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In Washington, Republican Ed Lynch cheered as replacement to “loudmouth” Wexler

by George Bennett | February 20th, 2010



WASHINGTON — Republican congressional hopeful Ed Lynch might not be known by most of the attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

But “fire-breathing liberal” Robert Wexler is.

So Lynch, running in an April 13 special election to replace Wexler, was warmly received by thousands of conservatives this afternoon.

“He is a candidate for the next House election that’s going to occur…It’s the seat vacated by that loudmouth Robert Wexler in Florida that you might remember from cable television,” said Wall Street Journal columnist John Fund in his introduction of Lynch.

Lynch, who is Hispanic and head of the Latin American Republican Club in Palm Beach County, was part of a four-member panel discussing immigration reform. He spoke for six minutes and got big applause when he called for making English the official language of the United States.

“One of the most racist things we do in our country is not make English the official language,” Lynch said. Failure to learn English limits opportunities for Hispanics, Lynch said.

Lynch also got a big response when he suggested a phone-answering system that says “push 1 for English and push 2 to go home.”

Lynch faces long odds in Palm Beach-Broward congressional District 19, where Democrats hold more than a 2-to-1 voter registration advantage and Democratic rival Ted Deutch has raised more than $1 million. Wexler left office in January to head a Middle East think tank.

Lynch is hoping his appearance before the nation’s premiere gathering of conservatives will nationalize the race.

“Let’s Do This Together!” says a flyer handed out by the Lynch campaign to CPAC attendees. “Just like the Scott Brown race in Massachusetts, this race will have national implications. As the first House race of 2010, it will set the tone for all of the November elections!”

Lynch, who came to Washington this week with six campaign staffers, has spent a few hours getting issue briefings from the conservative Heritage Foundation, meeting with representatives of the National Rifle Association and other PACs and visiting Wexler’s old office on Capitol Hill.

Another South Florida congressional hopeful, Allen West, has a featured speaking slot later this afternoon.


38 Responses to “In Washington, Republican Ed Lynch cheered as replacement to “loudmouth” Wexler”

  1. Carol Kennedy Says:

    That’s a great quote!!!! Press two to go home! What a concept! Go Get em Lynch! I’ll help!

  2. Loximama Says:

    Just what we need: another racist republican in Congress. Perhaps they should all just start wearing white robes with matching hoods.

  3. WATCHER Says:

    Am I the only one or does this sound like another us against them mentallity? Is this the man Latin Americans want to represent them? Be assimulated or go home? It’s amazing how money and power can tear people away from who they really are. This is another man using hatefull tactics to feed the demons that are present in our society. How can u respect someone who doesn’t have his people’s best interest in mind. Sell your soul Ed Lynch, Mommy won’t mind,but remember Lynch this not the 30′s, America is diverse!!!

  4. Kate Says:

    Way to go, Ed!! You’re kicking butt and I love it!! It’s time we elected a real Congressman and you’re it!

  5. Larry Says:

    Pretty sad when the local ‘republican’ and that is in quotes Sid Dinerstein is ineffective in courting local republicans to run for office.

    Sid, as I understand, ‘used’ to be a democrat and then ‘magically’ decided he was a republican.

    Sid is a democrat in wolf’s clothing.

    He has done absolutely nothing in finding local candidates to run for local office during a time when they would have a better chance of winning.

    Because of this, Sid has multiplied the ability of democrats to dominate local politics and has not given republicans a local voice (other than his pathetic appearances at county commission meetings)

    Get Sid out of office. We hunger for republican leadership.

  6. Tom Says:

    @Loximama and WATCHER, how are his comments racist? He makes a very good point that one of the most racist things we can do is NOT require someone learn English. Watch what happens if a person doesn’t and then they try to move up and excel in the when everyone around the speaks English. They hit a ceiling and can’t get above it.

    Clearly Mr. Lynch is proud of hispanic heritage being the president of the Latin American Republican Club, he hasn’t hidden from his roots.

    I fail to see how anything he did is racist. Your comments seem to state that if someone speaks another language, other than English, it is racist to ask they speak English in our country. We have spoken English here as the primary language for over 233 years and it has served us well, moving away from that will only further divide people into groups rather than unite them as one… American.

  7. Barb Says:

    I feel bad for people in 19. They are stuck with either a puppet of Wexler or a man who hates his own background….(like Wexler).

