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Deutch-Lynch congressional debate Tuesday at West Boca Chamber breakfast; indy candidate not invited

by George Bennett | February 8th, 2010

Democrat Ted Deutch and Republican Ed Lynch, rivals in the April 13 special congressional election to replace Robert Wexler, are scheduled to debate Tuesday at a West Boca Chamber of Commerce breakfast at Boca Lago Country Club.

Deutch and Lynch won their respective primaries last week in Palm Beach-Broward District 19. Wexler left his seat last month to head a Middle East think tank.

A third candidate, Jim McCormick, is on the April 13 ballot with no party affiliation. West Boca Chamber President Barry Epstein said McCormick wasn’t invited because he is “not viable.”

The 7:30 a.m. breakfast costs $25. To make a reservation, call 561-852-0000.

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17 Responses to “Deutch-Lynch congressional debate Tuesday at West Boca Chamber breakfast; indy candidate not invited”

  1. Jay Says:

    Voting for Lynch but the independent should have been invited.

    That is exactly what is wrong with America.

  2. Fire Breathing Liberal Says:

    The independent guy wasn’t even invited? Because he’s not “viable”?

    If he’s gonna’ be on the ballot, he should be given equal time – plain and simple.

    The same partisan bs continues to drag down the U.S.A.

  3. Edward Says:

    I hope they ask Ed Lynch why he owes 1.6 million to the IRS and why has repeatedly broken FEC laws with his incorrect filings. He was even cited by the FEC as one of their worst offenders. Oh, and he refuses to pay fines leveled by the FEC. My friend at the FEC says he is notorious over there.

  4. Fed Up Says:

    Given its puny membership versus the Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce, maybe the Barry Epstein Chamber should be labeled “not viable” and ignored by the media and public. It is the height of arrogance for him to decide only two of three candidates on the ballot will be heard.

  5. Epstein's a tool Says:

    This is total partisan BS. I hope Jim McCormick shows up anyway just to tell the chamber of commerce to stick it. Unbelievable that they are not even offering him equal time. I also hope the FEC is notified and they somehow the Chamber of Commerce is reprimanded.

    This is absolutely what is wrong with Washington and the Country today. “Oh he’s an Independent therefore he’s not viable”. Mr. Epstein, you sir are a tool.

  6. Epstein's a tool Says:

    Furthermore, who is Epstein to arbitrarily decide who is viable or not? Is this because they’ve already endorsed a candidate? I just don’t understand how this guy thinks he can determine who is ‘viable’. I bet he hasn’t even spoken to the Independent Candidate.

  7. Equal time! Says:

    I find the actions of the Boca Chamber appauling! All CANDIDATES should have EQUAL TIME! Mr. Epstein open your eyes and open your ears! Is this the way you run your Chamber? Who are you to decide who speaks?

  8. west boca chamber Says:

    Presidental debates do not include the 35 candidates, only the major parties.

  9. west boca chamber Says:

    the chamber invied the winners of the two primaries.

  10. Robert Says:

    This isn’t a presidential debate Barry. There are only THREE candidates!

  11. Epstein's a tool Says:

    Your response is as transparent as your actions west boca chamber. I am assuming you’re the tool that didn’t invite him. I am a business owner and I would never be part of your chamber of commerce after this complete and utter lack of integrity and class.

    Such a laughable response to a laughable stance. Yeah, compare 3 candidates for a house seat to a presidential debate. Truth is you’ve made up your mind and are trying to marginalize a candidate because he has decided to not be part of the partisan BS. You know something, I was leaning Lynch but now I intend on finding out more about McCormick. People need to stand up to morons like you.

  12. Jon Says:

    Apparently Mr. Epstein has a Public Relations firm. Considering his complete lack of tact in this issue, I know I won’t be calling him should the need arise.

    I am curious as to one thing though Mr. Epstein, did you actually speak with the Independent Candidate? Did you properly vet him before coming to your conclusion that he is not viable? Actually, I am very curious as to what criteria of viability was used. To me this sounds like nothing more than the disparagement of a Candidate for no reason.

    I remember NY 23, do you? If you read this Mr. McCormick, don’t be disheartened, fight on!

  13. Victory for no-party congressional candidate McCormick — he’s included in debate | Post on Politics Says:

    [...] candidate Jim McCormick originally wasn’t invited to this morning’s West Boca Chamber of Commerce debate between Republican Ed Lynch and [...]

  14. Epstein's remark 'dumb' Says:

    Barry Epstein’s remark about the independent candidate not being ‘viable’ is simply dumb. He is reinforcing and entrenching the special interest saturated two-party system. The justification seems to be that only “major” parties are invited, but he has utterly no knowledge of American electoral history. In state laws the Democrats and Republicans have legislated “major” status unto themselves. This is why they get the privilege to use our taxpayer money, whether we are registered with them or not, to fund and operate their internal party primaries even though independents and third party registrants cannot vote in those primaries.

    Barry Epstein’s mentality and rationale are precisely what maintain this stagnant pseudo-democracy. This is precisely why in the last 44 years 93% of incumbents have been re-elected to the U.S. House ON AVERAGE! The numbers are from the Center for Responsive Politics.

    Barry Epstein, if you appreciate democracy, get a clue.

  15. West Boca Chamber Says:

    The independent candidate was included in the debate.

  16. Epstein's a tool Says:

    Included out of the goodness of your heart I am sure.

    From what I have read, he was included because his attorney “suggested” to you that you rethink your stance. It is pathetic that you need someone to threaten you to do the right thing.

    You blundered Epstein and you now realize you were an idiot. You gave your organization a black eye by doing this and made yourself look like a complete and udder tool.

    Someone mentioned you’re in PR. I find that extremely funny. You should step down from the Chamber of Commerce because as long as you are there they will pay for your idiocies.

  17. i was there Says:

    First of all, the idiots who were not there do not know the truth, which is, Epstein was speaking for the committee organizing the event and not himself and he and the Chamber were most cordial and inviting to McCormick when he arrived and he should have said so in his post. Secondly, Epstein singlehandedly built the chamber and does not deserve the vitriolic attitudes exhibited to him. The bottom line is that the event came off without a hitch, despite the nasty comments made on this blog. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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