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Rubio widens lead over Crist to 18 points in latest Rasmussen poll

by George Bennett | February 22nd, 2010

Rubio: leads GOP race 54-36

Rubio: leads GOP race 54-36

Emerging national conservative celebrity Marco Rubio has opened up an 18-point lead over Gov. Charlie Crist in their Republican U.S. Senate primary race, according to the latest Rasmussen Reports poll.

Former Florida House speaker Rubio has a 54-to-36 percent lead over Crist in a poll of 442 likely Republican voters taken last Thursday — the day Rubio made a much-publicized speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington.

Crist: approval numbers slipping

Crist: approval numbers slipping

In the poll, which has a 5 percent margin of error, Rubio is viewed favorably by 67 percent of Republican voters and Crist is viewed favorably by 54 percent. Crist’s approval rating as governor is 48 percent, with 49 percent disapproving. In January, Crist had a 62 percent favorability rating among Republicans and his approval-disapproval score as governor was 56-43.

Rubio had a 12-point lead in a late-January Rasmussen poll. Rubio and Crist were tied in December.

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8 Responses to “Rubio widens lead over Crist to 18 points in latest Rasmussen poll”

  1. ted Says:

    Keep going Marco! We have had enough of this two faced lying silver tongued devil. He has no concrete views, just a typical professional politician who will do or say ANYTHING as long as the money is good for him. Sorry Charlie.

  2. Chris Man Says:

    Take a freshman level political science class…these polling numbers mean absolutely NADA!!

  3. joe six pack Says:

    after his two faced stimulus comments, the leading hypocrite is finally getting what he deserves. Come out of the closet Charlie and act like a “man”

  4. gt Says:

    If you want a real conservative look at Bob Smith,a republican,with a proven tract record.

  5. Genuine Ahole Says:

    Rubio is a cocksmoker!!!!

  6. gt Says:

    If you want a real conservative check out Bill Smith,a republican,who has a track record not just the talk.

  7. No Thanks Says:

    gt, NO THANKS! We already had Alan Grayson come down here from the Bronx and rent a “Condom” in Orlando to run for office. If Bill Smith was so wonderful they should have kept him up there in “New England.” Why did they let him escape? We don’t need anymore yankee’s coming down here and telling us how brillient they are. And don’t start telling us how prejudiced we are cause we ain’t. We’ll take a Cuban-American anyday over a Carpetbagger.
    Just the decency in the human being that’s all. After all we fought the Civil War trying to prove a Yankee was better than a slave and we lost.

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