    Self Hating

    Sorry Palm Beach County

  8. Ed Fulop Says:

    Loximama –

    Perhaps you should look in the mirror when you say racist. That blade cuts both ways — if you hate people for being white, you are the racist you seek. Shelve the hate and open your eyes.

    Restore Honor.

  9. Tom Says:


    What does Sid have to do with this? Lynch is a Republican running in Palm Beach County, i.e. where Mr. Dinerstein is chairman. What does your comment have to do with anything in this article? Just curious….

  10. Mack Donald Says:

    Everyone knows Loud mouth is code for Jewish. John Fund is an antisemite-who has been accused of spousal abuse, and as a result basically put on the bench at the journal.

    As for Ed Lynch, he is a carpetbagger from New Jersey that skipped out of that state owing many creditors-he owes the IRS over $1,000,000. I am no Ted Deutch fan either but Ed Lynch has been serially unsuccessful. Go pay your bills Ed!

  11. Harry Kluger Says:

    Lynch is a blithering idiot. Its great he went to DC to talk to a whole crowd full of blithering tea baggers.

  12. Jose Says:

    First off, Lynch is NOT hispanic and is lying about his heritage. Secondly, he’s no Scott Brown and it is cruel of those in DC who don’t know what he’s all about to make him believe he stands a chance at beating Deutch. Ed, your financial crap is going to haunt you forever, so let’s not pretend that it doesn’t matter. You basically stole the special election with early voting and absentee ballots strong-armed by your flunkees out of their unsuspecting friends and family.

    Larry- Just like Sid, Ed was also a Democrat for several years and then magically decided he was a conservative Republican. Is it any wonder they approve of each other?

  13. Ed Fulop Says:

    Can any liberal progressive make a point in any issue without calling the other side a name? It’s hysterical. “Blithering tea-baggers”,
    “self-hating racists”, and “Republican” as if it means the same as “baby-eater!” or “puppy killer”. I dare you to make a point without the ridicule.

  14. Tom Says:


    So how do you magically know that Mr. Lynch is not Hispanic? I have a friend with the last name of Johnson and his mother was from Brazil, he is considered hispanic as he is 50% hispanic.

  15. Loximama Says:

    @Ed Fulop – I am white. I think it’s deplorable that he says push 1 for English, push 2 to go home. I have no issue with him wanting people to learn English. It’s his classless treatment of his own people. Instead of promoting a positive, he incites a negative.

    I wouldn’t expect a Glenn Beck loving, 9/12 Teabagger, xenophobe such as yourself to understand. We know your kind hates immigrants.

    Fortunately, Dist 19 is overwhelmingly registered Democrat. Lynch won’t make it out of PBC. TEAM TED!

  16. IndependentVoter Says:

    “Can any liberal progressive make a point in any issue without calling the other side a name?” republicans first – “loud-mouth” Wexler? Mr. Lynch, republicans, democrats and all candidates – namecalling is the last resort of those who have nothing worthwhile to say. Step up and state your ideas for addressing the issues concerning Americans – affordable healthcare, jobs, the war, etc. or “press 2 and go home”. Mr. West seems to be the only candidate so far who is ready and able to do so – you have my attention Mr. West – I’ve hung up on the namecallers.

  17. disappointed Says:

    this is the most disgusting display i have seen in a while, it starts with yet another backhanded attempt to attack lynch by the moth worthless rag in the business, and this joke of an author George, then the attacks from both sides, no wonder people hate politicians and everyone associated with them.

  18. Loximama Says:

    @independent voter – I wasn’t name calling by any means. Ed Fulop is indeed part of the 9/12-teabag followers. He is all over the local chapter’s website like a rash:

  19. Jose Says:

    @Tom, I know for a fact, 100% that this joker is not Hispanic. I have followed this race closely. All the clues are out there. Connect the dots.

  20. JIm Capatelli Says:

    In the long run, candidates like this Ed Lynch guy are going to be very harmful to the Republicans. They may pick up a few seats in Congress this year—most out of power parties do in off year elections. But they won’t get nearly as many as they’re now overconfidently assuming.

    His overt slander of other Hispanics won’t bring more Latinos into the Republican Party. It only makes Lynch look like he’s sold out to the worst elements in that party. Like Michael Steele, he appears to be the token, the order-taker for the people in his party with more money and influence.

    Republicans don’t understand that they can’t build for the long term by insulting those who speak Spanish. They also can’t build for the future by dismissing those who are gay, urban, black, female or too poor to join a country club, live in a gated community and go sailing on weekends.

