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New term-limits proposal offered….

by George Bennett | February 26th, 2010


The Post‘s Andrew Abramson spotted this message along Dixie Highway in Lake Worth.

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4 Responses to “New term-limits proposal offered….”

  1. ricardus Says:

    Harry’s Banana Farm in Lake3 Worth has it just about right.

  2. Ma Richards Says:

    My husband always said the same thing in his day. Let us count Ed Eissey has spent 5 terms in office maybe he needs 5 in jail plus some time for his shenanigans at PBJC and PBG High.

  3. Breaking News Says:

    I believe all politicians should be informed if they are caught with their hand in the cookie jar, it will be cut off and they will serve 20 years to life. Crooked judges just get life with no bung hole protection.

  4. video camcorder | Camcorders Says:

    [...] New term-limits proposal offered…. | Post on Politics [...]

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