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Congressional primaries a cautionary note for Tea Party, 9-12 activists

by George Bennett | February 8th, 2010

Lynch: wins low-turnout GOP primary with 40.7 percent


Last Tuesday’s special GOP congressional primary was not an auspicious sign for Tea Party and 9-12 activists hoping to make a Scott Brown-type of national statement in the April 13 special election for Robert Wexler’s old U.S. House seat.

“I was really surprised with how lousy the turnout was. I was expecting at least twice as many voters as that,” said Ed Fulop of the local Glenn Beck-inspired 9-12 group. Ed Lynch won a Republican primary that had only 7.4 percent turnout after all three GOP candidates aggressively courted the Tea Party/9-12 vote.

Read about it in this week’s Politics column.


8 Responses to “Congressional primaries a cautionary note for Tea Party, 9-12 activists”

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  2. Jay Says:

    Part of the problem in southeast FL is Sid Dinerstein. Previously, a democrat, he now ‘claims’ to be a republican.

    He can not generate candidates. There is no real leadership.

    Could it be that Sid remains a democrat at heart and is circumventing republicans?

    Now, is the time, and Sid has not done anything for the republicans here.

    Time for new leadership. Time to find a real republican leader in PBC.

    Sid has got to go. We need a dynamic leader, not a democrat in republican clothing.

    Real disappoint for the past few years. And finally a year when republicans could make headway and nothing from Sid or the republicans.

    In PBC, we have mayorships, commission seats, school board seats up for elections. And?….NOTHING!

    The only time one sees Sid is at commission meetings talking about bus issues.

    Thoroughly disappointed.

  3. whasup Says:

    The whole tea party thing is really about Obama and Washington, mostly the latter.

    It’s like the Ross Perot thing all over again, only this time without a real figurehead.

  4. l Says:

    primary is done , now wait till the election and see the turn out then.

  5. Everett Wilkinson Says:

    Do you want to get involved with the tea party? Join today at

  6. Sid Dinerstein Says:

    Dear Friends:

    I was NEVER in my life a Democrat.
    We had 3 candidates in this race.
    We have a good candidate against Alcee Hastings.
    We have almost all the State races covered and we’re working on the Commission and School Board races. Fortunately candidate recruitment is EVERYBODY’s job.
    Please keep those names coming.


  7. Ed Fulop Says:

    Mr. Dinerstein –

    Here’s a name I’d like you to consider for the future — Joe Budd. In 3 and 1/2 months, he was able to put together an organizational machine with funding, volunteers, and message, that brought him within a shuttle bus full of voters of winning the primary for FL19 last week. If Deutch vacates his seat in the State Senate of District 30, you might wish to keep him in the fold.

  8. Everett Wilkinson Says:

    I think Deutch is going to stay where he is.

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