    Whether Lynch is actually Hispanic or not, his remarks are outrageous. They appear to deliberately stoke the fires of anti-Latino beliefs that are already such a big part of today’s extremist, ultra-conservatives.

  21. Kate Says:

    I guess all of you Deutchbaggers above missed the part where illegal immigration cost the state of Florida more than the budget shortfall. Shame on all of you for not standing up for your families and fellow Floridians by allowing this to continue. Your idiotic comments are sickening and your stupidity is beyond imagination. Three cheers for turning America into a 3rd world country by allowing the rot of illegal immigration to spread on the backs of your children and mine. Racist? Call it whatever you want but I’ll be voting for the candidate who is going to do something about it and it certainly won’t be Deutch.

  22. Joe Budd Says:

    Another article this morning, NY Times: Millions face years without jobs, Economists fear recovery will leave more behind than in past recessions.

    By Peter S. Goodman

    There are a record number of unemployed in Florida and just because a recession ends does not mean new jobs will be created or companies will hire the laid off back to their old jobs.

    Solutions for Florida to emerge from this recession with one of the top economies:

    1. Drilling/Natural Gas Exploration

    We have substantial natural resources that we must tap into! Drilling will create good paying jobs, will lower gas prices at the pump (unlike a one time $200 federal stimulus check, this would save families $200 every month), would be a source of revenue to the State and maybe most importantly it will stop us from sending huge sums of money overseas to purchase oil from evil dictators!

    The naysayers will say who wants to see a bunch of oil rigs of our coasts? Answer: drill beyond the horizon. What about a spill? Answer: there were NO spills in the gulf coast as a result of hurricane Katrina.

    2. Immigration Reform

    Illegal immigration is a $4 billion problem paid by Florida taxpayers. The costs and burdens placed on our Education, Healthcare, Prison Institutions as well as Medicaid/Welfare benefits are not only hurting Floridians but are hurting our nation as a whole (a $70 billion problem nationwide).

    This isn’t a racist issue. This is an issue of law. It’s that pesky word that often appears in front of immigration, you know “illegal”. Legal vs. Illegal is the deciding factor not the ethnicity of the immigrant, not the language they speak but whether or not an individual is here legally or illegally!

    We must get a handle on this problem. Many of these immigrants are productive, law abiding members of society. Yet, many have come and have abused the generosity of the American people. Amnesty is NOT a solution. The issue of “legal” must be fairly dealt with.

    This is not an issue that can be solved overnight, like rounding up all the illegals and sending them home. We don’t have the resources or manpower for that. However, those who are unemployed, those who are incarcerated or arrested for anything less than a serious violent crime, should be deported as they are found. We must end the “anchor” baby loophole. We are one of only two nations that allow this.

    3. Tort Reform

    The bottom line for Tort Reform locally and across our nation is that our seniors would rather save $400 billion from tort reform than have their benefits reduced by $500 billion!

    Keep electing attorneys to public office and see how far you get on this one. Their peers are off limits to any cuts that might impact their wallets! They are not concerned with your wallet! Please, don’t try to say tort reform accounts for only 1/2 a percent of overall healthcare costs. That figure is what the attorney gets. The cost to the system is the fact that 83% of Doctors/Hospitals perform unnecessary tests and such to protect themselves from lawsuits (defensive, CYA medicine) which wastes a substantial amount of resources!

    Joe Budd

  23. fred Says:

    Well said Joe Budd.

  24. Ed Fulop Says:

    Loximama –

    If you are white, then YOU are the self-hater you speak about when disparaging Lynch. Way to shoot your mouth off. I AM part of the 9.12 Project (like a rash, as you put it), that is true, and something I don’t apologize for. As a matter of fact, I usually sign off my blog entries with our web address, so don’t chuckle like you just outed me or something. However, you’ve got it so wrong when you say “your kind hates immigrants” you couldn’t be more ignorant to the truth; My parents escaped from Hungary in 1956 during the Soviet’s aggression. They applied for visas to come to the US, but Eisenhower closed the borders, so they ended up in Australia for 13 years. Eventually, they saved enough money to emigrate to the U.S. at their own expense, LEGALLY. Immigrants like my parents are the people who built this nation into the “shining city on a hill” for the last 200 years. They came here and became AMERICANS — no hyphenations!

