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Budd says he supports GOP rival Ed Lynch in special congressional race

by George Bennett | February 10th, 2010



A week after losing a close GOP special primary, Joe Budd said he’s supporting Republican nominee Ed Lynch in the April 13 special congressional election to replace Democrat Robert Wexler.

During the primary, Budd and a third GOP candidate, Curt Price, criticized Lynch’s business dealings and said they wouldn’t support him if he won the primary. But Budd changed his tune at tonight’s Palm Beach County Republican Party meeting.



“If I made a mistake along the way it was probably saying I wouldn’t support Ed Lynch had he won the primary,” Budd told the GOP crowd. “Ed Lynch is the best candidate in the race. So I have to support Ed….Good luck in this race, District 19. I hope you win.”

Democrat Ted Deutch and no-party candidate Jim McCormick are also on the ballot.

For whatever it’s worth, Budd didn’t use the word “endorse” or any of its variants in his announcement. When asked afterward if his announcement constituted an endorsement, Budd said “it was announcing support…I believe he’s the best candidate standing.”

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10 Responses to “Budd says he supports GOP rival Ed Lynch in special congressional race”

  1. Jon Says:

    Interesting turn around. Very Kerryesque of you Budd. You were against it before you were for it I suppose?

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  3. Get rid of Sid Says:

    Sid is the worst republican head of a local party.

    He can’t generate candidates for office.

    Hard to believe that there are no republican candidates that are interested in running in PB County.

    Someone needs to investigate his leadership.

  4. Kate Says:

    I’m not satisfied. Either go the whole way and endorse Ed Lynch, or don’t expect my vote for whatever office you might run for in the future, Mr. Budd. I don’t want anyone representing me who has mastered the art of CYA but won’t fully commit to doing what’s best for the people he wanted to represent in Washington.

  5. westbocaguy Says:

    Figures. Nice to know now that all Budd cares about is getting another “R” in Congress. After everything he said against Lynch are we supposed to believe that now he wants the guy to win?! Are you kidding me? I’m tired of this BS and I think most people are as well. I voted for you in the Primary Mr. Budd, I won’t make the same mistake twice should you decide to run again.

    So much for “Principles over Politics”. Looks like Politics is alive and well in Camp Budd.

  6. Epstein is a tool Says:

    No kidding? He “supports” him? Politics at it’s best, or is it worst? You’re right bocaguy, this move is definitely politics first. Maybe Budd has no intention of running again? What’s next, Curt Price will sell out too? Or does he have more integrity?

  7. Twiggy Says:

    If some of you had not noticed, first, Budd stated a list of negative things before he said “Lynch is the best of the remaining candidates standing.” We wonder why our nation is divided. Say it like you mean it, Budd, or don’t say it at all. Listen to Reagan… “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”

  8. PoliticalSham Says:

    To Joe Budd. I know you are reading this so I am addressing you personally. You sold out to Dinerstein. God will see that you get whatever it is that you deserve next. He doesn’t care about linguistic nuances. BTW, the only reason you got any newspaper endorsements was because they couldn’t endorse Lynch after all the dirt that came out on him. Price was to clean so you were the only logical choice. Time to get your ego in check. You aren’t all that.

  9. Gerry Says:

    Mr Epstein,
    I laughed to myself when I read your comment, and then I picked up the phone and called Curt Price to ask him the question myself. He said , “As I have stated in the past, nothing has changed in the least and nothing more needs to be said”.

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