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Crist re-orders killer’s execution

by Dara Kam | February 19th, 2010

084761Gov. Charlie Crist for the second time ordered David Eugene Johnston to be put to death by lethal injection, decades after the Death Row inmate convicted of killing an elderly woman was first ordered to be executed.

Crist first ordered Johnston, now 49, to be put to death last year in April but the Florida Supreme Court stayed the execution until DNA tests could be done. Johnston has spent nearly 25 years on Death Row and is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection on March 9 at 6 p.m. at Florida State Prison in Starke.

Gov. Bob Martinez signed Johnston’s first death warrant in 1988 after he was sentenced to die for killing 84-year-old Mary Hammond in Orlando.

Johnston appealed that order on a variety of issues, including a claim that he is severely mentally ill.

The DNA tests taken from Hammond’s fingernail clippings could not exclude Johnston as a contributor of the DNA.

The high court ruled last month that the new evidence, including the DNA test results, would not have exonerated him and denied his request for a new trial. And the court ruled that, while Johnston may be mentally ill, he is not mentally retarded and thus can still be executed.

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5 Responses to “Crist re-orders killer’s execution”

  1. Father Mac Says:

    Friday at 4 pm., time for Crist to announce whose head is next.

    Surprise, here’s another truly, provably innocent… whose time for truth and justice is coming.

    Innocent Paul William Scott, FL Death Row LIFER for 30 years now… the real killer confessed and was released in 1994.

    Paul William Scott’s case from West Palm Beach is beyond corrupt. And many many FL lawyers, politicians and journalists know it.

    Reply to this Comment
    How corrupt and deceptive was the prosecution and public defender?

    After the travesty, 5+ of Paul William Scott’s jurors found out many forensic and testimony truths not presented to them. These jurors made SWORN AFFIDAVITS expressing how manipulated and violated they felt because they were not given the facts. They would have voted differently:

    “I feel that it was never proven who was responsible for Mr. Alessi’s death.”

    “After having reviewed all of these statements, I am really troubled that I did not have this information at the time of trial. had I known all of this when I served on the jury, there is no way I would have voted to convict Paul Scott. Since this information was missing from the trial, the jury was unable to reach a fair verdict. We should not have found Mr. Scott guilty.”

    Attorneys Marty Mclain and David Roth made extra efforts in the 90s but something went politically sour and Paul was sold out.

  2. Mike L. Says:

    Suddenly Crist is trying to be a real governor again… too little too late… also caving into public opinion…

  3. Way To Go Says:

    Hey CharLIE it is so obvious what your doing its almost funny. But that don’t matter, the end justifies the means. Six a week please. By the primary we might even begin to think you’ve got a set of ka hoona’s.

  4. Sumie Says:

    @ Way To Go: Yes, because nothing says courage like signing a piece of paper to have a strapped-down, defenseless man killed by someone else.

  5. Its For The People Says:

    Hey Sumie, In case you don’t know this POS got a stay of execution last year for a DNA test of the scrapings from under the nails of the elderly female victim he killed. It come back a match. This POS has outlived his victum over 25 years. Go hold his freaking hand for him while they pop him. Since is crime is so old he should be made to take old sparkey.

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