    How can you ignore these facts:

    1. $11 Billion to $22 billion is spent on welfare to illegal aliens each year by state governments.

    2. $2.2 Billion dollars a year is spent on food assistance programs such as food stamps, WIC, and free school lunches for illegal aliens.

    3. $2.5 Billion dollars a year is spent on Medicaid for illegal aliens.

    4. $12 Billion dollars a year is spent on primary and secondary school education for children here illegally and they cannot speak a word of English!

    5. $17 Billion dollars a year is spent for education for the American-born children of illegal aliens, known as anchor babies.

    6. $3 Million Dollars a DAY is spent to incarcerate illegal aliens.

    7. 30% percent of all Federal Prison inmates are illegal aliens.

    8. $90 Billion Dollars a year is spent on illegal aliens for Welfare & social services by the American taxpayers.

    9. $200 Billion dollars a year in suppressed American wages are caused by the illegal aliens.

    10. During the year of 2005 there were 4 to 10 MILLION illegal aliens that crossed our Southern Border also, as many as 19,500 illegal aliens from Terrorist Countries. Millions of pounds of drugs, cocaine, meth, heroin and marijuana, crossed into the US from the Southern border.

    11. The National Policy Institute, estimated that the total cost of mass deportation would be between $206 and $230 billion or an average cost of between $41 and $46 billion annually over a five year period.

    12. In 2006 illegal aliens sent home $45 BILLION in remittances to their countries of origin.

    13. Nearly One million sex crimes Committed by Illegal Immigrants In The United States.

    These costs are what is crushing this country. Open your eyes.

  25. Kate Says:

    And here is a newsflash for “Watcher”. Illegal immigrants are NOT Latin Americans. They are illegal immigrants, period.

  26. Loximama Says:

    @Ed Fulop – You’re reading with your eyes closed. I’ll repeat: I have no issue with immigrants being required to learn English . I take issue with the insulting way Lynch presents the notion.

    The sad fact is, corporations and the government have turned a blind eye to illegal immigration for decades.

    Corporations enjoy the cheap labor and the politicians (on both sides of the aisle) enjoy the campaign contributions by ignoring it brings.

    Cutting and pasting a load of nonsense spewed by the 9/12 Project is meaningless. Based on the rambling diatribe of non-facts you have posted (many debunked), you have proven my point.

    You and your organization want a lily-white America. This is evident just by looking at your astro-turf rallies. Rarely is a face of color to be seen. Coincidence? I think not.

    Me thinks thou dost protest too much.

  27. geoff Says:










    A JOB,

  28. Get Real Says:

    Jose (or should we call you Curt?),
    You know “100%” that Ed isn’t half-hispanic? How would you know that? Do you have his birth certificate? Or is because his driver’s license says “white”? You don’t get to say “half-” on a driver’s license. He looks white, so he chose to put white.
    I suppose that some one that is Canadian-American isn’t really American by your twisted logic.

  29. Get Real Says:

    Apparently some people weren’t listening to the speech, or aren’t capable of assimilating what Ed Lynch was saying. The truly racist policy is to NOT require people to learn English when they come this country to live LEGALLY.
    Not knowing and understanding the primary language of our nation keeps hispanics from achieving their true potential and creates a dependent class that liberals and Democrats can exploit.
    Maybe if Ed had made the speech in Spanish it would have been easier for you to comprehend.

  30. Get Real Says:

    Not that Sid has anything to do with this story, but Ronald Reagan was a Democrat once, have anything bad to say about him? Or how about Curt Price and Joe Budd who were independents and rejoined the GOP to run against Ed Lynch?
    Heck, Joe Budd’s FEC filing page STILL lists him as party “UNKNOWN”. What exactly is your point?

  31. Sid Dinerstein Says:

    I have NEVER been a Democrat – not for one day.
    Not when I was a student at Brooklyn College (Goldwater supporter), not when I lived in NJ (Reagan supporter) and not here in Florida.


  32. YA SURE? Says:


  33. Special Election FL19: Edward Lynch in the First House Campaign of 2010 : The Other McCain Says:

    [...] last month’s Scott Brown win in Massachusetts. Lynch was a big hit with conservatives when he spoke on an immigration panel at CPAC:“He is a candidate for the next House election that’s going to occur…It’s the seat vacated [...]

  34. Jon Says:

    I’ve looked into the Independent Candidate after he was called “not viable” by the West Boca Chamber and emailed him with a couple of questions. Guess what? He actually replied.

