the government’s real income will decrease and peoples’, corporations’ real income will increase.

  5. Douglas Williams Says:

    It will be time for a good candidate like Sink to be the next Governor of Florida and bring the surpluses back to Florida like we had with Democrats before. After the removal of 50 public officials in the state it is time to clean house with the Florida Legislators. The good old boy club has put us in last for education, somewhere near next to last in Median Wages, 5th in the most dangerous State, to more than half of all babies born being paid for by Medicaid, and all of this was done with a Republican Governor and a Majority in the House and Senate. Yes it is high time for a change in this state.

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