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Sink campaign hits ‘career politician’ McCollum with TV ad

by Dara Kam | February 23rd, 2010

The Florida Democratic Party is running a television ad blasting GOP candidate for governor Bill McCollum.

The TV spot was released the same day the the Republican Governors Association let loose a television campaign slamming Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, the presumptive Democratic nominee for governor.

The FDP ad blames McCollum for costing taxpayers billions of dollars during his two decades in Congress.

The RGA ad roasts Sink for earning millions of dollars as NationsBank’s Florida chief in 1998 while giving pink slips to thousands of bank workers during the financial institution’s buy-out of Barnett Bank.

The Democrats’ ad skewers McCollum for voting for Congressional pay hikes four times, for his $75,000-a-year Congressional pension taxpayers are now footing and for voting five times to increase the national debt that skyrocketed to $4.7 trillion while the Republican was in office.

“Bill McCollum. Just another Washington politician Florida can’t afford,” the 30-second commercial ends.

McCollum’s campaign dismissed the Sink ad in much the same way her campaign responded to the RGA ad earlier today. Both sides accused the other of being “misleading” and “desperate.”

“This is a weak, misleading ad from a candidate and party desperate to salvage a message-less, issue-less campaign that has been roundly derided by even their strongest supporters. Alex Sink needs to stop complaining and start explaining. She eliminated thousands of Florida jobs will taking millions in salary and bonuses. The Republican Governors Association raises serious questions and Alex Sink will have to answer to Florida voters in November,” McCollum campaign Kristy Campbell wrote in a press release.

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8 Responses to “Sink campaign hits ‘career politician’ McCollum with TV ad”

  1. Dick Says:

    Geez, we really have a choice this time.
    Ms. Sink who is really in it for power and, wow, the same thing applies to McCollum…I used to think McCollum was a
    true conservative until I learned he was against gun rights for individuals. I couldn’t believe this was true, so I sent a fax to him in Tallahassee asking him to
    tell me his true position….no answer at all. Sink is an elitist, McCollum is a career politician…. What do we do?

  2. KC Says:

    Alexandra McBride Sink will sign off on Cap and Trade TAXING.

    She is a former Bank of America executive who will follow the democrat mantra of TAXING and SPENDING.

    Forget a career politician. Alexandra’s husband, Bill alos tried to become the governor of Florida.

    They want power. He didn’t win, she shouldn’t win.

    Out with the taxers and spenders…Sink, sink!

  3. Dick Says:

    KC is right

  4. Forget Sink and McCullom Says:

    The only real choice for Governor is Senator Paula Dockery! Not a self-promotor or a career politician, but a fighter for the people!!
    Saw her in South Florida tonight. What an articulate, and committed public servant! She will definitely get my vote!

  5. Its For The People Says:

    Paula Dockery to the rescue! Down with these crooked professional politicians who are screwing us blind!

  6. Charles B. Lawson Says:

    Who cares if Alex Sink and Bill McCollum beat each other to death with smear politics. Florida deserves a much better gubernatorial candidate than these antics–a candidate with a solid economic plan. That candidate is the one and only Dr. Farid Khavari. You be the judge. Visit

  7. Mark Says:

    This shows you how out of touch even the Democrats are. They have a million things to attack him on and they do it on spending? Really are you that stupid or is your campaign being done by a Republican who is attacking the Democrats. I don’t know if they get the post-it…but the Democrats are being attacked because of overspending…so did you with this wasteful ad.

    Democrats you all are a sad case while the Republicans are well Republicans.

    Staying home Democrat

  8. John Adams Says:

    Paula Dockery is a public servant. You shmuck, she’s got her money from her daddy’s insurance company. Know your facts. Florida insurance companies and the Republicans that pander to them are the reason for outrageous insurance prices, terrible policies and a bankrupt state.

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