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UPDATE: McCollum’s office: That Sink paper clip idea isn’t so bad

by Dara Kam | February 10th, 2010

After dissing Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink for gloating about skimping on paper clips, Attorney General Bill McCollum appears to have taken a liking to her cost-cutting measure.

Spending less on office supplies and reusing paper clips and file folders could save taxpayers about $238,000 a year, McCollum’s director of administration John Hamilton told the Senate Criminal and Civil Justice Appropriations Committee this morning.


Just a few weeks ago, McCollum mocked Sink’s efforts to stop buying non-mission critical office supplies until the end of the fiscal year in June, a savings that she estimates could be $200,000. If all the state followed her lead, taxpayers could save $14 million according to the Democratic candidate for governor.

“While Alex Sink focuses on rationing paperclips and paper products, Bill McCollum is focused on finding solutions to the severe economic challenges we face,” McCollum’s campaign said in a press release late last month.

McCollum’s campaign spokeswoman Kristy Campbell had this to say in response to our blog:

“Attorney General McCollum has remained to curbing wasteful spending throughout his tenure in office. Unfortunately, CFO Alex Sink has consistently used her office for political public relations stunts and for attacking her opponent on the taxpayers dime,” Campbell wrote in an e-mail.

And Democratic Party of Florida spokesman Eric Jotkoff had his own snap:

“We’re glad to see that career politician Bill McCollum is finally showing some concern for Florida taxpayers and eating his wrong-headed attacks on Alex Sink, even if it took some coaxing and cajoling, at least the Attorney General is finally following CFO Sink’s leadership in cutting wasteful government spending,” Jotkoff wrote in a press release.

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4 Responses to “UPDATE: McCollum’s office: That Sink paper clip idea isn’t so bad”

  1. frank juratovac Says:

    Tax payers have always had to pay dearly for politicians wasting money.If it was THEIR money,you can bet more savings will appear. What this State needs is someone who can get honest and accurate expenses and cut the unnecessary expenses that politicians are noted for. I firmly believe that government has a “don’t ask,don’t tell”policy. Otherwise, don’t cause me trouble or I’ll dig up someting on you. Political office is a gold mine that offers benefits and connections that 99.99% of us regular people can only dream of.

  2. No Taxing Says:

    ANY savings is good. Not voting for Alexandra McBride Sink, but appreciate this savings.

    Alexandra will more than makeup for this savings by taxing residents and ENDORSING the democrat TAX AND TRADE TAX.

    She doesn’t want drilling, but perhaps just a mileage TAX on vehicles. She WILL SPEND and endorse the costly democrat agenda.

    We need a governor who won’t tax and spend and doesn’t have a family member who also sought the governorship…her hubby Bill.

    Professional politicians…seeking power to spend our money.

  3. Fran Says:

    The PB Post has again place this story in the newspaper. It was in previously, but apparently the editorial staff felt it didn’t get enough exposure.

    That’s what happens when you have a media source that give slanted articles favoring the democrat party over other parties.

    You can’t get balanced reporting. It’s all for democrats. The Post is a supporter and only endorses democrat candidates.

  4. Sink skimps some more, this time on middle-managers | Post on Politics Says:

    [...] McCollum’s own director of administration last week testified before a Senate committee that h… a year by skimping on office supplies and reusing paper [...]

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