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Lawmaker has a beef with DOC ‘food loaf’

by Dara Kam | February 4th, 2010

Food loaf. It’s what inmates hope isn’t for dinner.

As if prison food isn’t bad enough already, naughty inmates are fed a mystery “meat” called “food loaf.”

What exactly the loaf is made up of and what prisoners do to warrant the punishing meal isn’t clear either.

“Food loaf” is also known as called “meal management loaf,” “nutri-loaf” or “behavioral loaf in prison circles. In some prisons the concoction is made up of all of the day’s food put into a blender with some oats thrown in and baked into a loaf.

It is given in some prisons to unruly inmates who throw their food trays at correctional officers and was served in the past to Florida inmates with no utensils.

Currently, inmates in Vermont are suing prison officials over the use of the food loaf and which some states have banned.

Sen. Arthenia Joyner, D-Tampa, asked Department of Corrections Chief of Staff Richard Prudhom at this morning’s Criminal and Civil Justice Appropriations meeting morning to give her, in writing, the caloric value of the mystery package and the department policy on offenses that result in the loaf.

Prudhom said he will report back.

The state spends $2.33 a day for three meals and a snack on the 100,000 prisoners behind bars.

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4 Responses to “Lawmaker has a beef with DOC ‘food loaf’”

  1. Mr. Bojangles Says:

    Get some rapper to rap about it and then all da hood rats be beggin’ for it.

  2. Darwinist Says:

    What do they think they deserve? filet mignon? If they don’t behave throw them in the hole and feed them bread and water for a few days. Then they will be happy to have some behavioral loaf.

  3. Fred Dixon Says:

    You did not get the spelling of Mr. Prudom correct, and he is not the “Chief of Staff” Makes me wonder if the rest of the story is correct.


    Let’s ask these guys why they are in the jail Every crime should have a victim. Ask them if you are deprived.

    Perhaps, they could contact the present occupant of Government housing in D.C., and request a transfer to Gitmo Hilton, in Cuba, to be with his brethren.

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