    After seeing the ridiculous partisanship in Washington and once again in this election and even these comments, he’s getting my vote. The attitude of entitlement between the Lynch and Deutch camps is nauseating. You have Joe Budd who was against Lynch before he was for him, scrapping his “Principles over Politics” by supporting a man he swore he never would in here. Ed Fulop is a 912 leader that came out in support of Lynch after what I am sure was an exhaustive vetting so I will be sure to see his views as impartial and others in here doing exactly what both parties want, divide and conquer.

    You’re Americans first people and I must say you sell your souls rather easily. I would hope any intelligent person would look into all the candidates. I have no doubt those in here are entrenched in their asinine talking points that there is no reason to be found. See how pathetic it is when you limit yourself to two choices? Either you don’t vote and let 10% of the voters decide for you (and then you have no right to complain) or you choose the side you hate the least.

    This country is in trouble and if you think sending the same type of politicians to Washington year in and year out will change anything for the better you are deluded.

    I read someone on here say it the best… if you are happy with the way things are in Washington then by all means, vote for either Deutch or Lynch. If you think a Republican has any chance in hell winning District 19, wake up. You think Ted is heading to Tallahasse because the Senate is in session? The most absent politician in Tallahassee worries about the session? They are sending him there to hide him away as it is his race to lose and won’t risk a Coakley moment. They really haven’t anything to worry about because Ed Lynch is nowhere close to Scott Brown.

    I am not happy with our Government and I am not happy with them and the media continually feeding us tripe that we are a two party system and that is the way it is and the Democrats are good/bad and the Republicans are good/bad. I cannot in good conscience continue to propagate this farce that we call government. I would rather vote for a man that is courageous enough to stand to his guns without the pressure of partisanship than continually vote for the same old story.

    Stop kidding yourselves people, you know Lynch and Deutch are nothing more than the more of the same. You are just of the opinion that you would rather see one over the other make it for personal preference and bias and that my fellow voters… is settling, once again.

  35. Steven R Says:

    Edward Lynch isn’t a career politician or more of the same. He’s businessman, a citizen and a patriot that has put his life on hold to run for office in order to serve and represent the residents of District 19, Florida and America.

    He’s a fiscal conservative that knows that what the Republican Party actually is supposed to stand for is smaller, more accountable government, lower taxes and strong national defense. Just because many of the politicians that have been Washington too long aren’t acting like Republicans, doesn’t mean that Edward won’t hold to his principles.

    In 2010 a Republican has EVERY chance of winning in District 19, especially in a special election. Certainly far more chance than an independent candidate.

    Your right Jon, Edward “is nowhere close to Scott Brown”. He’s ahead of him. Brown won in state where he was at a 3-1 disadvantage, Democrat-Republican. In District 19 we’re only 2-1 Democrat-Republican. Scott Brown isn’t a fiscal-conservative and never claimed to be.

    Edward Lynch is a genuine fiscal-conservative, who will fight to lower taxes and CUT federal spending and waste.

    Ed encourages any voter that has questions for him to feel free to contact him at or call our office at 561-245-8295 and he’ll be happy to talk them.

  36. GEOFF Says:

    Jon, how can you lump Ed in with your existing representation? He decided to run only after he realized how corrupt the system actually was, he went to a local party who just rolled over and never opposed wexler, and asked for their support in taking down one of the worst congressmen in the country, and if Ed loses this election, the district still owes him a HUGE debt because if it wasnt for his pressure, we would still be dealing with wexler.
    He isnt the same, he is not a career politician, he is a man who wants to make a difference, he see’s what is so wrong with congress and wants to do what he can to change it and to just lump him in with ” same type of politicians ” is unfair and irresponsible of you. just because a candidate is on a party ticket, does not me he is more of the same. if you took your own advice and vetted all the candidates you would know that though, wouldnt you.

  37. Jon Says:

    I would submit that just because a candidate is not on a party ticket means he doesn’t put his “life on hold”, isn’t a “patriot” and isn’t viable?

    What makes me laugh Geoff is I HAVE talked to Ed Lynch, personally, and more than once. I have spoken to Ted Deutch. Have you spoken to Jim McCormick?

    I didn’t think so. the air of entitlement disgusts me.

    Good night Gracie.

  38. geoff Says:

    As a matter of fact i have jon, thanks for asking.

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